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Navigating the vast world of golf irons can be a challenge, especially when seeking enhanced performance, feel and distance. As an avid golfer myself, I’ve grappled with this issue and discovered the TaylorMade’s P790 irons as a solution – these clubs have been praised for their exceptional turf interaction thanks to their thicker profile.

This in-depth review will unpack all there is to know about the P790 Irons; from its innovative technology to real-world performance benefits. Ready? Let’s dive right into it!

Key Takeaways

SaleBestseller No. 1
TaylorMade Golf P790 Irons 4-PW,AW Righthanded Steel Stiff
  • FLTD CG strategically positions the center of gravity lowest in the long irons and progressively shifts higher throughout the set. Precise mass distribution enhances launch and playability in long irons while providing improved control for scoring clubs.
  • Combining the responsive face and new internal shaping yields a new P790 designed to have a larger sweet spot, a remarkable advance from the early generations of P790. This new sweet spot intelligently captures more shots while ensuring consistent ball speeds and accuracy.
  • The P790 irons feature innovative technology, such as SpeedFoam Air and Intelligent Sweet Spot, which enhance performance, feel, and distance.
  • Golfers can expect impressive distance, forgiveness, and playability with the P790 irons.
  • The visual design of the P790 Irons is sleek and modern, while the sound and feel at impact are exceptional.
  • Positive aspects of the P790 irons include their solid feel, forgiveness, increased speed and distance, and timeless look. However negative aspects to consider are limited feedback on shot quality and impact feel for some golfers; they are expensive; may offer less workability or control for shaping shots; durability concerns (paint chipping); customization limitations compared to other models.

Features and Technology of the P790 Irons

The P790 Irons are equipped with SpeedFoam Air technology, which enhances the club head’s performance by filling it with a lightweight foam material for improved speed and distance.

SpeedFoam Air

SpeedFoam Air is one thing that makes the P790 irons special. This new tech fills up the club’s head. It lets golfers hit balls faster and farther than before! SpeedFoam Air also gives a great feel when you make a shot.

Even if you don’t hit it right in the center, it still feels really good! I like how this foam helps me get more distance on my shots with the P790 irons. Plus, it offers a solid feel to every swing I take!

Intelligent Sweet Spot

The P790 irons feature an Intelligent Sweet Spot, which is designed to enhance forgiveness and distance. The sweet spot refers to the area on the club face that produces optimal results when struck by the golfer.

With this technology, the sweet spot of the P790 irons is strategically positioned to increase ball speed and accuracy on off-center hits. It means even if you don’t hit it perfectly in the middle of the club face, you’ll still get good distance and a straighter shot.

This makes them a great choice for golfers who want consistency and improved performance across their shots. So, whether you’re a beginner or an experienced player looking to take your game up a notch, the Intelligent Sweet Spot in the P790 irons can help improve your overall performance on the course.

Thin-Wall Construction

The P790 irons feature a thin-wall construction that helps to maximize distance and enhance the overall performance of the club. This design allows for more weight to be positioned in strategic areas, resulting in improved forgiveness and playability.

The thinner face also promotes higher ball speeds and contributes to longer shots down the fairway. With this innovative technology, golfers can expect solid feel and increased distance when using the P790 irons during their game.

Performance of the P790 Irons

The performance of the P790 Irons is exceptional in terms of distance, forgiveness, and playability.


I love how the P790 irons deliver impressive distance on the golf course. The forged face and speed foam technology in these clubs really help increase your ball speed, resulting in longer shots.

Whether you’re a high handicapper looking for more distance or an experienced player wanting to add some extra yards to your game, these irons have got you covered. They offer great flexibility and more speed without sacrificing smoothness, giving you that satisfying feeling of hitting high and straight shots.

So if distance is important to you, definitely give the P790 irons a try!


The forgiveness of the P790 irons is one of their standout features. When you hit the ball slightly off-center, these irons still provide good distance and accuracy. The club head design and technology work together to minimize the effects of mishits, helping you maintain a straighter shot.

With the P790 irons, even if you don’t strike the ball perfectly every time, you can still achieve solid results. They offer forgiveness that benefits both beginners and more experienced golfers looking for consistency in their game.

You’ll feel confident knowing that even if your swing isn’t perfect, these irons have your back.


