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Ever found yourself daydreaming about the perfect golf swing in a tropical paradise, but felt unsure due to the scarcity of details on Belize’s golf courses? Trust me, you’re not alone.

Despite its history as a British colony, Belize surprisingly boasts only 27 golf holes across its breezy landscapes. Fear not! This post aims to unveil those hidden gems for all you fellow golf addicts, showcasing Belize’s most stunning greens with breathtaking backdrops and top-tier facilities.

So come along and let’s journey together through the ultimate exploration of your dream golf experience in Belize.

Key Takeaways

  • Belize offers a limited number of golf courses, with only 27 holes across the country.
  • The top golf courses in Belize include Roaring River Golf Course, Consejo Shores Corozal Golf Course, and Lima Verde Golf & Sport Club.
  • Golfers can also enjoy their favorite sport while exploring the islands of Belize or staying at beachfront resorts.
  • When planning a golf trip to Belize, consider accommodations like Coco Beach Resort or Grand Colony Island Villas and transportation options such as car rentals or private transfers.

Best Golf Courses in Belize

When it comes to finding the finest golf courses in Belize, players have several options that offer beautiful views and challenging holes. Roaring River Golf Course, Consejo Shores Corozal Golf Course, and Lima Verde Golf & Sport Club are among the top choices for golfers visiting this tropical destination.

Roaring River Golf Course

Roaring River Golf Course is top-notch. It sits near Belmopan, in a place called Roaring Creek. This golf course shines as the best 18-hole spot in Belize. It’s also the only one on mainland Belize! People love playing here and often talk about how great it is.

If you want a fun day of golf on your trip, this is the place to go!

Consejo Shores Corozal Golf Course

Consejo Shores Corozal Golf Course is one of the three golf courses in Belize. It is located in Consejo Shores, offering a unique golfing experience for visitors. The course has beautiful surroundings and provides an opportunity to discover the history of the ancient Mayans while playing golf.

Although it may not be as well-known as other courses in Belize, Consejo Shores Corozal Golf Course still offers a enjoyable round of golf with its 9 holes. So if you’re looking for a different golfing experience in Belize, consider giving Consejo Shores Corozal Golf Course a try!

Lima Verde Golf & Sport Club

I have some exciting news for all you golf enthusiasts out there! One of the best golf courses in Belize is the Lima Verde Golf & Sport Club. It may not be as well-known as other courses, but let me tell you, it’s definitely worth a visit.

With its lush green fairways and stunning views of the surrounding mountains, this 9-hole course offers a unique and challenging experience for golfers of all skill levels. Plus, it’s conveniently located near San Ignacio, making it easily accessible for those staying in the area.

So if you’re looking to add a little adventure to your Belizean getaway, don’t miss out on playing a round at Lima Verde Golf & Sport Club!

Golf Holidays in Belize

Experience the ultimate golfing adventure during your holiday in Belize, with a range of promoted golf courses and recommended experiences that will leave you amazed.

Promoted golf courses in Belize

I want to share with you some of the promoted golf courses in Belize. These courses are highly recommended for golfers looking to enjoy a round of golf in this beautiful country. Here are the top golf courses that you should consider when planning your golf trip to Belize:

  1. Roaring River Golf Course: This 18-hole course is located just outside Belmopan, the capital city of Belize. It is known for its stunning surroundings and well-maintained fairways and greens. Golfers have praised the course’s challenging layout and breathtaking views.
  2. Caye Chapel Golf Resort: Situated on the island of Caye Chapel, this golf course offers a unique experience for golfers. With its beachfront location and luxurious amenities, it is a popular choice among visitors to Belize. The course features scenic views of the Caribbean Sea and is known for its well-designed holes.
  3. Consejo Shores Golf Course: Located in Consejo Shores, this course provides another option for golfers in Belize. It offers a more relaxed atmosphere and is ideal for players of all skill levels. The course has been praised for its friendly staff and peaceful setting.

