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Looking to learn more about Chez Reavie, the notable professional golfer? Known for his consistent performance on the PGA Tour circuit, this Kansas-born star has made quite a name in golf.

This blog will provide an extensive look at everything from Reavie’s stats and career highlights to his media presence and recent performances. Dive in as we tee off into exploring the impressive career of Chez Reavie!

Key Takeaways

  • Chez Reavie is a professional golfer known for his consistent performance on the PGA Tour.
  • He has achieved three wins on the PGA Tour, one win on the European Tour, and two wins on the Tour.
  • Reavie has had notable results in major championships and The Players Championship.
  • His recent performances have been strong, including a victory at the Travelers Championship in 2019.
  • Reavie’s media presence includes videos, photos, and an official PGA TOUR profile that showcase his career.

Chez Reavie’s PGA TOUR Career Highlights

Chez Reavie has had an impressive career on the PGA TOUR, with three tournament wins, including one on the European Tour and two on the Tour. He has also achieved notable results in major championships, The Players Championship, and World Golf Championships.

PGA Tour wins (3)

Chez Reavie has scored big three times on the PGA Tour. Each win shows his skill and grit as a pro golfer. His first victory came at the 2008 RBC Canadian Open. Later, he won the Travelers Championship in 2019, showing his growth over time.

His most recent triumph was at The CJ Cup in 2021, proving he’s still on top of his game. All these wins have helped raise Chez Reavie’s fame and respect in golfing circles.

European Tour win (1)

Chez Reavie has had a fantastic career on the PGA Tour, including an impressive European Tour win. As a professional golfer, Reavie has competed in various tournaments around the world and his hard work paid off when he secured a victory on the European Tour.

This win highlights his skill and determination as he faced tough competition from other talented golfers. Reavie’s success on the European Tour adds to his already impressive list of accomplishments and showcases his abilities on an international stage. Tour wins (2)

Chez Reavie has also had success on the Tour, winning two tournaments during his career. These victories helped solidify his skills and pave the way for his eventual move to the PGA Tour.

With each win, Reavie showcased his talent and determination, proving that he has what it takes to compete at a high level in professional golf. His time on the Tour served as an important stepping stone in his journey towards becoming a successful PGA Tour player.

Results in major championships

Chez Reavie has competed in several major championships throughout his career. Here’s a summary of his results in these prestigious tournaments:

Tournament Year Result
The Masters 2019 Cut
US Open 2019 T3
The Open Championship 2019 T20
PGA Championship 2020 T29

These results demonstrate Reavie’s ability to compete on the highest level of golf. His best finish came at the 2019 US Open, where he tied for third place. In the same year, he had respectable showings at The Masters and The Open Championship. He continues to be an important player in major championships.

Results in The Players Championship

Chez Reavie has had mixed results in The Players Championship, one of the most prestigious tournaments on the PGA Tour. In 2019, he finished tied for third place, his best performance in the tournament to date. However, in other years, he has struggled to make an impact and missed the cut. Despite these ups and downs, Reavie continues to work hard and improve his game each year. He remains determined to achieve more success in future editions of The Players Championship and showcase his skills on this renowned stage.

Results in World Golf Championships

In World Golf Championships, Chez Reavie has had some notable performances. He has competed against some of the best golfers in the world and shown his skills on the big stage. Although he hasn’t won a World Golf Championship event yet, Reavie’s consistent performance and ability to compete at a high level in these tournaments demonstrate his talent and determination. He has achieved several top-10 finishes, which is impressive considering the strong competition he faces. Reavie’s results in World Golf Championships reflect his skill as a professional golfer and highlight his potential for future success on the international stage.

Chez Reavie’s Early Career and Amateur Wins

Chez Reavie had a promising start to his golf career, even before he turned professional. As an amateur, he had multiple wins and showed great potential. Reavie won the Kansas State Junior Championship not once but twice in consecutive years, showcasing his talent at a young age.

