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Yes, golf with a cart still can be good exercise:

  • The distance walked while golfing can vary depending on how good of a golfer someone is, but even those using motorized carts can burn around 1,300 calories during an 18-hole round (Source)
  • There are many reasons why golf is predominantly a cart culture sport, including the fact that it is a source of revenue for golf clubs and that carts enable people who are unable to walk long distances to still enjoy the game
  • Even though walking during a round of golf can provide health benefits, some people still prefer to use carts due to convenience or other reasons
  • Certain courses are designed specifically for walkers, and the Walking Golfer website can help you find these courses
  • Golfing can be a mentally and physically stress-relieving activity, and this is one of the main reasons why many people choose to continue playing the game

My friend John has always been a bit of a golf enthusiast. From the time he was young, he loved spending his weekends out on the green, trying to improve his game. And as he got older, that love only grew stronger.

But like many golfers, John’s weight gradually started to creep up. At his heaviest, he was carrying around 30 extra pounds. He knew that he needed to do something about it, but wasn’t sure how to start.

Then one day, John heard about a way to lose weight while golfing. He could still use a golf cart if he wanted to, but he would also need to count the calories he was burning and the steps he was taking.

At first, John was skeptical. He didn’t think that it would be possible to lose weight while playing golf – after all, wasn’t the point of the game to walk around and enjoy the scenery?

But John decided to give it a try anyway. He started by counting the calories he was burning on each hole. It turned out that on average, he was burning about 1000 calories per round.

John also started using a pedometer to track his steps. On average, he was walking about 2 miles per round.

At first, the change was difficult. It was challenging to keep track of all of the numbers and make sure that he was staying on track. But over time, John got better at it. And as his weight started to drop, he began to enjoy the game even more.

Now, after losing 30 pounds, John is back to his happy and healthy self – and is still enjoying plenty of rounds of golf along the way!

Estimated Calories Burned When Playing Golf With a Cart

Losing weight healthily and staying fit is not as easy as it sounds. However, whenever an individual has a well-crafted health plan, it usually makes the process of losing weight a lot easier to achieve.

It is also important to note that losing weight is not a matter of just eating less food, but also getting the proper amounts of exercise in on a regular basis. Therefore, if you are wondering if golf with a cart is a good exercise, you may find that the answer is yes.

Yes, golf is very good exercise, even if the golfer is driving on the course with their motorized golf cart. Also, there are many great benefits to playing golf. Some of the most beneficial include improving your mental health, relieving stress and anxiety, and remaining healthy and fit.

Golfing with a cart is also a great way to stay in touch with others as people age.

Estimated Calories Burned When Playing Golf With a Cart

According to information published on Shots Health News from NPR, golfers can burn up to 1,300 calories or more while playing golf. Typically, when on the golf course, the golfer usually walks about 2 miles whenever they are playing 18 holes.

In fact, even when the golfer is using a motorized golf cart to drive from one hole to the next, the golfer can still burn up about 1,300 calories.

Though walking the course may be the best way to burn up more calories during a round of golf, you can still get a good amount of physical activity when playing the game itself.

For instance, the average golfer will burn up much more calories than those people who spend their days sitting on the couch watching television. Whatever the case or situation, playing several rounds of golf should not be taken lightly, specifically when it comes to participating in a sport that gives people a good amount of regular exercise.

Helps with Building up Muscle Strength

Compared to other sports, golf is not an intensive sport that requires a lot of constant and aggressive moving to be competitive in the game. Therefore, unless it is very hot on the outside, you will most likely sweat a lot less than in other sports activities.

Yet, this does not mean that you cannot get the boost of energy that you need. For instance, the golfer will have to swing the golf club with a certain amount of intensity behind it to get a hole-in-one.

And, you need a good amount of muscle strength to pull this off. Whatever the case, if the person is trying to build up muscle strength in their arms and shoulders, golf is one of the best ways to make sure that you stay fit in these areas, too.

This is primarily because hitting a golf ball to the next hole can take a great amount of force and strength to be successful with these plays.

Cardiovascular Health is Improved

You may or may not know that playing golf is a great exercise for improving an individual’s cardiovascular health. For example, according to information published by, golfers tend to have lower risks of certain cardiovascular diseases.

Also, a golfer’s aerobic fitness is much better than the general population for a number of different reasons. It is an exercise that helps with better lung health.


Is golf good exercise with a cart? Yes, even when a golfer travels from one hole on the golf course to another on a motorized golf cart, they can still get a good amount of exercise in through the day.

From building up the muscle strength in their arms to burning up a certain amount of calories while playing a round of golf, it is still good exercise overall. In fact, it is an excellent way to meet others on the court, keep the mind healthy and sharp, and reduce the stress and anxiety that comes with everyday living.

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