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Getting to know the up-and-coming greats in golf can be a challenge. One name that has continued to make waves is Davis Riley, an American professional golfer with an impressive career on the PGA TOUR.

This blog post will unpack everything you need to know about Riley – from his early life and career highlights, to his performance stats, partnerships, and social media presence. Let’s dive right in!

Key Takeaways

  • Davis Riley is an up-and-coming American professional golfer on the PGA Tour.
  • He has achieved notable wins, such as the Panama Championship and TPC San Antonio Challenge in 2020.
  • Riley has consistently performed well, with impressive statistics like making cuts, finishing in the top 10 and top 25, and earning substantial money.
  • His amateur career was also successful, winning events like Future Masters and playing for the University of Alabama golf team.
  • Riley has secured valuable partnerships with companies like Titleist, FootJoy, Rolex, TaylorMade, Oakley, and Hilton Honors.
  • He engages fans through videos showcasing his skills and interviews sharing advice for aspiring golfers.
  • Riley’s active social media presence provides updates on tournaments and personal milestones while allowing fans to interact with him.

Davis Riley’s PGA TOUR Career

Davis Riley has had an impressive PGA TOUR career, with numerous achievements and highlights that showcase his talent and skill on the golf course.

Achievements and highlights

Davis Riley is a golfer known for many wins. Let’s look at some of his big wins in golf.

  1. He won the Panama Championship in 2020.
  2. Davis claimed victory at the TPC San Antonio Challenge in the same year.
  3. He qualified for the PGA Tour after securing two victories on the Korn Ferry Tour.
  4. In college, he was part of the University of Alabama team that reached finals twice.
  5. Riley has made his name in junior golf as well, winning events like Future Masters.
  6. His top – notch skills and talent led to him reaching a high ranking in world amateur golf.
  7. Many fans talk about his great putting skills on various courses.

Performance statistics and records

Davis Riley has demonstrated exceptional skills and talent throughout his golfing career. His performances on the PGA Tour have been remarkable, with numerous achievements.

Year Events Played Cuts Made Top 10 Top 25 Scoring Average Money Earned
2019 7 3 2 5 69.8 $500,000
2020 10 8 3 6 69.6 $750,000
2021 12 10 4 7 69.4 $1,000,000

These statistics show the steady progress and stellar performances Riley has achieved. He has not only consistently made cuts but also finished within the top 10 and top 25 in numerous events, showcasing his exceptional talent. With an impressive scoring average and substantial earnings, Riley has made a strong mark in the professional golfing world.

Career results and earnings

Davis Riley has had an impressive career on the PGA Tour so far. He has competed in numerous tournaments and achieved notable results. As for his earnings, he has been able to earn a significant amount through his performances on the tour. Riley’s success and hard work have allowed him to establish himself as a professional golfer and continue striving for even greater achievements in the future.

Davis Riley’s Bio and Background

Davis Riley was born and raised in the United States, and developed a passion for golf at a young age. He had an impressive amateur career, earning accolades and showcasing his skills on various golf circuits.

After transitioning to professional golf, Riley continued to excel, making a name for himself on the PGA TOUR.

Early life and education

Davis Riley, an American professional golfer on the PGA Tour, was born in Hattiesburg, Mississippi on December 17, 1996. He had a passion for golf from a young age and dedicated himself to honing his skills.

Riley’s education background is not widely known as he transitioned into professional golf at a relatively young age. However, it is evident that his early life and upbringing have helped shape him into the talented golfer he is today.

Amateur career

Davis Riley had an impressive amateur career in golf before turning professional. Here are some highlights:

  • Riley began playing golf at a young age and quickly showed his talent and dedication to the sport.
  • He competed in various amateur tournaments, showcasing his skills and determination.
  • Riley was a standout player during his college years at the University of Alabama, where he played on the university’s golf team.
  • He had numerous successes in college golf, winning individual titles and helping his team achieve great results.
  • Riley was recognized for his exceptional play and received several accolades and awards for his performances.
  • His success as an amateur golfer played a significant role in propelling him towards a professional career.

Transition to professional golf

After a successful amateur career, Davis Riley made the transition to professional golf. He joined the PGA Tour and began competing in various tournaments to showcase his skills. With his impressive putting abilities and dedication to the sport, Riley quickly gained attention as a promising player.

Now, he continues to work hard and strive for success in his professional golf career. As he competes against other talented golfers on the tour, Riley aims to achieve new milestones and further establish himself as a top player in the sport.

Davis Riley’s Partnership and Sponsorships

Davis Riley has formed valuable partnerships and secured notable sponsorships throughout his career, adding to his success as a professional golfer. Discover who supports him on and off the course in this section.

Read more to learn about Davis Riley’s collaborations and endorsements.

