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  • The speed of the ball, the angle at which it is launched, and the spin rate all contribute significantly to the overall height of a shot.
  • One Quora user calculated the maximum height a golf ball could be hit by taking the  highest recorded golf ball speed of 340km/hr, converting to m/s ( 94.4m/s), and figured it’s theoretically possible if you use a lob wedge of 60 degrees to get it to a height of 340.9 meters
  • Changes in the speed of the ball or the angle at which it is launched will have the most significant impact on height
  • For instance, a golfer on the LPGA Tour who uses a 6-iron club and hits the ball at 109 miles per hour wants to hit the ball at an elevation of 28 yards. When these two factors are combined, the resulting trajectory will be one that is optimum for carrying or landing angles.
  • Nevertheless, a PGA TOUR golfer is aiming to hit a height of approximately 34 yards using a 6-iron ball traveling at a speed of 130 miles per hour. The PGA TOUR golfer that has a greater ball speed will have the most success with this combo.
  • A properly fitted set of the clubs will not always peak at the exact height across all of the clubs inside the bag. This is because the designs of a hybrid, fairway wood, or iron are all very different from one another.

It was a warm day in the middle of summer and I was on the golf course, trying to improve my game. I had always been a decent golfer, but I was never able to hit the ball high enough to make it really count.

I tried all sorts of different techniques, but nothing seemed to work.

That is, until I met Jane. Jane was a golf pro at the club, and she helped me to understand the key elements to hitting a high golf shot.

She showed me how to correct my posture, how to keep my trail arm straight, and how to use lofted clubs to my advantage.

The biggest thing, however, was getting custom fitted golf clubs. I never realized how important it was to have clubs that were specifically designed for my height and my swing. Once I got fitted, everything changed.

I started hitting the ball higher, straighter, and with more power than ever before. It was an amazing feeling, and I owe it all to Jane. Thanks to her, I finally was able to reach my potential on the golf course.

So, how high can a golf ball be hit?

If you are a golfer, you know that the feeling of a well-struck shot is what makes you fall in love with the game over and over again. That kind of love you get for the game when you look up and see the ball towering in the air, heading toward the green and surrounding terrain, only to be met with a parabolic arc that can seemingly defy gravity.

It’s the kind of feeling that fills your heart, chills your spine and gives you a mild case of hives. After all, hitting a great shot is an incredible thing. But, have you ever wondered how high you can hit a golf ball? That’s what we are about to discuss in this article.

When we talk about how high a golf ball can be hit, we are talking about the maximum height or the apex of a shot. The height of a shot varies depending on the combination of the launch angle, the ball speed and the spin rate.

Variations in the launch angle and the ball speed have the largest effect when determining the height. This causes the ball to soar through the air or drop like a stone when it gets close to the ground.

Depending on the player’s ball speed, a specific height must be achieved to create the ideal landing angle or the optimal carry. For instance, a PGA player with a 6-iron ball speed of 140mph attempts to reach an approximate height of 36 yards.

Open the face of your club at the address

The maximum height a golf ball can be hit can be affected by the differences in club designs between a hybrid, wood and iron. The different designs of golf clubs will not apex the same height.

What are the standard assumptions for the maximum heights a golf ball can be hit?

The standard assumptions for the maximum height are derived from the TrackMan Optimizer. For a golfer, a club speed of 94mph with an attack angle of zero degrees and optimized can reach 82 feet.

With a 6-iron and a club speed of 80mph with mid-trajectory, the expected height is about 69 feet.

Strategies that can help you attain maximum height for a golf ball

The goal is to adjust your technique so the ball can achieve its maximum height and distance.

1. Move the golf ball forward slightly

Move the golf ball forward slightly

This is typically the most straightforward change you can make to your swing to help you hit the ball higher. This is because the body simply reacts faster than the arms and hands. So, moving the ball forward allows your body to react faster, helping you achieve a better launch angle.

You can experiment with different positions until you get one that gives you a high flight.

2. A bit more of your right hand

This technique is a bit tricky. Putting additional right-hand action to your swing at the hitting area is an advanced skill, but if you can pull it off, then you can raise your ball flight adequately.

3. Open the face of your club at the address

Open the face of your club at the address

This is not a technique you can use regularly, but it can pay off when neede. For instance, in a situation where you are needed to get the ball over the trees towards the green. With a normal ball flight, it is almost impossible to achieve this; thus, an adjustment is needed.

By turning the face of your club into an open position at the address, you can add loft to the club even without the need to club down. This means that you will effectively launch the ball higher and still enjoy the full swing speed produced by your club.


To hit a golf ball at a high height, you must have a swing that is consistent with the ball speed of your club. This can be achieved by using your arms, hands and club face to achieve maximum height while keeping the ball in the center of your stance.


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