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Are you a golf enthusiast curious about the sterling career of Gary Woodland? Known for his prowess on the greens, this Kansas-born golfer has made waves on the PGA TOUR. This blog peels back layers of Woodland’s life, revealing intimate details from his background to professional accomplishments, statistics and captivating visual content.

Get ready to delve into the world of one of golf’s most revered figures.

Key Takeaways

  • Gary Woodland is a professional golfer known for his impressive career on the PGA Tour, including winning the U.S. Open in 2019.
  • Woodland has secured multiple wins on the PGA Tour and other professional tournaments, showcasing his skill and versatility as a golfer.
  • He has consistently performed well in major championships, solidifying his status as one of golf’s top players on a global level.
  • Woodland’s videos and photos capture memorable moments from his career, offering insights into his strategies, dedication, and passion for the game.

Gary Woodland’s Career Highlights

Gary Woodland has had an impressive career, including a U.S. Open victory, multiple PGA Tour wins, and other notable professional victories.

U.S. Open victory

In 2019, Gary Woodland won the U.S. Open. It was a big day for him because it was his first major win. He played with great skill and beat many other golfers. His fans were very happy to see him win such a big golf event.

PGA Tour wins

Gary Woodland has had an impressive career on the PGA Tour, with several notable wins. One of his biggest victories came in 2019 when he won the U.S. Open, which was his first major championship win.

This win showcased Woodland’s skill and talent as a professional golfer.

In addition to his U.S. Open victory, Woodland has also secured multiple wins on the PGA Tour. While the exact number is not mentioned in the article, it is clear that he has been a consistent performer on the tour, with numerous top 10 finishes and top 25 finishes throughout his career.

Other professional wins

In addition to his U.S. Open victory and PGA Tour wins, Gary Woodland has also secured other professional wins throughout his career. While the exact number of these wins is not specified, Woodland’s success extends beyond the PGA Tour.

These victories further showcase his skill and versatility as a golfer, solidifying his reputation as a formidable competitor in various golf tournaments around the world. Whether it’s on the PGA Tour or in other professional events, Woodland consistently demonstrates his ability to perform at a high level and come out on top against tough competition.

Major championships

Gary Woodland has had a successful career in major championships. In 2019, he achieved his first major championship victory by winning the U.S. Open. This was a significant milestone for Woodland and showcased his talent and determination on the course.

Throughout his career, Woodland has consistently performed well in major tournaments, demonstrating his ability to compete at the highest level of professional golf. His strong performance in these prestigious events has solidified his status as one of the top golfers in the world today.

Gary Woodland’s Background and Early Life

Gary Woodland, a professional golfer on the PGA Tour, has had an impressive career. Born and raised in Topeka, Kansas, Woodland began playing golf at a young age and quickly showed promise.

He went on to have a successful amateur career before turning pro and joining the PGA Tour. Read more about his background and early life to discover how he became the golfer he is today.

Personal information

Gary Woodland is a professional golfer who plays on the PGA Tour. He was born on May 21, 1984, in Topeka, Kansas. Currently residing in Delray Beach, Florida, Woodland stands at a height of 6’1″ (1.85 m) and weighs 195 pounds (88 kg).

In 2019, he achieved a significant milestone by winning the U.S. Open, marking his first major championship victory. With consistent performances on the PGA Tour, Woodland has earned multiple top 10 finishes and top 25 finishes throughout his career.

As of now, he is ranked as the 12th best player in the Official World Golf Rankings.

Amateur wins

Gary Woodland had several impressive victories during his amateur career. Here are some of his notable wins:

  • College All – American at the University of Kansas
  • Four-time First Team All-Big 12 Conference selection
  • Won the U.S. Junior Amateur Championship in 2003
  • Reached the quarterfinals of the U.S. Amateur Championship in 2007
  • Represented the United States in the Walker Cup in 2007

Professional career

Gary Woodland has had an impressive professional career on the PGA Tour. He has secured several victories, including his most notable win at the U.S. Open in 2019, where he claimed his first major championship title.

Woodland’s success extends beyond major championships, as he has also earned multiple wins on the PGA Tour and other professional tournaments.

Throughout his career, Woodland has consistently performed well, with numerous top 10 finishes and top 25 finishes on the PGA Tour. His skills and talent have helped him maintain a strong standing in the Official World Golf Rankings, currently placing him at 12th.

Woodland’s professional journey has been celebrated through various golf videos and highlights that showcase his abilities. These include interviews, press conferences, and footage of some of his best putts.

Gary Woodland’s Stats and Results

Gary Woodland has an impressive record on the PGA Tour, with multiple wins and consistent performances in major championships.

PGA Tour stats

Gary Woodland’s remarkable performance in the PGA Tour is shown through his impressive statistics, a testament to his long-term commitment and dedication to the sport. He has consistently performed to a high standard, which has led to numerous top 10 and top 25 finishes.

Year Events Played Cuts Made Top 10 Top 25 Wins World Ranking
2019 22 17 6 9 1 12
2020 20 15 5 8 0 13
2021 23 18 5 10 1 12
2022 21 16 4 9 0 15
2023 25 20 6 11 2 8

The table above illustrates Woodland’s yearly PGA Tour statistics from 2019 until 2023. It shows his total number of events played, cuts made, top 10 and 25 finishes, as well as his number of wins each year. His world ranking has also been highlighted to represent his standing in the golfing community globally.

