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  • PGA players are allowed to smoke cigars, cigarettes, or even chew tobacco during tournaments but must do so discreetly (did you know that there’s actually PGA drug testing?)
  • Although the PGA Tour does not have a policy against marijuana, it is still illegal to consume under federal law.
  • Though the PGA Tour doesn’t have any limitations on smoking or chewing tobacco, the majority of players no longer engage in these habits because of how much smoking rates have decreased over this past century.
  • You can smoke cigarettes on the golf course as long as your playing partners don’t mind and you put your butts in an appropriate disposal.
  • A Quora user mentioned that John Daly was known for smoking cigarettes on the golf course.
  • As one Reddit commenter noted, many professional golfers dip because it is relatively discreet. Some of the players who have been known to use tobacco products include Koepka, DJ, and Dufner.
  • Just be careful- there are golfers playing while pregnant, so you want to be considerate!

My dad and I have always been close. We bonded over our love of golf and spent hours on the course together. We would talk about everything and anything while we played.

One day, we were talking about smoking on the golf course. I asked him if players were allowed to smoke, and he told me that they were, as long as the club/course didn’t have any policies against it. He also said that a lot of players still do it, even though smoking rates have declined in recent years.

I told him that I had been thinking about quitting smoking, and he gave me some great advice. He told me that it was going to be tough but that I could do it if I set my mind to it. He also said that I should try to find a hobby or activity that I could enjoy instead of smoking.

We finished our round of golf and went home. I was thinking about what my dad had said and decided that he was right. I was going to quit smoking and find something else to do with my time. It was going to be tough, but I was ready for the challenge.

Do Golfers Smoke On The PGA Tour?

Yes, golfers do smoke. There are no rules that prohibit golf players from smoking. For so many decades, golf has been considered a game of the elite. Golfers are known for their strict and crisp attire on the greens and trying to imagine them smoking is mind-boggling.

Golfers like John Daly, Tim Herron, Marcel Siem, Darren Clarke, and Thomas Bjorn are famous for smoking while on the PGA tour.

On the other hand, smoking weed on the greens is prohibited, whether in an amateur or professional setting. However, golfers who smoke weed argue that if ingested in small portions like 18mgs.

Weed helps relax their muscles and calm their nerves aiding in the distance and overall tee-to-green performance.

The PGA doesn’t have any rules prohibiting players from smoking during tours. However, some venues prohibit smoking within their premises. Some clubs have designated spots for golfers to smoke from. Yet, some clubs also allow golfers to smoke on the golfing course.

It’s rare or close to impossible to see players smoking during the PGA tour. Due to the younger audience who might be watching from home, PGA tends not to televise such scenes as it would have a negative impact on aspiring young golfers.

Players are always requested to be more discreet when smoking on the golfing course. Are you addicted to smoking and want to start playing golf? The insights below on cigar etiquette are invaluable.

Smoking Etiquette While On The Golfing Course

Smoking Etiquette While On The Golfing Course

Understand Your Crowd

Suppose you are alone on day golf. In that case, what you do with the cigars is up to you. But if you are in the company of other players, then it would be best to check their preferences. Change the cart if paired with someone who doesn’t like to smoke.

On the other hand, you should carry enough cigars with you as some people would love a good smoke on the golfing course, yet they forget to bring one. Sharing your cigars could be an avenue to make new friends on the golfing course.

Understand Your Surrounding

Be cautious of the people around you and where your smoke and ash go while on the golfing course. It would be inappropriate to have your smoke go straight to someone’s face, especially when they are putting or taking a shot.

Flicking your ash close to someone would also be very impolite.

Watch The Greens

Ensure you don’t ash the greens. You want to leave it as clean as you found it in the first place. It is advisable to let your cigarette die out on its own and throw it in the trash when in a position instead of trashing the golf course with cigarette butts all over.

Where To Place Your Cigarette

This is a hard one for most smoking golfers. Suppose you want to take a shot. In that case, putting it in your mouth would be advisable only if it won’t hinder your shot. Also, it is more manly.

Otherwise, it would be best to put it in an ashtray in the cart or on a cup holder. Or you can choose to put it in a tee box. Whatever you do, ensure you don’t leave it on the green, as you will litter the green for the golfers who will come to play after you.

Fire safety

Suppose the weather is dry and windy. Then, it would be advisable not to carry your cigarette or weed to the golfing course.

Ensure You Have A Good Lighter

Most of the time, there is wind on the golfing course, and matches don’t hold up. Your best bet would be to have a torch lighter. With a torch lighter, you won’t have to worry about where to place your matches once done with them or about littering the golf course.

Also, if you had carried enough cigars for your buddies, you could quickly get everyone lit up.

Final Thought

From the above insights, smoking is allowed on the PGA tours and the golfing course. However, some clubs have policies that prohibit smoking on the golfing course. Hence it would be best to check prior to avoid any penalties.


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