Recommended experiences in Belize

I’ve had the chance to explore some amazing experiences in Belize, both on and off the golf course. Here are a few recommendations for things to do while you’re in this beautiful country:

  1. Explore ancient Mayan ruins: Belize is home to several impressive Mayan ruins, such as Xunantunich and Altun Ha. Take a break from golfing and immerse yourself in the rich history of these ancient civilizations.
  2. Snorkel or dive in the Belize Barrier Reef: As one of the world’s largest barrier reefs, Belize offers incredible opportunities for underwater exploration. Grab your snorkel or scuba gear and discover vibrant coral formations and diverse marine life.
  3. Embark on a cave tubing adventure: Float along underground rivers in limestone caves, surrounded by stunning stalactite formations. It’s a unique way to experience Belize’s natural wonders.
  4. Take a wildlife safari: Belize is teeming with incredible wildlife, from jaguars and monkeys to colorful birds and reptiles. Join a guided tour through national parks or nature reserves for an unforgettable encounter with nature.

Golfing in Belize City and Cayo Region

In Belize City and the Cayo region, golfers can enjoy a unique golfing experience. While there are limited options for golf courses in this area of Belize, the ones that do exist offer stunning surroundings and a chance to explore the country’s natural beauty.

One popular option is Roaring River Golf Course, located just outside Belmopan. This 18-hole course is highly recommended by golfers and provides a challenging yet enjoyable game. Additionally, in the Cayo region, you can find other attractions like ancient Mayan ruins and lush rainforests to explore after your round of golf.

So, while there may not be many options for golfing in Belize City and the Cayo region, you can still have an unforgettable time combining your love for golf with the country’s rich culture and natural wonders.

Top Golf Destinations in Belize

Discover the stunning islands, magnificent Maya Mountains, and pristine beachfront resorts that make Belize a top destination for golfers. Read on to explore these incredible golfing hotspots and start planning your dream golf trip in Belize.

Islands of Belize

Belize is a country known for its stunning islands and beautiful coastline. While there may not be any golf courses directly located on the islands, golfers can still enjoy the sport while visiting these tropical paradises.

The nearby Caye Chapel Golf Resort offers an exquisite 18-hole course located on its own private island. This exclusive experience allows golfers to play against the backdrop of crystal-clear waters and lush greenery.

Additionally, many beachfront resorts in Belize provide access to nearby golf courses, allowing visitors to indulge in both sun-soaked relaxation and their favorite game. So whether you’re exploring the islands or staying at a luxurious resort, there are plenty of options for enjoying a round of golf in this breathtaking destination.

Maya Mountains in Belize

One of the top golf destinations in Belize is the Maya Mountains. These majestic mountains provide a stunning backdrop for golfers looking to enjoy their favorite sport in a beautiful setting.

While there may not be any golf courses directly located within the Maya Mountains, nearby areas such as San Ignacio and Cayo District offer excellent options for golfing enthusiasts.

Golfers can take advantage of the picturesque landscapes and rolling hills while playing on courses that showcase the natural beauty of Belize. So, if you’re planning a golf trip to Belize, don’t miss out on exploring the scenic wonders of the Maya Mountains and experiencing golfing surrounded by breathtaking views.

Golfing near beachfront resorts

If you love golfing and relaxing by the beach, Belize offers a unique opportunity to enjoy both. While there may be limited options for golf courses in Belize, some of them are conveniently located near beautiful beachfront resorts.

One such example is the Coco Beach Resort, which is situated on Ambergris Caye. This resort not only provides stunning views of the Caribbean Sea but also gives you easy access to play a round of golf at nearby courses like Roaring River Golf Course or Consejo Shores Corozal Golf Course.

Imagine teeing off with the ocean breeze in your hair and then unwinding on pristine sandy beaches afterward. It’s a golfer’s paradise!

Planning Your Golf Trip in Belize

When planning your golf trip in Belize, you will find a variety of accommodation options catering to golfers, including resorts with on-site courses and nearby hotels offering shuttle services.

Transportation and logistics are easy to navigate, with efficient airport transfers and car rental services available. Local recommendations and booking platforms can help you secure tee times at the top golf courses in Belize, ensuring a seamless experience for your golfing adventure.

