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  • The Juju Swing is a unique swing that was created in 2002 by Brad Peterson.
  • The name comes from his eldest daughter, whose nickname is Juju.
  • It is a very unconventional swing and seems similar to Matt Wolff’s swing, “A” swing and Jim Furyk’s swing but it is actually the opposite.
  • The swing is universal and can help anyone, regardless of age or experience.
  • With the Juju Swing, we never set our hands going back and the great thing about it is that the fundamentals don’t change for anyone.
  • The only thing that varies from person to person in our golf swing is the total length of the backswing, which varies depending on each person’s physical capabilities.
  • The Juju Swing is beneficial because it creates good downswing angles without having to give much thought to the process.
  • This swing remedies the trouble with keeping the face square and club head outside of hands by naturally shallowing the club.

My Friends and I were all gathered together at a cozy little bar one sunny Saturday morning, discussing the latest news and enjoying our favorite drinks.

As we chatted about this and that, the conversation somehow turned to golf. We all shared stories of our own golfing adventures, or lack thereof, and discussed what we could do to improve our game.

That’s when one of my friends brought up the Juju Swing. He had been reading about it online and was curious as to how it worked. We all listened intently as he described the swing in detail and then we started discussing it amongst ourselves. Some of us were skeptical, while others were intrigued. But we all agreed that we wanted to see it in action.

(Here’s how the swing looks and works)

A few days later, we met up with our local golf coach who specializes in the swing. He showed us how the swing worked and explained the benefits of using it.

We tried it out on the practice range and instantly saw results- the video above shows some movements you can easily transform into drills.

Our swings were more consistent and our shots flew further and straighter than ever before. We were amazed by how simple and effective the Juju Swing was and we quickly became converts.

Since learning about the Juju Swing, our golf games have improved dramatically. We’re now able to score better than ever before and enjoy the game even than we did before.

If you’re looking for a swing that will help you improve your golf game, then I highly recommend giving the Juju Swing a try. You won’t be disappointed!

So, what is the juju golf swing?

In 2002, golfer Brad Peterson developed the Juju swing. Many golfers felt hopeless in their efforts to perfect the golf swing. Brad Peterson had no plans to have it taught when he first made it.

It was merely trying to find an improved solution. The NO SET swing was the original name for this swing. The reason for the switch was his daughter Juju’s 2017 transition to the swing and subsequent viral popularity.

Since then, Brad Peterson’s daughter has amassed a fan base we could never have dreamed of and become one of the best female junior golfers in history.

A lot of players are switching to this swing because of her popularity in the online golf community, so it seemed appropriate to rebrand it after her.

This swing is available to everybody. Despite being in his mid-60s, Rick Barry used this stroke to win many worlds long drive championships. This swing is useful for everyone, regardless of age, skill level, or experience.

If anything, the A swing is the antithesis of what Brad Peterson taught. In the A swing, the backswing set is highly forceful in the beginning. The similarity between the two swings stems from the fact that the club head is kept outside the hands in both.

However, the mechanism by which this occurs is distinctive.

What is the juju golf swing and how it works

Many individuals wonder if the juju golf swing is suitable for those who lack flexibility. It’s a yes. The beauty of our golf swing is that its foundational principles remain the same regardless of a player’s flexibility, age, or level of experience.

Individual differences in backswing length are the only discernible distinctions among golfers. Because of these unique characteristics, each individual has physical capabilities and limitations that may vary from those of others.

If we know that ahead of time, we can tailor the backswing to your body and swing speed.

How it works

good juju golf swing

The physics of a good juju golf swing consists of two parts. The two of them together will guarantee a perfect shot:

  • Excellent swinging speed of the arms as well as shoulders.
  • Timing the uncocking of the wrists such that the clubhead makes a clean impact with the ball. To “uncock” the wrists is to retain a firm grip on the club while allowing for full wrist rotation.

The first consideration is, of course, crucial. In order to hit the ball hard enough to make it travel a long distance, you need to create a lot of swing speed. The second is not so transparent.

The mechanics of rotation are crucial to comprehend the physics of a golf swing. Assuming no friction or other obstructions, an object moving in a circle will expand as it goes around and around.

Think of this as being like being in a car that suddenly swerves to the left. Without a seat belt, you will slide across the seat to the right as centrifugal force causes you to move outward.

In a similar vein, a golf swing in which the golfer uncocks his or her wrists results in a radial outward movement of the club. This is not like baseball, where the hitter “drives” the bat through its swing with force.

A baseball player’s ability to deliver a hard hit depends on the strength of his wrists and forearms. His hands are really “busy.” However, in golf, the player’s hands are considered “passive” because they do not apply any twisting power to the club.

You can now understand why baseball players have such thick wrists and forearms. They have to be physically capable of putting force behind the bat’s stroke.

By relaxing the forearms and wrists, the golf club can “straighten out,” gaining momentum and resulting in a heavier blow than would be possible with a tight grip. Any golf stroke you attempt will benefit from your ability to move freely.

Our golf swing is fantastic because its core principles remain the same regardless of a player’s age, flexibility, or level of experience. The length of our backswings is the one consistent variable in our golf swings.

Each individual has a unique physical make-up and set of constraints that may vary from person to person. With that information in hand, we can tailor the backswing to fit you.

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