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  • If you want to measure your current putter, place a 48-inch ruler right at the heel of your putter and measure up to where the grip ends. Measuring like this will reveal the precise length of your putter.
  • To figure out the optimal length of your current putter, try standing with your feet shoulder-width apart on a flat surface with your arms hanging down and get someone to measure the distance from the ground all the way up to the top of your wrists- this measurement will indicate how long your putter’s shaft should be.
  • We took a look at what Quora and Reddit users are saying about how they measured themselves for their putters
  • One golfer from Reddit said that he was correctly adjusted and now has a 33″ putter despite being 5’11”. The golfer said that he used to have a conventional 35″, but found it to be too long.
  • Although every person is unique, 35″ looks excessively long for someone who is 5’7″. When standing straight up with your hands by your sides, try to measure the distance from the tips of your fingers to the floor. Because this is more important than simply height, skilled putter fitters will perform this.
  • An individual also from Reddit says in addition to length, angle and loft are very significant. Getting his Edel golf club was the finest thing he ever did for his putting, so he advises going to get a custom fit.
  • A golfer from Quora stated that you should grip down on your putter until you are comfortable and can produce a stroke that feels free. The required length can then be determined by subtracting the difference. Your optimal length, for instance, is 33 inches if your putter is 35 inches and you gripped down 2 inches.
  • Another person from Quora said that comfort comes first when considering the length. Your putter is the only club you will use on every hole, frequently more than once, barring aces and chip-ins. Most mid and all lower handicap players will make more strokes with their putter than with any other club during an average 18-hole round.
  • Consider the fact that if you make a 2 putt on each hole, you will have used your putter 36 times, which is a pretty good putting round for a mind-handicap amateur. Your putter of choice must make you feel at ease and confident, and that decision is entirely up to you.

If you are a golfer, you have probably heard that clubs are measured from the ground up to the middle of the grip. This is not a proper way to measure putter length, and it is important to get a true reading on how long your putter should be; you need to measure it from the end of the grip to the end of the grip.

This is a better and more accurate way of measuring your putter and will enable you to get a putter of the right length. You must know how long your putter should be so that you can get one that will suit your height, length of arm swing, and any physical or personal preference you may have.

My group of friends golfs together on the weekends. We all love the game, but like most golfers, we are always looking to improve our scores. One issue we face is that we have all been using putters that are too long for us. This has caused some problems in our games, as we are not playing with clubs that fit our height and swing.

(This video really helped us figure out how to figure out optimal putter length:)

Recently, we decided to measure our current putters properly and found that they were all much too long for us. We are now in the process of getting new putters that fit us properly, and we are excited to see how this will affect our games.

It is important to use a putter that fits your height and swing, as this will help you to play your best golf. Measuring your putter accurately is the first step in finding the right club for you, and we are excited to see how this will improve our scores.

My friends and I all love to golf. We can usually be found on the green on the weekends, enjoying the sun and trying to improve our games. We all have different handicaps, but we all love the game and are always trying to get better.

One day, we were discussing how important it is to measure your current putter and how it will affect your game if you measure it properly. We all agreed that it was something we should do, but we didn’t know how to go about it.

We did some research online and found a few videos that showed us how to do it properly. Once we knew how to do it, we set out to measure our current putters. It was a lot harder than we thought it would be, but we eventually got it done.

Once we had our measurements, we went out and bought new putters that were the right length for us. It was a really exciting day when we got them because we knew that they would help us improve our games dramatically.

We all tried them out on the green and they worked like a charm! We were all able to sink more putts than ever before and our scores started dropping quickly. We were really happy with the new putters and grateful that we had measured them properly.

How to measure your current putter

How to measure your current putter

Step 1

The first thing you should do is grab hold of the handle of your putter and leave it on the ground with the head resting against something so it cannot fall over.

Step 2

Measure from the ground to the centre of the grip. Please write down this measurement because you will need it later on.

Step 3

While standing over your putter, reach up with both hands and grab hold of the putter head so that the putter is just above your hips (as if you were about to start a putting stroke).

Step 4

putter head

Again, measure from the ground up to where your hands grasp the putter head. Do not hold them too tightly, or you will pull them up slightly as you reach upwards.

Step 5

From the ground to your hips, record this measurement, write it down and then take all of the information you have gathered above and add them all together to get the total length of putter you need.

Step 6

The putter you are after must be longer than this total length, but not too long. It is important to get a putter with a good amount of loft, but not so much that it flies off the face without any flex or whip due to the weight.

Step 7

putter length

Write down this total length as your ‘minimum’ putter length (this will be the length from grip to grip).

Step 8

Note that if you want a longer putter and want to add some loft, your new grip would need to be taller than the original grip, and your new total length would need to be shorter than your minimum!

Step 9

Now that you know your putter’s length, it is important that you now measure how long your putter is in the direction of the club face. Usually, this measurement will be between 4-6 cm longer than the height of your current putter. This extra length should be enough for a good amount of loft, but not too much, so it gets away from you!

Step 10

Once again, measure the total length from grip to grip and add it to the putter’s size from grip to grip; write down this difference and then take all of the information and add them together to get a new putter’s minimum length.

Step 11

Repeat the process of measuring putter length to ensure that you have the proper measurement. Measure from grip to grip and add it to the total length of your putter and add that to the difference between your minimum length and your current putter’s minimum length.

Step 12

Once you have a new measurement that is correct, take it along to your local golf shop and try out a few different putters until you find one you feel comfortable with. Remember, if in doubt, go longer than not long enough, as a slightly longer putter will help increase consistency on the greens.


You must get a putter of the correct length and has enough loft to stop the ball from rolling too far when it lands on the green. You must know how and what to measure to get a putter of the right size.

Once you have this measurement, find one with as much loft as possible so as not to lose any distance with each stroke, but not too much that you add unnecessary flex or whip and send the ball flying off in random directions!

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