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  • Golf carts aren’t street legal in State of Florida
  • In general, you can only drive a golf cart on a highway if it separates a subdivision, trailer camp, or golf course in Florida.
  • On the other hand, because golf carts are not required to be titled or registered, they are not covered by PIP or PDL insurance (Source)

My nephew loves cars. He’s always been fascinated by them and loves to watch videos of races and stunts on YouTube.

When we went to Florida on vacation, he begged my husband and me to buy him a golf cart.

We told him that driving a golf cart on the street was illegal in Florida, but that he could use it on the roads designated for golf carts. My nephew didn’t listen. He took our rented golf cart out for a joy ride on some public Florida roads and got into a little bit of trouble.

The traffic police pulled him over and gave him a ticket for driving without a license and for driving on the wrong road. My nephew was so embarrassed. He had to call his parents and explain what he had done. His parents were not happy with him. They told him that he needed to be more responsible in the future.

My nephew learned his lesson and is now more careful when driving a golf cart. He knows that he can only use it on the designated roads in Florida, and that he needs to have a driver’s license to operate it safely.

So, Are Golf Carts Street Legal in Florida?

A golf cart is important for every golfer to help them carry their playing tools and move around the court. However, a golf cart doesn’t have to be used around the golf alone; you can purchase a golf cart for other non-golf activities like making short-distance trips.

Every state has rules concerning the use of golf carts on their roads that should be adhered to. While some states don’t have a problem driving them on public streets, some have made it illegal to drive golf carts on main roads.

Florida is one of the states where driving golf carts on public streets is illegal. If you are planning to buy a golf cart in Florida, you should ensure you don’t drive it on the public streets since that will put you into trouble. You should use your golf carts on the roads designated for them, like municipal streets designated by the municipality and a two-lane county road.

The use of golf carts on the main roads or public streets is prohibited since it leads to traffic jams. This is because a golf cart has a lower speed than cars, and therefore when they use the same road with cars, they will cause traffic jams.

Golf carts shouldn’t be used on any road with a speed limit of 35 mph or more since they have a lower speed ability. Traffic jam will cause slow movement of cars and is likely to cause accidents, so people with golf carts should stick to their lanes.

How To Make A Golf Cart Street Legal In Florida

It’s possible to make golf carts street legal with some mechanical work. You can watch the above YouTube video to see how it’s done.

After doing some mechanical work, your golf cart will be able to drive on the streets legally. Just be sure to follow the rules and regulations in Florida so that you don’t get into any trouble.

Who Should Drive a Golf Cart in Florida?

People Who Are 14 Years and Above

In Florida, children under the age of 14 years are not allowed to drive a golf cart. Unfortunately, some parents will still give their children under the age of 14 golf carts to drive them on the roads. These children don’t know the rules of driving golf carts and where they should be used; hence, you will find them even on the public streets used by cars.

Children are unaware that golf carts are not cars and shouldn’t use the same road with cars. Many children under 14 years have been seen driving golf carts on the main roads, which is very bad since some of them keep shifting from one lane to the other, dangerous to them and other road users. It’s important to follow the law since you won’t like the consequences when you are caught.

Licensed Golf Cart Drivers

It is illegal for one to drive a golf cart without a driver’s license. You must obtain a driving license from a recognized institution to be recognized as a qualified driver. In addition, your gold cart must be registered to operate within the designated streets of Florida.

Driving a golf cart could be simple, but you still need the basics of driving a car and learn traffic rules hence the need to be licensed. Always carry your driving license whenever you are driving a golf cart to show in case the traffic police need to see it.

Some towns in Florida still allow golf carts to be driven on the streets. However, there are some rules and regulations that must be followed. With the advancement in technology, some golf carts have high speeds hence won’t be a big deal if they use streets with a speed limit of 35 kmh. If you are a tourist, you should research whether the town you are going to visit in Florida allows the use of golf carts on the streets.

Golf carts are amazing cars that will help you go for short trips and enjoy your ride around the town. They are cheaper than a real cars, and maintaining it is also affordable. Golf carts are electrically operated; hence you will cut the cost of fuel. To enjoy the services of a gold cart, follow the rules and regulations set.

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