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Ever wanted to know more about prolific golfer Mackenzie Hughes? This Canadian golf star, born on November 23, 1990, has made quite the impact on the PGA TOUR. Our blog post dives into his personal background, education, career stats and highlights – giving you a comprehensive look at Hughes’ journey in professional golf.

Ready for a stroke-by-stroke rundown of this fantastic player’s career? Let’s dive right in!

Key Takeaways

  • Mackenzie Hughes is a Canadian golfer who plays on the PGA TOUR.
  • He was born on November 23, 1990, in Hamilton, Ontario.
  • Hughes attended Kent State University and studied Business Management while playing collegiate golf.
  • Some of his career highlights include winning the PGA Tour Canada Order of Merit in 2013 and The RSM Classic in 2016.
  • Fans can follow Mackenzie Hughes on social media for updates about his golf career and watch videos of his impressive skills and interviews.
  • There are various apps available, like CBS Sports, where fans can access news articles, photos, videos, and statistics related to Mackenzie Hughes’ professional golf journey.

About Mackenzie Hughes

Mackenzie Hughes, a professional golfer on the PGA TOUR, has an impressive background and a passion for the sport.

Personal Background

Mackenzie Hughes was born on November 23, 1990. His birthplace is Hamilton, Ontario in Canada. He stands tall at a height of 6’1″ and weighs about 180 pounds. Mackenzie chose golf as his path to success.

He plays on the PGA TOUR today.


Mackenzie Hughes attended Kent State University, where he studied Business Management. While pursuing his degree, he also played collegiate golf for the Kent State Golden Flashes. This education provided him with a strong foundation both on and off the course, helping him thrive in his professional career as a golfer.

Special Interests

Mackenzie Hughes has a few special interests outside of golf. While there isn’t much information available, it is known that he enjoys spending time with his family and friends. Additionally, he has shown an interest in fitness and staying active.

As a golfer, it’s important to have hobbies and activities that help maintain physical and mental wellbeing. These interests contribute to a well-rounded approach to life both on and off the golf course.

PGA TOUR Stats & Career Highlights

Mackenzie Hughes has had an impressive career on the PGA TOUR, with notable stats and career highlights to his name.


Mackenzie Hughes has had a number of significant results throughout his golf career. His achievements show a consistent and noteworthy performance on the PGA TOUR.

Year Tournament Result
2013 PGA Tour Canada Order of Merit Winner
2016 The RSM Classic Winner
2017 Shell Houston Open Tied 10th
2019 Corales Puntacana Resort & Club Championship 2nd
2020 The Honda Classic 2nd

Please note that these are just a few of his career highlights. For a comprehensive list of his golf results, you can check the official PGA TOUR website or CBS Sports. They provide updated news, stats, videos, and more about Mackenzie Hughes.


Mackenzie Hughes has achieved notable career highlights throughout his golf journey. Here are some important news updates about his performances on the PGA TOUR:

  • Hughes won the 2013 PGA Tour Canada Order of Merit.
  • He continues to compete at a high level on the PGA TOUR.
  • His dedication and skill have earned him recognition in the world of professional golf.
  • Fans eagerly follow his progress and cheer for his success.
  • Hughes has proven himself as a talented golfer with great potential.
  • He consistently strives to improve his game and reach new heights in his career.


Mackenzie Hughes is active on social media, where he interacts with fans and shares updates about his golf career. You can find him on platforms like Twitter and Instagram, where he posts photos, videos, and news related to his tournaments and training.

Following him on social media is a great way to stay connected with Mackenzie Hughes and get a behind-the-scenes look at his life as a professional golfer. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to engage with this talented player and be part of his journey in the world of golf!


Watch Mackenzie Hughes’ incredible golf skills and performances through these videos:

  • Mackenzie Hughes’ Best Putts: Witness the precision and finesse as he sinks impressive putts on the PGA TOUR.
  • Golf Interviews with Mackenzie Hughes: Gain insights into his strategies, mindset, and experiences as a professional golfer.
  • Press Conferences: Hear from Hughes himself as he shares his thoughts after tournaments and discusses his game plan.
  • Highlights of his Career: Relive some of the most memorable moments from Hughes’ career, including victories and key shots.
  • Watch Mackenzie Hughes in Action: Get a front-row seat to see him showcase his golfing talent during tournaments.


