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  • In a golf scramble, each player plays their ball and everyone tries to get the lowest score from the best three shots in each hole
  • This type of scramble is more interesting than a regular game and can often be more fun
  • A golf scramble can help you get better golf skills by practicing shot after shot
  • Scrambles are a great way to play with friends who aren’t as good golfers

My friends and I love to play golf scramble. It’s a really fun game that allows us to have a few drinks on the golf course (like these drinks that are golfers’ favorites!)while we’re playing.

We always have a great time when we play, and it’s a great way to spend an afternoon or evening out on the green.

My wife is also a big fan of golf scramble. She loves to play it with us, and she always has a good time. We all enjoy getting together and playing this fun game, and we always make sure to have a few laughs while we’re out on the course.

Golf scramble is definitely one of our favorite games to play, and we always have a great time when we get together to play it. We would recommend it to anyone who wants to have some fun while they’re playing golf!

How does a golf scramble work?

Golf is a great game that is usually a solitary activity, but with golf scramble actually relies on teamwork and strategy. But if you end up playing with a group of people who aren’t as skilled or don’t work well together, you might not enjoy it as much.

A golf scramble is especially fun to play if your team doesn’t have the best golf skills. There are a few different types of golf scrambles, but the most common one is the best ball scramble which involves four players.

In this type of scramble, each player will play their ball, and everyone will try to get the lowest score from the best three shots in each hole. Why Golf Scramble?

Several reasons a group of friends might want to play a golf scramble instead of another type of game. If you want to play with friends who aren’t as skilled at golf, it’s more interesting than a regular game and can often be more fun.

If you want to get better golf skills, a golf scramble can help you do that. You’ll have more opportunities to practice shots, hit the same shot repeatedly, and get better at each shot.

For you to play well in a golf scramble, you’ll need to use the entire course instead of just hitting around the course. Golf is a skill that takes lots of practice; you won’t be able to play well just by playing shots from one place around the course.

1. Each player plays their ball

Each player will have the ball they hit when playing in a golf scramble.

2. Everyone takes the best score from each hole

golf scramble

Depending on how the holes are scored at the end of each hole, one person on the team will record their lowest score, and then everyone else will record their best score for that hole.

For example, if you play a six-hole best-ball scramble and shoot 2-under par on every hole, your team will tally one point for every shot over par that you get in all-round rounds. Then you’ll take those points at the end of the game to come up with your final score.

In the example scramble, if the team’s lowest score on any hole was 7-over par, then they’ll get six points. They’d get three points if their highest score on any hole were 3-under par.

3. Everyone’s best ball counts!

If you’re playing in a golf scramble as part of your regular group of friends, you probably already know how well each person plays golf. The “best ball” is simply what each player hits the ball with.

So when everyone plays their best shots for each hole, it’s not about who does the best or has the most potential. Instead, it’s about who does the best shots and how they stack up against everyone else.

4. Scramble is a fun way to play golf with friends!

Scramble is a fun way to play golf with friends!

Golf scrambles can be a fun way to play with friends because they’re not so serious, people can have more fun, and they tend to be less competitive than other team games.

Playing golf scrambles also helps you get better at golf by practicing shot after shot.

Playing in a golf scramble can also allow you to play with a friend you don’t normally see that often and gives you the chance to play with people who can be friends but probably aren’t as skilled at golf.

5. Scramble is a great way to play if you want to play with a group of people who aren’t as good golfers

If you’re newer to golf or not as skilled at golf, it can be more fun for you and the other people in your group if you play in a golf scramble rather than a regular game.

If you want to try something different with friends who aren’t as good at playing golf, it’s also easier to handle, so there’s no pressure on your skills.

Golf scramble winning strategies

There are a few key strategies that can help your team win at golf scramble.

  • The first is to try and eliminate any two-drive requirements right at the beginning of the round. This will leave you with more flexibility as the round progresses.
  • Secondly, be sure to analyze the strengths of your players and use them to your advantage. Figure out an order for playing from the tee box, from the fairway, and on the putting green, and stick to it. This will help everyone know their role and contribute to the team.
  • Always let the big hitters swing away while you save the best putter for last.
  • It is important to have a good idea of everyone’s strengths and weaknesses before the round begins. This information can help you shape your shots and make sure everyone is comfortable with the plan.
  • It is also crucial to have a safe ball that can be used as a last resort – this will help eliminate any chances of making a bogey.
  • Additionally, making sure the birdies have a chance to go in is essential – this can be done by taking aggressive shots when possible.
  • And finally, perhaps the most important strategy of all, is making sure you don’t three-putt. This can be accomplished by being conservative with your first putt, then trying to make one putt if possible.


Scrambling can be a fun and different way to play golf with friends. It gives everyone the chance to practice different shots, and it also helps you get better at golf as you play.

It’s worth trying if you’ve wanted to try something new that could also help improve your skills in the future.

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