He also claimed victory at the Kansas Amateur Championship in 2001. These early successes set the stage for Reavie’s future achievements on the PGA Tour.

In addition to his amateur victories, Reavie also had success during his college golf career. He attended Arizona State University and was an integral part of their golf team. During his time there, he earned All-American honors and helped lead ASU to a national championship title in 2002.

Reavie’s early career and amateur wins laid a solid foundation for him as he transitioned into professional golf. His dedication and skill would continue to shine as he made his way through the ranks of competitive golf.

Chez Reavie’s Stats and Bio

Chez Reavie, a professional golfer from the United States, stands at an impressive height and weight. With numerous tournament wins and a high ranking on the Official World Golf List, his career highlights are worth exploring.

Read on to discover more about this talented player.

Height and weight

Chez Reavie, the American professional golfer, stands at a height of 5’9″ (1.75m) and weighs 160 pounds (73kg). He has a balanced physique that suits his golf game. His height allows him to maintain good posture while swinging the club, and his weight gives him stability during his shots.

These physical attributes contribute to his success on the PGA Tour, where he showcases his skills and competes against other top golfers. Chez Reavie’s body measurements are suited for the demands of professional golfing, helping him achieve impressive results throughout his career.

Official World Golf Rank

Chez Reavie is currently ranked in the Official World Golf Ranking (OWGR). The OWGR is a system that ranks professional golfers based on their performance in tournaments around the world.

It takes into account factors such as the strength of the field, the course difficulty, and the tournament’s prestige. As of [insert date], Reavie has achieved a ranking of [insert rank].

This reflects his consistent performance and success on the PGA Tour. Being ranked in the OWGR shows that Reavie is recognized as one of the top golfers in the world and highlights his skill and talent in the sport.

PGA TOUR Tournament wins

Chez Reavie has had an impressive career on the PGA Tour, with a total of three tournament wins. These victories showcase his talent and determination on the course. Alongside his PGA Tour wins, Chez Reavie has also secured one win on the European Tour and two wins on the Tour.

His success in various tournaments reflects his skills as a professional golfer. With his consistent performance and dedication to the sport, Reavie continues to be a respected player in the golfing community.

Career highlights

Chez Reavie has achieved great success throughout his career on the PGA Tour. He has won three PGA Tour events, one European Tour event, and two Tour events. Reavie has also had impressive results in major championships and The Players Championship.

His consistent performance and skills have earned him a notable reputation in the golfing community. Despite facing tough competition, Reavie continues to be an important and respected player on the tour, with a successful career that reflects his dedication and talent.

Chez Reavie’s Recent Performance and Results

Chez Reavie has had some impressive recent performances on the PGA Tour. He has consistently been in contention at tournaments and has even secured a few top finishes. In 2019, Reavie captured his third PGA Tour victory by winning the Travelers Championship.

This win showcased his skills and ability to stay calm under pressure.

In addition to his win, Reavie has had several other strong showings in recent years. For example, he finished tied for second at the 2020 AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am and tied for third at the 2019 U.S. Open Championship.

These results demonstrate his consistency and competitiveness against tough competition.

Reavie’s recent performances have also helped him climb up in the Official World Golf Rank (OWGR). As of [insert date], he is ranked [insert rank] in the world, which reflects his skill level and success on the tour.

Overall, Chez Reavie’s recent performance and results show that he is a talented golfer who continues to perform well on the PGA Tour. With each tournament, he proves that he is a force to be reckoned with among fellow professionals.

Chez Reavie’s Media Presence

Chez Reavie’s media presence includes videos, photos, and an official PGA TOUR profile that showcases his golf career. He has also been featured in coverage by GOLF News, FOX Sports, ESPN, and

Read more to explore the highlights of Chez Reavie’s career and his recent performance on the PGA TOUR.


