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Golf lovers, we know it’s no easy feat to discover a course that marries both a challenge and breathtaking scenery. Am I right? With the countless hours treading fairways under my belt, coupled with some pretty in-depth research, I’ve stumbled upon quite the diamond in the rough: The Earlywine Golf Course situated smack dab in Oklahoma City.

This blog post aims to peel back the layers of this captivating golf oasis, from its thoughtful design to bountiful amenities and one-of-a-kind features— all aimed at amplifying your golfing journey.

So snag your clubs and fasten those glove straps tight; because we’re about to dive deep into this Frontier City treasure!

Key Takeaways

  • Earlywine Golf Course in Oklahoma City is a premier golfing destination with two courses designed by famous architects Floyd Farley and Randy Heckenkemper. The course offers picturesque views of mature trees and challenging holes.
  • The North course at Earlywine Golf Course features changes in elevation, tight fairways, high rough, and water hazards on the back nine. It is known for its stunning natural surroundings and unique challenges that cater to golfers of all skill levels.
  • Golfers recommend booking tee times in advance due to potential wait times at each tee box. Some suggest having marshals to manage the pace of play for a smoother experience.
  • Nearby attractions include Myriad Botanical Gardens, Oklahoma City Museum of Art, Bricktown district, Oklahoma River, Lake Hefner for boating/fishing/picnicking, and National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum. Other nearby golf courses include Lake Hefner Golf Club, Lincoln Park Golf Course, Trosper Park Golf Course, John Conrad Golf Course, and James E Stewart Golf Course.

About Earlywine Golf Club

Earlywine Golf Club is a premier golfing destination in Oklahoma City, offering a range of top-notch facilities and amenities for golfers of all skill levels.

Overview of the golf club

Earlywine Golf Club is in Oklahoma City. It has two golf courses – the North and the South course. These were made by famous people Floyd Farley and Randy Heckenkemper. You can see many old trees here, making it very pretty to look at.

But, there could be a long wait time at each tee box because of too many players sometimes. I think having marshals to guide players would be helpful to keep things moving fast.

Facilities and amenities available at the club

At Earlywine Golf Club, you’ll find a range of facilities and amenities to enhance your golfing experience. Here’s what you can expect:

  • A well – maintained clubhouse with friendly staff ready to assist you.
  • Spacious locker rooms with clean showers and changing areas.
  • A pro shop stocked with a variety of golfing equipment, apparel, and accessories.
  • Practice facilities including a driving range, putting greens, and chipping areas.
  • Golf carts available for rent to make getting around the course more convenient.
  • On – site dining options offering delicious meals and refreshments to refuel after your round.

Earlywine Golf Course

The Earlywine Golf Course in Oklahoma City offers a picturesque and challenging experience for golfers of all skill levels.

Description of the golf course

The Earlywine Golf Course in Oklahoma City is a golfer’s paradise. The course offers two options: the North course and the South course. Let’s focus on the North course for now. This course is known for its stunning natural surroundings and changes in elevation.

As you make your way through the 18 holes, you’ll encounter challenging par-4 holes like #3, as well as rewarding par-4 holes like #9. The back nine of this course features tight fairways, a creek, high rough, and ponds that add to the overall challenge.

Throughout your game, you’ll be surrounded by beautiful mature trees that only enhance the scenic beauty of this golfing destination.

Remember to bring your patience when playing at Earlywine Golf Course as it can get crowded at times with long wait times at each tee box. While waiting, take a moment to appreciate the views around you and maybe strike up a conversation with other golfers who are also enjoying their time here.

Unique features and challenges of the course

The North course at Earlywine Golf Club has some unique features and challenges that make it an exciting golfing experience. Here are the highlights:

  1. Changes in elevation: The course offers varying elevations, adding an extra element of challenge to your game.
  2. Nestled against natural areas: The course is surrounded by beautiful natural areas, providing a picturesque backdrop as you play.
  3. Challenging par-4 hole #3: This hole requires precision and strategy to navigate its layout and avoid potential hazards.
  4. Rewarding par-4 hole #9: This hole offers a chance for golfers to finish their front nine with a strong finish, rewarding accurate shots and well-executed strategies.
  5. Mix of easy and challenging holes: The North course provides a balanced mix of easier holes and more challenging ones, ensuring golfers of all skill levels can enjoy their round.
  6. Tight fairways and high rough: Golfers will need to be accurate off the tee as the fairways can be narrow, while the high rough poses an added challenge when recovering from errant shots.
  7. Creek, ponds, and water hazards on the back nine: The back nine features water hazards in the form of a creek and ponds, testing your ability to navigate these challenges while maintaining your score.
  8. Scenic beauty of mature trees: As you make your way around the course, you’ll be treated to the sight of majestic mature trees that enhance the overall aesthetic appeal.

Reviews and Recommendations

Golfers rave about the challenging yet enjoyable experience at Earlywine Golf Course, praising its well-maintained fairways and greens. The course’s beautiful scenery, friendly staff, and affordable green fees make it a must-visit for golfers in Oklahoma City.