The playability and trajectory of the P790 irons are exceptional. The thicker profile and improved turf interaction allow for smooth swings through grass, making it easier to hit high and straight shots.

The forged face and speed foam technology contribute to increased distance, giving you more flexibility in your game. With good forgiveness and accuracy, these irons are suitable for golfers of all skill levels.

Plus, the timeless design adds to their appeal on the course. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced player, the playability and trajectory of the P790 irons will help improve your performance on every swing.

Look and Feel of the P790 Irons

The visual design of the P790 Irons is sleek and modern, appealing to golfers of all skill levels. Experience the satisfying sound and feel at impact that will elevate your game. Read on to discover more about these impressive irons.

Visual design

The visual design of the P790 irons is sleek and modern, attracting golfers with its clean lines and polished finish. The clubhead has a classic look that appeals to players who prefer a traditional aesthetic.

The compact shape gives it a confident presence at address, instilling confidence in your swing. With its timeless design, the P790 irons are sure to turn heads on the course.

Sound and feel at impact

The sound and feel of the P790 irons at impact are exceptional. When you hit the ball with these irons, you’ll notice a solid, crisp sound that’s satisfying to hear. The forged face technology and speed foam in the club head contribute to this improved sound.

It gives an indication that you’ve made good contact with the ball. In terms of feel, the P790 irons provide a premium solid feel when striking the ball. Golfers have reported that when they hit shots perfectly on the sweet spot, it feels like the ball melts onto the face.

This enhanced feel adds to your confidence and makes playing with these irons more enjoyable overall.

Reviews and Feedback on the P790 Irons

Golfers have praised the P790 Irons for their impressive distance, forgiveness, and playability. But what are some of the negative aspects? Read on to find out!

Positive aspects

The P790 irons have a thicker profile that powers through grass easily.

  • The P790 irons offer good forgiveness, distance, and feel.
  • The forged face and speed foam technology contribute to increased speed and distance.
  • The improved sound and feel make them appealing to mid – level players.
  • The players’ club design offers distance while maintaining a solid feel.
  • The new P790 irons have a slightly softer and quieter sound.
  • Balls melt onto the face when struck centrally.
  • They provide forgiveness, distance, and solid accuracy.
  • The timeless look and feel make them a popular choice among golfers.
  • They offer excellent flexibility and more speed while maintaining smoothness.

Negative aspects

Here are some negative aspects you should consider when it comes to the P790 irons:

  1. Limited feedback: Some golfers have found that the P790 irons lack the feedback they desire when it comes to shot quality and impact feel.
  2. Expensive price: The P790 irons are on the higher end of the price range, which may not be suitable for all budget-conscious golfers.
  3. Less workability: While the P790 irons excel in distance and forgiveness, they may not offer as much workability or control for those who prefer shaping shots.
  4. Durability concerns: A few golfers have reported issues with durability, such as paint chipping and face wear over time.
  5. Customization limitations: The options for customization with the P790 irons can be more limited compared to other models, which may be a drawback for some golfers seeking personalized adjustments.

Conclusion and Recommendation

The P790 irons deliver impressive performance, exceptional feel, and great distance. With features like SpeedFoam Air and Intelligent Sweet Spot, these clubs provide forgiveness and playability.

Golfers have praised their solid feel and the high, straight shots they produce. Overall, I highly recommend the P790 irons for golfers looking to enhance their game with premium iron performance.


1. How do the P790 irons perform on the golf course?

The P790 irons are known for their excellent performance, providing a combination of distance, forgiveness, and accuracy that can enhance your game.

2. What does it feel like to hit shots with the P790 irons?

When hitting shots with the P790 irons, you can expect a satisfying and responsive feel due to the forged construction and innovative technologies incorporated into these clubs.

3. How far can I expect to hit the ball with the P790 irons?

The distance you achieve when hitting shots with the P790 irons will depend on factors such as your swing speed and strike quality, but many golfers find that these clubs offer increased distance compared to their previous set.

4. Are there any notable features or technologies in the design of the P790 irons?

Yes, the P790 irons feature SpeedFoam technology which enhances both sound and feel while also optimizing face flexibility for improved ball speeds across different impact locations on the clubface. Additionally, they have a low center of gravity (CG) placement for higher launch angles and added forgiveness.

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