Accommodation options for golfers

When planning your golf trip to Belize, it’s important to consider the accommodation options that will enhance your overall experience. Here are some top choices for golfers:

  1. Coco Beach Resort: Located on Ambergris Caye, this luxurious resort offers beachfront villas and condos. It’s a great choice for golfers who want to combine their love for the sport with stunning ocean views.
  2. Grand Colony Island Villas: Situated on Ambergris Caye, this resort provides spacious and elegant villas with access to a private beach. It’s perfect for golfers looking for a tranquil and upscale stay during their trip.
  3. Royal Palm Island Resort: This secluded island resort near Belize City offers a unique experience for golfers. Enjoy beautiful accommodations in cabanas or overwater bungalows, surrounded by pristine nature.
  4. Chabil Mar Villas: Located in Placencia Village, this boutique resort offers luxurious villas overlooking the Caribbean Sea. It’s a great option for golfers who want to relax after a day on the course.
  5. Sleeping Giant Rainforest Lodge: If you’re looking to experience Belize’s natural beauty while enjoying golf, this lodge is ideal. Nestled in the jungle near Roaring Creek, it offers comfortable accommodations in a serene setting.

Transportation and logistics

Getting around in Belize is fairly straightforward, but when it comes to transportation for your golf trip, there are a few things to keep in mind. While most of the golf courses are located on the mainland, you may need to travel between different regions or even take a short boat ride to reach some island courses.

Renting a car is a popular option for getting around Belize, as it gives you the flexibility to explore at your own pace. However, if you prefer not to drive, taxis and private transfers are available for hire.

When planning your golf trip, be sure to factor in travel time between courses and accommodations. It’s also worth considering the logistics of transporting your golf clubs – many airlines allow them as part of your checked baggage allowance but check with your specific carrier beforehand.

Local recommendations and booking platforms

As a golfer visiting Belize, I highly recommend checking out these local recommendations and booking platforms:

  1. Ask for recommendations from local golfers or staff at your hotel/resort. They can provide valuable insights on the best courses to play and any upcoming tournaments or events.
  2. Look for golf tour operators or guides who specialize in organizing golf trips in Belize. They can help you plan your itinerary, arrange transportation, and even provide local knowledge about each course.
  3. Check out online booking platforms that offer tee time reservations for golf courses in Belize. Some popular platforms include GolfNow and
  4. Consider joining golf clubs or associations in Belize to gain access to exclusive member-only courses and perks.
  5. Utilize social media platforms such as Facebook groups or forums dedicated to golfing in Belize. Here, you can connect with other golfers, ask for recommendations, and possibly find playing partners during your trip.

Tips and Recommendations for Golfers in Belize

When visiting Belize for a golf trip, it’s important to read golf course reviews and ratings to find the best courses that suit your preferences. Additionally, take advantage of the amenities offered at each course, such as driving ranges and practice facilities.

Don’t forget to explore other attractions and activities in Belize during your trip, including snorkeling or visiting ancient Mayan ruins. Lastly, always remember to adhere to safety tips and local etiquette while playing golf in Belize.

Golf course reviews and ratings

Let’s explore the ratings and reviews of Belize’s notable golf courses.

Golf Course Rating Review
Roaring River Golf Course 4.5/5 The Roaring River Golf Course is highly recommended by golfers; it’s known as the best 18-hole course in Belize. Its location, just outside the capital city in Roaring Creek, adds to its appeal.
Caye Chapel Golf Resort 4.5/5 This golf resort located on Caye Chapel island is a popular choice among golfers. Its unique location and well-maintained course make it a favorite.
Consejo Shores Golf Course 4/5 Situated in Consejo Shores, this golf course offers a great experience for golf enthusiasts in Belize. Though slightly less famed than its counterparts, it still provides an engaging round of golf.
Lima Verde Golf & Sport Club N/A This golf course is relatively new and hasn’t accumulated enough reviews for a fair rating. Nonetheless, it’s an option to consider for your golfing adventure in Belize.

Please note, due to the limited number of golf courses in Belize, it’s wise to plan your golfing activities strategically.