Most popular reviews and testimonials from golfers

Golfers absolutely love playing at Earlywine Golf Course! They rave about the beautiful course layout, with its mature trees and scenic views. Many golfers mention the challenging holes, like the par-4 hole #3 and the rewarding par-4 hole #9.

The course can get crowded at times, which results in long wait times at each tee box. Some golfers suggest that having marshals to manage the pace of play would greatly improve their experience.

Overall, golfers highly recommend Earlywine Golf Course for its beauty and enjoyable gameplay.

Community feedback and experiences

I’ve heard great things about the Earlywine Golf Course from fellow golfers in the community. Many golfers have shared their positive experiences, praising the beautiful scenery and well-maintained course.

They especially enjoy playing on the North course, with its challenging par-4 hole #3 and rewarding par-4 hole #9. The mature trees surrounding the fairways add to the picturesque setting.

However, some golfers have mentioned that wait times at each tee box can be quite long, so it’s a good idea to plan ahead and book your tee time in advance. Overall, it seems that Earlywine Golf Course is a favorite among local golf enthusiasts.

Golfers in our community have also suggested improvements for Earlywine Golf Course. Some have mentioned that having marshals on hand to manage the pace of play would greatly enhance their experience.

This would help ensure a smoother flow of play and avoid any delays or backups on busy days. It’s clear that there is appreciation for this hidden gem in Oklahoma City, but implementing small changes like these could make it an even more enjoyable destination for all golfers.

Nearby Attractions and Activities

Explore the vibrant Oklahoma City area with plenty of nearby attractions and activities to enjoy.

Recommendations for other activities to enjoy in the area

When you’re not swinging your clubs at Earlywine Golf Course, there are plenty of other activities to keep you entertained in the area. Here are some recommendations:

  • Visit the Myriad Botanical Gardens and enjoy a leisurely stroll through their beautiful grounds.
  • Explore the Oklahoma City Museum of Art and discover captivating exhibits from various art periods.
  • Take a scenic walk along the Oklahoma River and soak in the peaceful atmosphere.
  • Check out the vibrant Bricktown district, where you can find delicious restaurants, lively bars, and entertainment venues.
  • Spend a day at Lake Hefner and indulge in activities like boating, fishing, or picnicking by the water.
  • If you’re interested in history, don’t miss out on visiting the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum.

Golf courses near Earlywine Golf Course

If you’re looking to explore other golfing opportunities near Earlywine Golf Course in Oklahoma City, here are some nearby courses to check out:

  1. Lake Hefner Golf Club: Located just a short drive away, Lake Hefner Golf Club offers two 18-hole courses with beautiful views of Lake Hefner. It’s a great choice for golfers of all skill levels.
  2. Lincoln Park Golf Course: Situated in the heart of Oklahoma City, Lincoln Park Golf Course features two 18-hole courses and a driving range. The course has a classic layout and is known for its well-maintained fairways and greens.
  3. Trosper Park Golf Course: Another nearby option is Trosper Park Golf Course, which offers an 18-hole course that provides both challenges and opportunities for scoring well. The course incorporates natural water hazards, mature trees, and rolling terrain.
  4. John Conrad Golf Course: Located in Midwest City, John Conrad Golf Course is a popular choice among local golfers. It offers an 18-hole course with wide fairways and large greens, providing an enjoyable experience for players of all levels.
  5. James E Stewart Golf Course: Situated in Moore, James E Stewart Golf Course is known for its friendly atmosphere and well-kept grounds. The 18-hole course features spacious fairways, strategic bunkering, and stunning views of the surrounding landscape.

Contact Information and Conclusion

If you’re a golfer looking for a magnificent course in Oklahoma City, look no further than Earlywine Golf Course. With two courses to choose from, each offering unique challenges and beautiful scenery, it’s a hidden gem for golf enthusiasts.

From the changes in elevation to the mature trees lining the fairways, every hole is a delight to play. So grab your clubs and head over to Earlywine Golf Course for an unforgettable golfing experience.


1. What is the Earlywine Golf Course in Oklahoma City?

Earlywine Golf Course is a premier golfing destination in Oklahoma City famous for its beautiful design, well-kept green spaces and great amenities.

2. What makes Earlywine Golf course a magnificent place to visit?

The magnificence of the Earlywine Golf Course lies in its stunning layout, high standard maintenance, and unique features that offer a superb golfing experience.

3. Can you tell me about the fees at Earlywine Golf Course?

The fees for teeing off at Earlywine Golf course vary based on time slots and seasons. For accurate information on current rates, it’s best to contact their clubhouse directly.

4. Are there any reviews or scorecards available for The Earlywine Golf Club?

Yes! There are plenty of reviews and scorecards available online showcasing everything from the golf course design to its amenities – making it easier to understand what makes this club a golfer’s paradise in Oklahoma City.

5. How can I explore other golfing opportunities in Oklahoma City after discovering the beauty of Earlywine?

You can look up other golf courses in Oklahoma city just like you found out about this hidden gem called ‘Early Wine’. A lot many places await your discovery offering different experiences based on their unique designs and offerings.

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