Mackenzie Hughes has shown impressive statistics throughout his career on the PGA TOUR. He won the 2013 PGA Tour Canada Order of Merit, showcasing his exceptional skills on the golf course. While specific details about his net worth or current performance are not provided, you can find additional information about his earnings and Masters performance through further search results. CBS Sports offers a comprehensive collection of news, stats, videos, and more that highlight Mackenzie Hughes’ golf journey on the PGA TOUR.

Partnerships & Quick Links

Mackenzie Hughes has established partnerships with various brands and organizations to support his professional golf career. Discover quick links to access more information about Mackenzie Hughes, including shopping opportunities and mobile applications.


Mackenzie Hughes has formed some great partnerships throughout his golf career. While specific details about his partnerships are not provided, it is common for professional golfers to have sponsorships and endorsements with various brands in the sporting industry.

These partnerships often involve promoting and using specific equipment, clothing, or accessories while competing on the PGA TOUR. Additionally, Mackenzie Hughes may also collaborate with other professionals or organizations within the golf community to support charitable causes or participate in events that promote the sport.

Overall, these partnerships help enhance and support Mackenzie Hughes’ golf journey on the PGA TOUR.

Quick Links

Here are some quick links to help you explore more about Mackenzie Hughes’ golf career on the PGA TOUR:

  1. Player Profile: Get to know Mackenzie Hughes and learn more about his journey in professional golf.
  2. Stats: Check out his PGA TOUR statistics, including his tournament results and performance records.
  3. Bio: Discover interesting facts about Mackenzie Hughes’ personal background and education.
  4. Videos: Watch video highlights of his best putts, interviews, and press conferences.
  5. Photos: View action shots of Mackenzie Hughes in action on the PGA TOUR.
  6. Career Highlights: Learn about his notable achievements and milestones in professional golf.


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Mackenzie Hughes’ PGA TOUR career can be followed through various apps that provide updates, news, and stats. These apps are great tools for golfers who want to stay updated on Hughes’ results and highlights.

They offer a convenient way to access his videos, photos, and bio as well. By using these apps, golfers can easily keep track of Hughes’ progress on the PGA TOUR and gain valuable insights into his game.

One of the popular apps is CBS Sports, which provides comprehensive coverage of Mackenzie Hughes’ golf career. Through this app, users can access news articles, watch videos of his interviews and press conferences, view his best putts in action, and explore his statistics throughout different tournaments.

The app also offers photos of Hughes in action on the PGA TOUR, giving fans a closer look at his playing style.

In addition to CBS Sports app, there may be other applications or platforms available that focus specifically on tracking professional golfers like Mackenzie Hughes. These apps might feature exclusive content related to him such as behind-the-scenes footage or special interviews with him discussing specific aspects of his game.

Mackenzie Hughes Videos

  • Mackenzie Hughes has a collection of golf videos available for golfers to watch and learn from.
  • These videos showcase his golfing skills and techniques.
  • Golfers can watch Mackenzie Hughes in action, observe his swing, and study his approach to the game.
  • By watching these videos, golfers can gain insights into the strategies used by a professional golfer like Mackenzie Hughes.
  • These videos provide valuable learning opportunities for aspiring golfers who want to improve their game.


Mackenzie Hughes is a skilled Canadian golfer who has made a name for himself on the PGA TOUR. With notable career highlights and wins, he has proven his talent on the course. From his stats to his videos and photos, fans can get a comprehensive look at Hughes’ journey in professional golf.


1. Who is Mackenzie Hughes?

Mackenzie Hughes is a professional golf player with many career highlights in golf. His PGA TOUR stats, bio, and journey show his growth.

2. Where can I find Mackenzie Hughes’ PGA Tour results?

You can see the tournament results of Mackenzie Hughes and track his career milestones on the official PGA TOUR website.

3. Can I watch videos of Mackenzie Hughes playing golf?

Yes! There are plenty of video highlights showing amazing putts by Mackenzie Hughes as well as interview clips from his press conferences.

4. Are there any photos of Mackenzie Hughes playing in tournaments?

Absolutely! You can view photos of him in action during the PGA TOUR and other big moments from his journey in professional golf.

5. What are some career highlights for Mackenize Hughes on the PGA Tour?

His biography will have more details but he has set new records, won tournaments and made huge strides in his professional golf career which are considered major highlights.

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