Golfing activities and amenities

When golfing in Belize, you can expect a range of activities and amenities to enhance your experience. Here are some highlights:

  1. Well-maintained courses: The golf courses in Belize, such as Roaring River and Caye Chapel, offer beautifully manicured greens and fairways.
  2. Stunning views: Enjoy breathtaking views of lush jungles, tropical landscapes, and sparkling ocean waters while playing a round of golf.
  3. Pro shops: Many golf courses in Belize have pro shops where you can find equipment, apparel, and accessories for your game.
  4. Caddies and carts: Some courses offer the option to hire caddies who can provide guidance on the course, as well as golf carts for convenient transportation.
  5. Practice facilities: Improve your swing at the driving ranges or putting greens available at some golf courses in Belize.
  6. Clubhouse amenities: Relax after your game in clubhouse facilities that may include restaurants, bars, and lounges where you can unwind with fellow golfers.
  7. Golf lessons: Enhance your skills with professional golf lessons offered by experienced instructors at select courses.
  8. Tournaments and events: Keep an eye out for special tournaments or events hosted by the golf courses in Belize that you can participate in or spectate.

Exploring other attractions and activities in Belize

While golfing in Belize may be a big part of your trip, it’s important to explore the other attractions and activities this beautiful country has to offer. From stunning beaches and crystal-clear waters for snorkeling and diving, to ancient Mayan ruins waiting to be explored, there is something for everyone in Belize.

You can take a leisurely stroll through the colorful streets of Belize City, or embark on an adventure through the lush jungles of Cayo Region. Wildlife enthusiasts will enjoy bird-watching tours and wildlife sanctuaries where you can get up close and personal with exotic animals like jaguars and howler monkeys.

Don’t forget to indulge in delicious local cuisine and immerse yourself in the vibrant culture of Belize by visiting markets, museums, and festivals throughout your stay. With so much to see and do beyond the golf course, exploring other attractions and activities in Belize will truly make your trip unforgettable!

Safety tips and local etiquette

When playing golf in Belize, it’s important to prioritize safety and respect local etiquette. Keep in mind that the limited number of golf courses in the country means that there may be different rules or customs compared to other destinations.

Take care to follow any safety guidelines provided by the course staff, such as regarding lightning storms or wildlife encounters. It’s also important to be respectful of other players on the course and maintain proper golfing etiquette, like repairing divots and raking bunkers.

By being mindful of safety and local customs, you can fully enjoy your golfing experience in Belize.


In conclusion, while Belize may have a limited number of golf courses, the ones available offer a unique and enjoyable experience. The Roaring River Golf Course is highly recommended for its beautiful surroundings and challenging holes.

Caye Chapel Golf Resort and Consejo Shores Golf Course are also popular options for golfers visiting Belize. Although golfing in Belize requires strategic planning due to the limited number of courses, it provides an opportunity to explore the country’s natural beauty and attractions.

So if you’re a golfer looking to combine your love for the sport with discovering new destinations, Belize is definitely worth considering as your next golfing destination.


1. What are the best golf courses in Belize?

The best golf courses in Belize include those at Caye Chapel, Consejo Shores, and Roaring River. These areas offer beautiful views and USGA rated holes for a fun game of golf.

2. Can I play minigolf or disc golf in Belize?

Yes, along with regular par games of golf, you can also enjoy playing minigolf and disc golf at various spots within the nation of Belize.

3. How do I choose a good Golf resort in Belize?

When choosing a Golf resort in Belize, take into account its location relative to your preferred course, whether it’s near places like Consejo Shores or Roaring River.

4. Are there any hidden gems among the Golf Courses that showcase natural beauty?

Indeed! Exploring different locations such as Disc Golf courses near Belize City could lead to discovering some of Belize’s hidden golf gems surrounded by unmatched natural beauty.

5. Is there an ultimate guide that can help me find the perfect course for my needs?

Look for guides offering up-to-date information about Luxurious Golf Resorts in places like Caye Chapel while uncovering top destinations which provide insight into finding the perfect place to enjoy golfing in this beautiful country.

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