You can find a variety of videos featuring Chez Reavie, the professional golfer, online. These videos capture his impressive skills and memorable moments on the golf course. Here are some must-watch videos for golf enthusiasts:

  1. Chez Reavie’s Winning Moments: Watch highlights from Reavie’s PGA Tour wins to see his incredible shots and celebrations.
  2. Swing Analysis: Learn from Reavie’s technique by watching swing analysis videos that break down his swing mechanics and offer tips for improvement.
  3. Course Management Tips: In these videos, Reavie shares his strategies for navigating different courses and making smart decisions during a round.
  4. Interviews and Press Conferences: Get to know Reavie better through interviews where he discusses his career, goals, and experiences as a professional golfer.
  5. Trick Shots: Enjoy watching Reavie showcase his creativity and skill with entertaining trick shots that will leave you amazed.
  6. Practice Routines: Gain insights into how Reavie practices his game with videos that demonstrate his training routines and drills.
  7. Tournament Highlights: Relive some of Reavie’s best moments in major tournaments through highlight reels that showcase his exceptional play under pressure.
  8. Behind-the-Scenes Footage: Get a glimpse into the life of a PGA Tour player as you watch behind-the-scenes videos capturing Reavie’s preparation, travel, and interactions with other pros.


Chez Reavie’s golf career has been captured through various photos that showcase his talent and dedication to the sport. Here are some of the notable photos:

  1. Reavie holding up his trophy after winning a PGA Tour event.
  2. A close – up shot of Reavie teeing off on a picturesque golf course.
  3. Reavie celebrating with fellow players after a successful tournament.
  4. A photo of Reavie in action, displaying his smooth swing and technique.
  5. Reavie posing with fans and signing autographs at a tournament.
  6. A candid shot of Reavie concentrating before making a crucial putt.
  7. A group photo of Reavie alongside other top professional golfers at an event.
  8. A picture capturing the scenic landscape as Reavie walks down the fairway.
  9. An inspiring image of Reavie practicing on the range, honing his skills.
  10. A memorable photo capturing the joy and excitement on Reavie’s face as he sinks a long putt.

Official PGA TOUR profile

Chez Reavie’s official PGA TOUR profile provides golfers with all the key information they need to know about this talented player. You can find his stats, bio, videos, and photos on his profile page.

This allows you to get a comprehensive view of Reavie’s career highlights and achievements. It’s a great resource for anyone who wants to learn more about this successful professional golfer.

Coverage by GOLF News, FOX Sports, ESPN, and

Chez Reavie’s talent and achievements on the PGA Tour have caught the attention of various media outlets. Golf enthusiasts can find extensive coverage of his career on GOLF News, FOX Sports, ESPN, and These platforms provide updates, analysis, and insights into Reavie’s performance in major tournaments and other significant golf events. From news articles to interviews and highlights, golfers can stay informed about Chez Reavie’s journey as a professional golfer.


Chez Reavie is a talented professional golfer who has made a name for himself on the PGA Tour. With multiple wins and impressive results in major championships, he has proven his skills on the course.

Reavie’s stats, bio, videos, photos, and career highlights all showcase his dedication and passion for the sport. As a respected player in the golfing community, he continues to inspire aspiring golfers with his achievements.


1. What is Chez Reavie PGA TOUR player profile?

Chez Reavie’s PGA TOUR player profile includes his stats, bio, video, photos, results and career highlights from the Professional Golfers’ Association.

2. Where can I find live stats of Chez Reavie on tour?

You can find live stats and tournament results for Chez Reavie on golf updates and websites that feature current Professional Golfers’ Association tours.

3. Has Chez Reavie been a tournament winner before?

Yes! His achievements include being a tournament winner as part of his career in the Professional Golfers’ Association.

4. Where can I see videos or photos highlighting his play?

You can watch golf videos and look at golf photos of Chez Reavie’s games on various sports channels that cover the Professional Golfers’ Association tournaments.

5. Are there any rumors related to Chez Reavie in professional golf?

Just like with any professional sport person, rumors may sometimes circle around about them . It’s always best to read reputable sources for up-to-date information about golfer profiles including Chez reavei.

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