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With only 3 players, you can add variety to your game and get more fun out of playing golf:

My colleagues and I love playing golf together. It’s always been one of our favorite pastimes. We’re always looking for new games to play, and when we discovered that you could play a variety of games with just 3 players, we were excited! We’ve tried a number of different games and have had a blast playing them all.

One of our favorites is the game Vegas. In Vegas, you team up with another player and combine your scores on each hole. It makes for an exciting and close match. We’ve had some great games playing Vegas and it’s always a lot of fun.

Another game we love to play is Sixes. This game is played with a ghost player, who always makes par. Rotate partners every six holes and this game really adds an extra layer of excitement to the mix. We’ve had some great matches playing Sixes and it’s always a lot of fun.

There are so many different golf games that can be played with just three players, it’s hard to pick a favorite! We’ll continue to explore all the different possibilities and have a blast while we’re at it!

Here are some other fun 3-person team games:

There are a variety of golf games for 3 players. One classic game is called “Skee Ball Golf.” This game involves players taking turns pitching their ball down the lane, much like in a traditional bowling alley, and trying to get it as close to the prize (hole) as possible.

Players take turns until the first player has scored 3 points or more of the total points, at which point they win the game. The next game is called “Bowl Off,” where players try to get their ball as close to the hole using a variety of “bowls” on their turn.

The player whose ball comes closest without going in the hole wins and gets another turn.

The Chipping Challenge (Shot Put)

The Chipping Challenge

Everyone lines up at one end of the field with a putter in front of them. A golf bag with 10-15 balls is set equidistant between them and the target area, where several holes/cups are set in the ground at varying distances.

The first player tosses their ball from the end of the field and tries to toss it into the cup closest to them. This process is repeated in a relay until all players have tossed their balls.

The first team to get a ball into all of the holes wins.

The Golf Challenge (Skee Ball)

Players line up at one end of the field with 2 golf balls each. Each player tees off, trying to get it as close as possible to the hole in the middle of the field without going in it or around it either way.

Chip Shot (Shot Put)

Similar to The Chipping Challenge, players are given a chip shot instead of a putter and have fewer tries to throw their ball into the hole.

The Bullseye Challenge

The Bullseye Challenge

This game is similar to golf but uses cups instead of holes and putting from around 30 yards away rather than 300 yards away. Players throw their “balls” at the targets, trying to get as many as possible in the cups with each ball. Whoever gets the most in the cups wins.

They hit their ball, they can pick up an easy shot marked on either side next to them or use another ball. The object is to get it closest to the hole without going in the hole. The first one to get it most intimate in the fewest number of hits wins.

10 Days in the Hole

For this game, you’ll need a hole, a bottle of water & 10 cups. Everyone needs to stand about 15 feet from the hole with a cup in front of them. The pitcher/bouncer tosses his ball into the hole, and everyone else tries to get their ball into their cup as quickly as possible before the water runs out from inside the hole.

If a player’s ball goes in the hole, the water spills out, and the player must start over. If a player’s ball lands in their cup, they go on to toss it again. The first player to make contact with all their cups wins.

Boat Race

For this game, you’ll need two boats (two shoe works) and two golf balls for each team of two. Everyone places their boats next to each other at the starting line and takes turns trying to get their ball into the other boat by throwing it at it from behind their boat.

If your ball lands in the other team’s boat, you get the point and toss again. The first team to earn 3 points wins.

The Golf Challenge Relay

The Golf Challenge Relay

For this game, you’ll need 2 golf tees and a golf ball for each player. Place the tees in opposite holes that are equidistant from the hole with a space between them.

The first player stands behind the tee closest to them, puts the ball at their feet, and runs for the other tee, dropping it off at their feet, before running back and picking up their first ball.

They lose a turn if they run out of time before returning behind their starting tee with both balls.


Group golf games are fun because they provide an opportunity for players of all skill levels to compete against each other and have a good time.

They also help to level the playing field, so that everyone has a chance to win. Additionally, group golf games are a great way to socialize and enjoy each other’s company.

Whenever I go play these types of games with friends, we always have a great time laughing and joking around. Ultimately, that’s what golf (and life) is all about – enjoying the company of those you’re with. So next time you’re out on the course with a group of friends, be sure to try out one of these games and see how much fun you can have!

Once you know the rules, a variety of these three-person games can be a great way to fit golf into your group and add some fun to your game. These are just a few ideas you can experiment with. The only limits are your imagination and the number of people you want to play with.

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