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  • Tour players take their gloves off while putting to air out their hands and to get a better feel for the putter
  • Most golfers keep their gloves on while chipping because it gives them a better grip
  • Gloves provide extra traction and protect hands from blisters
  • It is ultimately up to the individual golfer to decide whether or not to use a glove when putting or chipping
  • Mark Crossfield doesn’t like using gloves when putting because it makes his hands feel slippery
  • He also thinks that it’s more difficult to get a good grip on the putter without a glove
  • However, he does concede that wearing gloves can help with consistency and preventing blisters

When I first started playing golf, I was a complete noob.

I had no idea about the different rules and regulations of the game, let alone how to play it. One of the things that I was confused about was whether I should wear a golf glove when putting. I had seen some professional golfers on TV playing without a glove, but I wasn’t sure if that was the right thing to do or not.

I decided to ask my golf coach for his advice on the matter. He told me that there was no right or wrong answer – it was just a matter of personal preference.

Some golfers prefer to wear gloves when putting, while others don’t like to use them because they feel that they have a better grip with two bare hands.

Personally, I found that wearing a glove made me feel more confident when putting. It gave me something to grip onto, and I didn’t have to worry about my hands slipping off the clubface.

My coach also told me that gloves protect your hands from getting blisters – which is definitely a good thing, especially if you don’t play golf very often.

So in the end, it’s up to you whether you want to wear a golf glove when putting.

Some people find that it gives them an edge on the green, while others prefer to go without one. Just experiment with both methods and see what works best for you!

So Do (Or Should?) You Wear A Golf Glove When Putting

Whether or not you wear a golf glove when putting is a personal choice. No rules bar one from wearing a golf glove while putting. Jack Nicklaus, the best golfer of all time, is famous for wearing golf gloves in his numerous victories.

Yet, if you have been keen most golfers alternate between having their gloves on and off on the golf course.

If you are a new gamer looking to have an immersive experience in your next golfing game, here are a few insights as to whether you need to wear a golf glove when putting.

Why Do Most Golfers Not Wear Gloves When Putting?

Most people who don’t wear gloves while putting attest that it makes them unable to feel the club on their bare hands when putting. Hence, believe that using golf gloves when making a stroke could hamper their touch on the greens.

Golfers are known for being eccentric. Hence they will have ideas and habits about their game that are unique to them. Most of them wear one glove on the course, whereas others like the famous Tommy Gainey wear two gloves when playing.

On the other hand, the golfers who wear one glove do so because of the mechanics involved in the golf swing. It is advisable to wear the glove on the lead hand. This is because the lead arm is responsible for the power and speed of the swing. Usually, you will want this hand to have a proper grip on the club, and the glove aids in this.

The trail hand guides and controls the club’s face through impact without being excessively tight. Hence why it is wise not to have a glove on this arm. It also helps to improve a player’s feel on the club.

Are they really necessary?

A golf glove gives a golfer better traction and control when swinging a club at high speed. Golfers like Nicklaus have won more than 18 matches while wearing their gloves. Different factors influence your putting performance. From grip technique, how you interpret the breaks to alignment.

Golf gloves became popular in the 1800s.

They were introduced to combat slippery traction. Yet, some renowned golfers like Walter Hagen didn’t embrace them. Even though he still went ahead to win many games playing without wearing the golf gloves.

The golf gloves’ popularity only surged in the 1960s. The earliest designs were fingerless and backless. However, the designs have improved over the years.

Final Thoughts

When investing in golf gloves, it is paramount that you buy gloves that fit like another skin as slightly bigger ones may affect your grip and, eventually, your game.

Some golfers will clean their putters with a towel just before setting up to putt a ball.

Golfers typically wipe their putters because they accumulate dirt, water, or sand as they play. Suppose you have a stone or sand on the face of your putter when hitting the ball. Then, in that case, your shot will be affected.

The ball may either slide off to the side or slide off the club face. Wiping your putter clean before taking a shot is an essential step that every golfer should embrace.

The most important thing for golfers is consistency and stability when playing. Once one makes contact with the ball, there must be no movement in the putter. Regardless of the type of grip you choose, ensure it’s something you are comfortable with and can repeat.

It is not proper etiquette to stand behind someone as they putt.

When a golfer putts, they should have a clear vision of the hole, beyond the hole, and behind them. Hence if you are playing next in a golfing match and you are on the same lane as the golfer who is putting first, it is advisable to give them space so that they have nothing blurring their shot.

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