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  • To spot a good golfer, they typically shoot scores that are better than half of the other golfers playing on the same course under similar conditions.
  • Scores in the top 50% are considered good, while those in the top 20% are excellent.
  • A score of par or lower is generally considered good for a golf course; the average range is 70 to 72.
  • Look at how they walk the golf course and see if they have personal bag customization- and how they read putting greens
  • Check for ball marks that have been fixed on the green and observe how many sleeves of golf balls they carry around with them
  • Take note of their demeanor and habits on the golf court, see if they remember the names of other players, and check to see if they are patient with their short-game skills.
  • A forum responder stated that a good golfer is someone who enjoys themselves while playing and follows the rules out of respect for both other players and the game.
  • Lastly, someone that, no matter what their skill level, you would enjoy playing with is a good golfer.

We all have our own opinions on what makes someone a good golfer. Some people think you must have a lot of money to play on fancy golf courses to be a good golfer. Others think that you have to be able to hit the ball a long way to be good.

I disagree with both of those notions. I believe anyone can be a good golfer if they are patient and respectful of the game. I know a few people who can afford to play on the most expensive golf courses, but they are not very good at all because they don’t take the time to learn the game properly. And I know plenty of people who can’t hit the ball very far, but they are some of the best golfers I know because they have mastered their short-game skills.

At the end of the day, it really doesn’t matter where you play or how far you can hit the ball. What matters is how much you enjoy playing golf and whether or not you are willing to follow the rules and etiquette of the game.

10 of the most common signs of a good golfer

How to tell if someone is a good golfer. The answer to this question may vary from one professional golfer to the next. However, there are many things that everyone usually agrees on.

Here are 10 of the most common signs that tend to describe a good golfer.

1. Dress to impress

As you may already know, you can check out what the golf player is wearing to make your initial assessment. The best golfers will stand out, particularly when it comes to the full attire that they wear.

For instance, people who play in a professional manner will not only wear tucked-in shirts but also golf pants instead of shorts. Therefore, if you are looking for someone to mimic on the golf course, you may want to start here first.

2. Walk vs Ride on Golf Cart

Good golfers are giving their all when they step onto the course. Since they are actively looking to score, they will walk the golf course instead of riding on the cart from one hole to the next.

Simply put, they will not hamper their game by being too lazy to walk through the entire 9 holes.

3. Look at Bags for Personal Customizations

Another way to determine if the golfer is good or a novice just getting started in the game is to look at their bags for personal customizations.

For instance, if the golfer is good at this sport as a hobby or a profession, you will see their names on their bags instead of carrying a bag that no one can identify.

4. Ball Marks Fixed on the Green

Good golfers are often vastly different in demeanor and habits on the golf course. In fact, because of the respect that they have for the physical golf course itself, they will repair any ball marks that they make as they go.

Also, if they see the ball marks from others players, they will fix those, too. This is usually because professional golfers normally have a great appreciation for the golf course and its overall condition.

5. Only Carry One Sleeve of Balls Around

For the most part, manufacturers sell their golf balls in a certain amount of numbers, called sleeves. Based on the manufacturer, there are usually 3 golf balls in a sleeve. Also, though it is usually a rarity, some sleeves may contain as many as 4 golf balls.

Whatever the case or situation, people who are good at golf may take one sleeve around with them on the court. One of the primary reasons why is that they will not lose their golf balls as they play.

Unlike the newbie golfer, they are much more likely to carry at least 2 or more sleeves to ensure that they have spares at all times.

6. Good at Remembering the Names of Other Players

The best golfers will always remember the names of others on the golf court. Even if the other golfers are new, they make a practice of knowing who is who. They are also much more likely to talk frequently with others as they play their games.

7. Picks up tee before ball lands

Hand in glove placing golf ball on tee in course

Good golf players do not have to wait until they see the golf ball land to pick up their tee. This is normally because they can easily tell when their golf ball went right down through the middle.

8. Confidence

Perhaps, the most tell-tale sign of a good golf player is confidence. This is the confidence that cannot be faked and it will lead from one successful round of games to another.

9. Concentration

These players are able to shut out distractions, and they have their own pre-shot routines that they follow. Unlike novice players, after several hours, they are usually distracted by virtually anything.

10. Patient with Short Game

The best golfers are very patient, and they will spend most of their time mastering short game skills. On the flip side, the newbie usually spends a lot of their time simply trying to hit full shots on the range.

11.  Look at their stance

The way a person stands can tell you a lot about their feelings and emotions. For example, someone who is feeling confident and sure of themselves will often stand with their shoulders back and their head held high.

On the other hand, someone who is feeling insecure or nervous may hunch their shoulders or cross their arms in front of them. Paying attention to body language can help you to understand how someone is feeling, even if they are trying to hide it. The next time you are talking to someone, take a moment to notice their stance. It just might give you some insight into what they are really thinking.

12. Check their grip

When you shake someone’s hand, pay attention to their grip. A firm grip is a sign of confidence, while a weak grip may be a sign of insecurity or nervousness. In addition, the way a person shakes your hand can also be telling.

A slow, deliberate shake may indicate that the person is taking their time to size you up, while a quick, energetic shake may show that they are eager and enthusiastic. Paying attention to these details can give you insight into someone’s personality and intentions.

13. Observe their swing

Before you can improve your golf swing, you need to be able to analyze it. By observing your swing, you can identify which areas need improvement.

For example, if you are slicing the ball, you will need to work on your grip and swing path. If you are hitting the ball too high or too low, you will need to adjust your tee height or club selection. By taking the time to observe your swing, you can make the necessary changes to improve your game.

14. Notice their follow-through

One of the best ways to gauge someone’s reliability is to observe their follow-through. If they say they’re going to do something, do they actually do it? Are they punctual and organized, or do they frequently show up late and unprepared? Pay attention to the little things and you’ll get a good sense of whether someone is likely to be reliable or not.

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