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  • In most states, people who are 14 or older and with an accompanying driver may drive golf carts, but check out the table below to see what specific State requirements are
  • However, in some States, there are additional requirements that must be fulfilled, such as completing an approved driving course or whatever else is necessary

SportsRuby came up with this awesome table of golf age requirements:

StateMinimum Age or Requirement
Alabama18 or a Driver’s License
Alaska16 + Driver’s License
ArizonaDriver’s License & Liability Insurance
Connecticut16 + Driver’s License
Georgia13 with a licensed adult or Driver’s License
IdahoDriver’s License + License Plate + Vehicle Insurance
Indiana16 + Driver’s License
Kansas14 + Driver’s License
Kentucky16 + Driver’s License + Liability Insurance
Louisiana12 + Driver’s License
Maryland12 with a licensed adult or Driver’s License
Massachusetts16 + Driver’s License
Michigan16 + Driver’s License
Minnesota16 + Driver’s License
Mississippi15 + Driver’s License
Missouri16 + Driver’s License
NebraskaDriver’s License
NevadaDriver’s License
New Hampshire14 with a licensed adult or Driver’s License + Liability Insurance
New Jersey18 or a Driver’s License
New Mexico15
New York14
North Carolina16 + Driver’s License
North Dakota16
Ohio16 + Driver’s License
Oregon16 + Driver’s License/Golf Cart Permit
Rhode Island13 + Driver’s License
South Carolina16 + Driver’s License
South Dakota14 + Driver’s License + Liability Insurance
Tennessee16 + Driver’s License
Utah18 + Driver’s License
Vermont13 + Driver’s License
Virginia16 + Driver’s License
Washington16 + Driver’s License
West Virginia16 + Driver’s License
Wisconsin16 + Driver’s License
WyomingDriver’s License + Liability Insurance

They do have a bit of extra info by State if you want to click over and check out their information.

When my 14-year-old nephew learned that we were going to be spending a few days at a golf resort, he was so excited because he wanted to drive the golf cart.

It had always been a dream of his to do so and since our resort allowed drivers as young as 14, he was eager to give it a try.

The first time he got behind the wheel, everything went well. He cautiously drove around the resort property and followed all of the guidelines that we had set for him.

Even though it was his first time driving a golf cart, my nephew did an excellent job and seemed to really enjoy himself.

That is until the second time he got behind the wheel. On his second attempt, my nephew became overconfident and tried to drive too fast. This resulted in him veering off the path and into a small ditch.

Thankfully, no one was hurt but it was a close call.

From then on, my nephew was much more careful when driving the golf cart and made sure to obey all of the rules. He even took a refresher course on how to safely operate one just to be sure.

In the end, my nephew had a great experience driving the golf cart and learned a valuable lesson about being careful and responsible when doing so.

How old does a person have to be before they can drive a golf cart?

The answer is dependent on the age of the driver as well as other legal requirements. In most states, people who are 14 or older and with an accompanying driver may drive golf carts while in others it is illegal for anyone under 17 years old to operate a golf cart.

Young drivers should be aware of this difference regardless of the state that they plan on moving to because it could mean the difference between driving legally or not driving at all. Here are some tips to help you out when driving a golf cart during your vacation.

1. Where is it Legal to Drive a Golf Cart?

Where is it Legal to Drive a Golf Cart

A person should be aware of which state they will be visiting and the legal requirements that come with operating a golf cart prior to their arrival.

For example, although Georgia law allows residents who are at least 14 years old and have an accompanying driver to operate a golf cart, they must have completed an approved safety program while Hawaii (subject to certain conditions) has no age-restrictions on golf carts at all.

2. What are the Requirements to Drive a Golf Cart?

In addition to the state-specific regulations, certain requirements must be met to secure the right to drive a golf cart.

For example, in some states there are additional requirements that must be fulfilled, such as completing an approved driving course or whatever else is necessary.

Some states may also require some conditional licenses before you can legally operate a golf cart, which is why your best bet is always to learn about all of these rules before you travel.

3. Get accompanied by a Licensed Driver

Get accompanied by a Licensed Driver

The safest and most logical decision that you can make when operating a golf cart is to ensure that a licensed driver is also along for the ride.

Although some states may not enforce this, there are others that will do so, which means it’s always a good idea to travel with someone who knows the rules of the road.

In addition to seeing if their license is valid, you will be able to discuss all of your concerns about operating golf carts with them as well.

4. Avoid Overspeeding

When driving a golf cart, the main concern is weaving around traffic, which means you should avoid speeding. Although many people like to push the limits and test their skills, an experienced driver can be extremely good at judging speed as well as follow the law.

Furthermore, it’s always a good idea to slow down once you get to know a particular area, which could prevent some serious accidents.

5. Stay Patient

Stay Patient

Most of the time, people who are not accustomed to driving golf carts will be impatient when it comes to trying to get going.

However, the truth is that a golf cart will take longer than most cars to get going as well as slow down when you are perusing slower traffic.

In addition, it may also make more noise than other vehicles and while this is normal, it could be something that makes inexperienced people a bit nervous.

6. Follow all of the Rules of the Road

Although it is possible for you to operate a golf cart without having a driver’s license, it is still important for you to put your earbuds in or turn up the music on your iPod or smartphone.

While this may seem like a silly rule, it’s actually designed to make sure that nothing distracts the person behind the wheel. Furthermore, you should also wear brighter clothing than usual (especially at night) to make sure that other drivers can see you.

7. Avoid Driving Under Influence

Lastly, it is important to avoid operating a golf cart while under the influence. Although this may be easier said than done, operating any vehicle (especially a golf cart) while intoxicated is never a good idea.

8. Practice makes Perfect

Practice makes Perfect

In addition to learning the rules of the road and how golf carts operate, it is also important for you to practice how you drive as well. Take your time getting used to how a particular golf cart operates and try not to rush out onto the roads before you’re feeling comfortable.

There are a number of reasons why it is important for you to know how old you need to be to drive a golf cart before you move out of your home state.

Although there are some benefits of your children being able to operate one on their own, there may be times when they need a parent’s help or knowledge about the rules for golf carts.

It is always good for young people to learn about common sense and the rules of the road as well, since this can save them from making too many mistakes when they are operating golf carts.

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