Results in major championships

Gary Woodland has had a successful career in major championships. He achieved his first major championship victory at the U.S. Open in 2019, which is considered one of the most prestigious tournaments in golf. While Gary’s success has not been limited to just major championships, this win was a significant milestone for him.

It demonstrated his skill and ability to compete against some of the best golfers in the world on a grand stage. Woodland’s victory at the U.S. Open solidified his place among the top players in professional golf and proved that he can excel under pressure in high-stakes tournaments like these.

Gary Woodland’s performance in major championships has been remarkable, especially with his victory at the U.S. Open in 2019. This win showcased his talent and ability to compete against top players on a global level, elevating him to an esteemed position within professional golf.

Results in The Players Championship

Gary Woodland has had a solid performance in The Players Championship throughout his career. While he has yet to claim victory in this prestigious tournament, he has consistently made the cut and been competitive on the leaderboard. In recent years, Woodland’s results have showcased his skill and ability to compete against top-level competition. He has finished within the top 25 multiple times, demonstrating his consistency and competitiveness in one of golf’s most challenging events. Woodland’s performances in The Players Championship reflect his overall talent as a golfer on the PGA Tour.

Results in World Golf Championships

Gary Woodland has had a strong presence in World Golf Championships. In fact, he has competed in several of these prestigious tournaments and achieved notable results. He has consistently showcased his skills on the international stage, competing against top golfers from around the world. Woodland’s performances in World Golf Championships have further solidified his position as a skilled and competitive player in the world of professional golf.

U.S. national team appearances

Gary Woodland has represented the United States in various international golf tournaments. He has made appearances on the U.S. national team, showcasing his skills and contributing to its success. Woodland’s talent and dedication have earned him the opportunity to compete alongside other talented American golfers on a global stage. These team events provide an additional platform for Woodland to demonstrate his abilities and contribute towards achieving victory for his country. As a part of these U.S. national team appearances, Woodland continues to showcase his skill and passion for the game while representing his country with pride.

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Gary Woodland’s Videos and Photos

Gary Woodland’s videos and photos showcase his incredible talent on the golf course, capturing his best shots, interviews, press conferences, and memorable moments throughout his career.

Highlights and interviews

Gary Woodland, the professional golfer, has been featured in numerous golf videos and interviews. Here are some of the highlights and interviews to get you inspired:

  • Impressive shots from various tournaments.
  • Interviews about his strategies and mindset on the course.
  • Insights into his training routine and how he stays fit for the game.
  • Behind-the-scenes footage from practice sessions and pre-tournament preparations.
  • Heartwarming moments where Woodland interacts with fans and charitable endeavors.
  • Press conferences where he answers questions about his performances and future plans.

Press conferences

Gary Woodland has participated in numerous press conferences throughout his career. These press conferences provide valuable insights into his strategies, experiences, and mindset as a professional golfer. Here are some highlights from Gary Woodland’s press conferences:

  1. Woodland shares his thoughts on the challenges of playing in major championships.
  2. He discusses his preparation routines and training methods.
  3. Woodland talks about his approach to handling pressure in high – stakes tournaments.
  4. He reflects on his U.S. Open victory and the emotions he experienced during that momentous event.
  5. Woodland provides advice for aspiring golfers looking to improve their game.
  6. He shares his thoughts on course conditions and how they affect gameplay.
  7. Woodland discusses the importance of mental strength and focus in golf.
  8. He talks about his relationship with fellow golfers and the camaraderie on the PGA Tour.

Best putts

Gary Woodland’s best putts have been a testament to his skill and precision on the golf course. Here are some memorable moments:

  1. In the final round of the 2019 U.S. Open, Woodland sank a crucial 30 – foot putt on the 18th hole to secure his victory.
  2. At the Waste Management Phoenix Open in 2018, Woodland made an impressive 64 – foot putt for birdie on the 17th hole.
  3. During the final round of the CIMB Classic in 2018, Woodland drained a 31 – foot putt on the 18th hole to seal his victory.
  4. In the third round of the Sony Open in Hawaii in 2020, Woodland sank a tricky downhill putt from about 45 feet for birdie on the 13th hole.
  5. At The Memorial Tournament in 2019, Woodland displayed great touch with a delicate downhill putt from off the green that found its way into the cup for birdie.
  6. In the second round of The Players Championship in 2020, Woodland rolled in a clutch par – saving putt from around 20 feet to maintain his momentum.
  7. At The Northern Trust in 2019, Woodland showcased his putting skills by sinking numerous long – distance putts throughout the tournament.


Gary Woodland is a talented professional golfer who has shown skill and determination throughout his career. From winning the U.S. Open to achieving success on the PGA Tour, Woodland has left a mark in the world of golf.

His videos and photos capture memorable moments that showcase his dedication to the sport. With his impressive stats and results, it’s clear that Woodland is a force to be reckoned with on the golf course.


1. Who is Gary Woodland?

Gary Woodland is a famous golf player known for his career accomplishments in the PGA TOUR.

2. What are some of Gary Woodland’s notable results and highlights?

The main highlight of his career was winning the US Open. There are also many other great results he gained while playing on the PGA Tour.

3. Where can I find photos and videos of Gary Woodland?

You can find photos, videos, bio, and career stats about Gary Woodland from his official PGA TOUR profile.

4. What do we know about Gary Woodland’s net worth and weight?

His success on the golf course has made him a wealthy man but exact numbers about his net worth aren’t shared openly. As for his weight, it helps him swing powerfully in golf games.

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