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  • If your car is hit by a golf ball while parked at a golf course or driving range, the business may not be held responsible
  • Businesses often post liability waivers to protect themselves from any potential responsibility
  • In almost every state, if you hit a ball and it damages property, you’re the one who has to pay for the repairs.
  • If you know who hit the ball, it is likely that they will pay for damages.
  • If you have comprehensive car insurance, you can file a claim for damages.
  • If you have comprehensive coverage on your car insurance policy, the company should pay for the damages. However, you will probably have to cover the deductible.
  • Homeowners insurance may cover damage to cars parked on your property if they are hit by a golf ball or debris from a driving range
  • If your golf ball bounces off of someone else’s car and onto your t-top convertible, you might want to call a car accident attorney.
  • According to a Reddit user, if a golf ball hits your car while you’re driving, the best-case scenario is that one of the nearby golfers will admit to hitting it and offer to pay for damages. Usually though, no one takes responsibility, leaving you with an expensive repair bill.

My neighbor’s car got hit by a golf ball a few months ago. It was parked in the driveway, and a stray ball from the driving range next door smashed the windshield. My neighbor was understandably upset and wanted to know who was liable for the damage.

The business that owned the driving range had a liability waiver posted, which absolved them from any responsibility. This meant that my neighbor would have to pay for the damages out of pocket. Thankfully, she had full coverage of car insurance and was able to submit a claim. But she still had to pay her deductible.

It’s unfortunate that this happens so often. People who live near golf courses or driving ranges always have to worry about their car getting hit by a stray ball. Hopefully, businesses will start carrying insurance specifically for this type of situation.

So Who’s Liable If a Ball Hits Your Car?

Accidents can happen in any sport including golf. While it does not happen often a player may hit the ball outside of the course and damage property. Many people wonder who is responsible if a golf ball hits your car.

While it is an accident it is expensive to fix. Here is some more information about the damage and the liable person.

Range Responsibility

When golfing at a course or a range there is a liability waiver that needs to be signed. This will expect the business for any damages or any claims made against them.

In this, there may be something such as the range is not liable for wayward shots excusing them from damage if a golf ball were to hit a car. Some golf ranges may have liability insurance for these accidents.

Be sure to find out if they have coverage so they can cover the cost of fixing your car.

The Golfer

In some states the person who hit the ball, in this case, the golfer is responsible for the damage. Some golfers may feel bad and they may offer to pay for the damage that their ball has caused.

The problem with this is tracking down the golfer that is responsible for the damage. A golfer may not know that their ball struck a car. Others may deny it was their ball. It is important to feel out the situation to see if the golfer is willing to pay for the damage and if there is proof that their ball caused the damage.

Most states will rule in your favor and make the golfer pay for the damage but you may need to go to court and you may need to be able to prove that the ball that hit your car belonged to that specific golfer.

Some golfers will take responsibility while others will not.

Hazard Insurance

Hazard Insurance

If you cannot find the golfer and the range has a clause where they will not cover the damage to your car you are going to be stuck with the costs and the repairs. If you have auto insurance and have comprehensive coverage then this may cover the damage after you pay your deductible.

If you live near a golf course or even a driving range you are going to want to check with your homeowners’ insurance. They may cover the damage to your car if it was parked on your property when the damage from the golf ball occurred.


If you feel that you should not be responsible for the damage and you want to go after the golf course or the golfer for damage you may want to call a lawyer. The lawyer can tell you if you have a case and your chances of proving who did the damage to your car.

If so the lawyer can help you file a claim in court and get the money needed to fix your car.

If your car has been damaged by a golf ball it may be hard to determine who is at fault. If the range or the golf clause has a clause and states they are not responsible for damage then you cannot go after them.

If you are able to locate the golfer they are most likely the party that will need to pay for the damage. It may be hard to prove a specific golfer hit the ball and the golfer may not even know they hit a car.

Some golfers will pay for damages without a fight and some will not. While it may not seem fair your car or home insurance may need to pick up the repair costs after you have to pay a deductible.

You never know when a stray golf ball will come flying off a green so pay close attention to where you park and hope that your car is not in the path of a runaway ball.

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