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  • Golf balls don’t have a lot of kinetic energy. And when they hit something, the compression effect happens. That’s why it’s very unlikely for a golf ball to kill someone.
  • Golf balls are designed to minimize the damage they can do when they hit someone
  • The force that a golf ball can deliver is much less than that of a bullet
  • However, there is evidence that people have died- this 69 year old Australian man was killed in 2021 by a golf ball

One of my friends got hit by a golf ball a couple of weekends ago.

It was a freak accident and nothing like that had ever happened to him before. At first he didn’t know what had hit him, all he knew was that it hurt like hell.

After taking a look at the damage the golf ball had done, he quickly realized how lucky he was that it hadn’t hit him in the head. If it had, he probably wouldn’t be alive today. As it turned out, the golf ball had hit him right in the stomach and caused some serious damage.

Needless to say, my friend was in a lot of pain and he had to go to the hospital for treatment. He was there for several days and it took him quite some time to recover from his injuries. In the end, he made a full recovery and was back to playing golf within a few months.

Although it was a freak accident, my friend was actually quite lucky that he got hit by a golf ball. If it had been anything else, like a baseball or a cricket ball, the consequences could have been much worse.

Golf is one of the most luxurious and popular sports in the world. But do you know that golf balls can be more lethal? You may think that a golf ball can’t kill someone, but it’s actually true that a golf ball can be lethal.

So, can a golf ball really kill you?

Although rare, it’s very easy to understand the reasons why a golf ball can be deadly. You see, a golf ball weighs around two ounces. The object that kills someone can be as light as that.

To understand how a golf ball can be fatal, we must look at the composition of the golf ball first.

What makes up a golf ball?

golf ball

Golf balls are made up of three main parts – core, mantle, and cover. Most golf balls are made from a mixture of rubber and plastic resin material. The core of a golf ball is made from the same material that we use to make car tires called rubber.

The core is usually about 1/4″ thick, but it can be as thin as zero in some types of golf balls. The mantle layer is used for the strength for the golf ball. This layer is made of a tightly wrapped material of rubber threads.

The thickness of this layer varies, but it’s usually about 1/16″.The cover is the most visible and probably the thinnest part of a golf ball. It’s usually hard plastic, but it could be made from rubber in some types of balls.

This combination gives a golf ball its shape, weight, durability, and the way it moves through the air when hit.

What is the impact?

A golf ball can cause death because of the impact that a golf ball causes on a person. The sudden impact between the golf ball and the human skull is enough to cause severe brain damage and possibly death.

But why is there such a high possibility that you’ll be killed because of a golf ball? Well, it’s not just because of the hardcover it has. It’s also because of how fast it travels. A normal drive shot done by an average player can travel at around 200 to 280 yards.

And a professional golfer can do better than that. This means that the ball can travel at up to 100 mph. That’s the speed of a speeding bullet!

How can a golf ball kill you?

Golf Ball

Because of the sheer speed, hitting your head on it even once is enough to cause serious brain damage. If you get hit in any part of your body, it can be fatal as well. The brain damage caused is probably fatal since every vital organ in your body is connected to your head.

To make things worse, if your head hits the ground, the fracturing of the skull or the skull itself can happen. This would essentially cause death or severe brain damage.

Who is most at risk?

Unfortunately, children are the most at risk while playing golf. The reason behind this is that they still don’t have a fully developed frontal lobe yet. This part of your brain controls your body’s movements and will try to help you avoid hitting your head on something as strong as a golf ball at great speed.

This means that children will have a difficult time avoiding the ball to avoid any sort of head contact. But there is some hope for the future.

The frontal lobe normally develops very quickly during the teenage years, so children should be protected as much as possible with helmets and protective gear like clubs and balls.

A golf ball is nothing to laugh at. It can easily kill you without much effort. In fact, a golf ball can kill someone almost instantaneously, and he or she may not even know what’s happened until he or dies.

A golf ball doesn’t go very far and vibrates because of the heavyweight it carries, so it causes deadly head injuries without even striking the head. The velocity of a golf ball can reach 100 mph and strike the head hard enough to cause death or brain damage within seconds.

So, in conclusion, a golf ball can definitely kill you. But don’t worry – the chances of this happening are actually quite slim. Unless you’re playing on a professional level or you’re unlucky enough to get hit in the head by one, you should be safe. Just make sure to stay away from those pesky little balls and you’ll be fine!

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