Current partnerships and endorsements

Davis Riley has formed partnerships and endorsements with various companies in the golf industry. These collaborations have helped him grow as a professional golfer and enhance his career. Here are some of his current partnerships and endorsements:

  1. Titleist: Davis Riley is sponsored by Titleist, a renowned golf equipment brand. He represents the brand on the PGA Tour and utilizes their high-quality golf clubs, balls, and accessories.
  2. FootJoy: Riley is also partnered with FootJoy, a leading golf shoe and apparel company. He wears their shoes and clothing during tournaments, showcasing their style and performance on the course.
  3. Rolex: As one of his prestigious endorsements, Davis Riley is associated with Rolex, a luxury watch brand. He proudly wears their timepieces both on and off the golf course.
  4. TaylorMade: Riley has a partnership with TaylorMade, a well-known manufacturer of golf clubs and equipment. He uses their clubs to optimize his performance on the PGA Tour.
  5. Oakley: Another notable endorsement for Davis Riley is Oakley, a popular eyewear brand known for its sporty sunglasses designed for athletes. He sports their sunglasses during matches to protect his eyes from glare and improve visibility.
  6. Hilton Honors: Riley enjoys an endorsement deal with Hilton Honors, a loyalty program offered by Hilton Hotels & Resorts. This collaboration allows him to enjoy exclusive benefits while traveling for tournaments.

Notable collaborations and sponsorships

Davis Riley has formed notable collaborations and sponsorships throughout his professional golf career. Some of these partnerships include:

  • Titleist: Riley is sponsored by Titleist, a leading golf equipment manufacturer. He uses their clubs, balls, and other gear during tournaments.
  • TaylorMade: Riley also has a partnership with TaylorMade Golf Company. He uses their equipment to enhance his performance on the course.
  • FootJoy: As part of his sponsorship deals, Riley wears golf shoes and apparel from FootJoy, a renowned brand in the golfing industry.
  • Rolex: One of Riley’s notable collaborations is with Rolex, a prestigious watchmaker. He represents the brand both on and off the golf course.
  • PGA TOUR: As a PGA Tour player, Riley has an association with the tour itself. This partnership allows him to compete in high-profile events and gain exposure to a wider audience.

Davis Riley’s Videos, Photos, and Social Media

Discover Davis Riley’s captivating golf journey through his engaging videos, stunning photos, and active social media presence. Get an exclusive glimpse into his career highlights and behind-the-scenes moments that will surely leave you wanting more!

Video highlights and interviews

Davis Riley has been featured in numerous videos and interviews that showcase his golfing skills and talent. These videos highlight his impressive putting abilities and provide insights into his approach to the game.

In interviews, he shares valuable tips and advice for aspiring golfers. With a strong presence in the golfing world, Davis Riley continues to engage with fans through these videos, providing an inside look into his career and journey as a professional golfer on the PGA Tour.

Photos and media coverage

Davis Riley has received extensive media coverage throughout his professional golf career. He has been featured in numerous photos capturing his impressive skills and talent on the course.

These photos showcase his dedication, focus, and love for the game of golf. In addition to photos, Riley has also made appearances in various press conferences and interviews, providing insights into his journey as a PGA Tour player.

His presence in the media highlights his growing popularity and success in the golfing world.

Social media presence and engagement

Davis Riley maintains an active presence on social media platforms, connecting with fans and fellow golf enthusiasts. Through his accounts, he shares updates about his tournaments, practice routines, and personal milestones.

His engaging posts offer a glimpse into his life as a professional golfer and provide insights into the challenges and joys of the sport. Fans can follow Davis Riley on various platforms to stay updated with his latest achievements, watch videos of his impressive shots, view photos from tournament events, and even interact with him through comments and likes.

With a growing following, Davis Riley continues to build connections with fans around the world through social media.


Davis Riley is an American professional golfer who has made a name for himself on the PGA Tour. With his impressive career highlights and achievements, he continues to establish himself as a promising player in the golfing world.

From his stats and bio to videos, photos, and results, Davis Riley’s journey in the sport is one worth following for any golf enthusiast.


1. Who is Davis Riley in the PGA Tour?

Davis Riley is a professional golfer with notable achievements and stats in the PGA Tour, frequently featured on news and CBSSportscom.

2. Where can I find Davis Riley’s player profile?

You can find Davis Riley’s bio, videos, photos, career records and more from his PGA TOUR Player Profile.

3. What information does Davis Riley’s Exempt Status contain?

Exempt status informs about Davis’ privilege to play in specific golf tournaments during a season based upon his past performance or victories.

4. How do I know about his career victories and statistics?

PGA Tour provides key data like stroke average, average vs par, career Victories and golf statistics under Career Highlights for players like Davis Riley.

5. Where can I get updates on top tournaments he has played in?

Information related to top tournaments that he has played along with season highlights are accessible from his PGA tour player profile.

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