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  • Golfers may need to change their gloves as often as every three holes, depending on a variety of factors
  • Tiger Woods is known to carry 16 gloves with him during a round and to start each round with a new one
  • Though some golfers love to wear in a single pair of gloves and rarely change them- so it comes down to personal feel
  • There are three red flags that indicate it is time for a golfer to change their glove: if there is a hole in it, if it no longer fits properly, or if it is crispy
  • Other deciding factors include how often the golfer practices and plays, the quality of the glove, and the conditions in which they play
  • Here’s how to wash your golf gloves if you want to keep yours fresh!

I was out on the golf course with my friend the other day and we were discussing how we like to play the game. I told him that I like to change my gloves regularly, as often as every three holes, because I think it gives me a better feel for the club.

He told me that he likes to wear his gloves in so that they’re well seasoned, and that he’s never had a problem with them. We discussed the pros and cons of both approaches and came to the conclusion that there really is no right or wrong answer, it’s all about personal preference.

We continued playing and enjoying each other’s company, but I couldn’t help but think about our conversation. It made me think about all of the other things in life that there is no right or wrong answer for, it’s all about personal preference. What type of music do you like?

What type of food do you like? What type of movie do you like? There are so many different options and choices out there, and at the end of the day, it’s up to you to decide what you like best.

The same thing applies to golf gloves. Some people like to change them often, others like to wear them in so that they’re well seasoned.

It’s all about finding what works best for you and sticking with it. So next time you’re out on the golf course, don’t be afraid to experiment a little bit and see what works best for you.

So, how often should you change your gloves?

How often should you change your gloves? This depends on the golfer as they do it for different reasons. Some change them when their hands become sweaty while others do it because they’d like to keep how the club feels.

Changing gloves is a common norm for golfers. Pro golfers like Tiger Woods have admitted to using over 15 pairs, one for every round.

While some might think this is unnecessary, several benefits come with regularly changing your gloves. Continue reading this post to learn:

  • How gloves help golfers
  • How often do golfers change gloves?
  • When is it time to replace gloves?
  • How to choose the right gloves

How Gloves Help Golfers

Golfers change their gloves often to maintain the perfect grip. With gloves on, golfers can hold the club securely. They give them better control over their swing and improve their accuracy.

Golf is sometimes played in the hot sun, and swinging a club with sweaty hands can make the club slip out of your hands. Having gloves helps you hold the club firmly, keeping the golfer and the fans safe.

Gloves also prevent golfers from developing blisters on their hands. They also keep the golfer’s hands warm when it is cold.

Finally, golfers wear gloves to endorse specific brands. Pro golfers wear branded gloves to promote sports brands, and in return, they get paid.

How Often do Golfers Change Gloves?

How Often do Golfers Change Gloves

Professional golfers can change their gloves as many times as possible. Some might even wear them before starting a round to familiarize themselves with them. However, it’s best to change your gloves at least after ten rounds as they will have worn out by then.

When is it Time to Replace Gloves?

Different gloves will wear out at different periods, but whenever your gloves show the following characteristics, it’s time to change them. Here’s what to look out for:

It Doesn’t Fit Properly Anymore

You should change your golfing gloves if they don’t fit properly. Gloves stop fitting because they overstretch when used for a long time. Playing with such gloves will make your grip feel insecure.

If they Start Having Holes

When gloves have holes, it’s an obvious sign that it’s time for a new one. It’s not a good show either, showing up to a golf game with gloves that have holes.

It’s Lost its Texture

Gloves will lose their texture or feel stiff if they’ve come into contact with water. Once they start being crispy, get a new pair.

How to Choose the Right Gloves

There are different types of gloves in the market, but not every glove will fit your description. Here’s what to look for when shopping for golf gloves:

Choice of Material

A glove made from premium materials will last longer than one made of cheap material.

How it Fits in the Hand

Look for a glove that fits you perfectly and feels comfortable. A great-fitting glove will have a better grip and will improve your swing.


Your golfing glove budget plays a crucial role in your selection. However, gloves are not as expensive as other golfing accessories. A high-quality pair of gloves would cost $25

Final Word

A professional golfer can use various pairs of golf in a single tournament to maintain a consistent swing. They also sweat a lot, making them uncomfortable.

As a rule of thumb, golfers should change their gloves every ten rounds. In extreme situations, it’s crucial to change them once they don’t fit or end up with holes. Golfers also change their gloves as a way of advertising specific brands and making an extra living out of their pay.

When looking for gloves, look out for those made from leather since they last longer and have a better texture.

Now that you understand why pro golfers change their gloves, you should get several pairs for your practice and tournaments. All the best in your golfing expedition.

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