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Do you struggle with inconsistency and lack of control when you’re putting? This is a common problem for many golfers, but the armlock putting technique could be your saving grace.

Our comprehensive guide will walk you through every aspect of mastering this stroke, from grasping its benefits to perfecting your grip and implementing it into your game effectively.

Ready to hone in on a more accurate, consistent putt? Let’s dive in!

Key Takeaways

  • Arm – Lock Putting eliminates excessive hand and wrist movement, leading to a more stable stroke and increased control over the putter face.
  • The technique promotes consistency in the putting stroke by creating a fixed point for your stroke and relying on the larger muscles in your upper body.
  • Arm – Lock Putting improves accuracy and distance control on the greens by eliminating inconsistent strokes and allowing for a smoother motion.
  • By following proper hand and arm positioning, securing the grip against the lead forearm, finding the correct grip pressure, and practicing alignment and visualization, you can effectively use an Arm Lock Putter for better putting.

Here’s how to do it

Exploring the Benefits of Armlock Putting

Armlock Putting offers several benefits, including eliminating hand and wrist movement, promoting consistency in the putting stroke, and improving accuracy and distance control.

Eliminates hand and wrist movement

Armlock putting can drastically reduce excessive movement in your hands and wrists. This unique method secures the putter grip against your left forearm during the swing, resulting in a more stable stroke.

Unwanted twists or flicks from wrist action get eliminated, increasing control over the putter’s face. Golfers may initially find it strange to incorporate their forearms so directly into their technique; however, with practice and patience, they often experience improved overall performance on the green using armlock putting processes.

Promotes consistency in the putting stroke

man putting

The armlock putting technique promotes consistency in your putting stroke. Securing the putter grip against your lead forearm creates a fixed point for your stroke. This eliminates excessive hand and wrist movement, allowing for a smoother and more repeatable motion.

With the armlock grip, you can rely on bigger muscles in your upper body to control the stroke, leading to greater impact consistency. Mastering this technique will help you sink putts confidently and improve your overall performance on the greens.

Improves accuracy and distance control

The armlock putting technique can significantly improve your accuracy and distance control on the greens. Securing the putter’s grip against your left forearm eliminates excessive hand and wrist movement that can lead to inconsistent strokes.

With a more stable and controlled stroke, you can sink putts with greater precision. The armlock putting method allows you to use the larger muscles in your upper body, resulting in a smoother motion that generates consistent power for better distance control.

Mastering this technique will give you the confidence to tackle any putt with improved accuracy and control.

Unleashing the Power of the Arm Lock Putting Grip

This section will dive into the proper hand and arm positioning for the Arm Lock putting grip. We’ll also discuss how to secure the putter grip against your lead forearm and find the correct grip pressure for optimal performance on the greens.

Proper hand and arm positioning

Proper hand and arm positioning is crucial for mastering the armlock putting technique. Follow these steps to ensure you have the correct setup:

  1. Place your lead hand (left hand for right-handed golfers) on the putter’s grip, with your fingers wrapped around the handle.
  2. Position your lead forearm parallel to the ground, extending it straight before you.
  3. Rest the grip of the putter against your lead forearm, allowing it to run along the inside of your arm.
  4. Bend your trailing arm (right arm for right-handed golfers) slightly and position it comfortably against your side.
  5. Keep both elbows relaxed and comfortable, allowing smooth motion throughout the stroke.

Securing the putter grip against the lead forearm

couple playing golf

You need to secure the putter’s grip against your lead forearm to achieve the armlock putting technique. This ensures a stable and consistent stroke by eliminating excessive hand and wrist movement. The armlock grip allows you to rely on the bigger muscles in your upper body for better control and impact consistency. By locking in the putter against your lead forearm, you create a fixed point that promotes a smooth motion and helps you sink putts accurately and consistently.

Finding the correct grip pressure

To achieve optimal results with armlock putting, finding the right grip pressure is essential. Here are some essential tips to help you master this crucial aspect of your technique:

  1. Maintain a firm but relaxed grip on the putter.
  2. Avoid gripping the putter too tightly, as this can restrict fluidity in your stroke.
  3. Experiment with different levels of pressure until you find a comfortable balance.
  4. Note how your grip pressure affects your control and feel for the putter.
  5. Adjust your grip pressure based on the speed and length of the putt.
  6. Practice putting with varying degrees of grip pressure to develop sensitivity and consistency.

Taking Your Putting Game to the Next Level with Armlock Putting

Learn the essential steps to elevate your putting skills with the armlock technique and start sinking more putts than ever before.

Developing a consistent stroke

Developing a consistent stroke is crucial for success in armlock putting. By practicing and refining your technique, you can improve your ability to make accurate and repeatable strokes on the greens.

Maintaining a smooth and controlled motion with the armlock grip allows for more consistent impact with the ball, leading to greater accuracy. Remember to focus on using the larger muscles in your upper body rather than relying solely on your hands and wrists.

With dedication and practice, you can develop a reliable putting stroke that becomes second nature when using the armlock technique.

Practicing alignment and visualizing the putt

Practicing alignment and visualizing the putt is crucial for improving your armlock putting technique. By aligning yourself to the target and visualizing the ball’s path, you can enhance your accuracy and consistency on the greens.

When setting up for a putt, make sure your feet, hips, and shoulders are aligned parallel to the target line. This will establish a solid foundation for your stroke and help you aim accurately.

As you address the ball, visualize the desired path of the putt in your mind’s eye. Picture it rolling smoothly along that line toward the hole. Visualizing success can boost your confidence and prepare you mentally for executing a smooth stroke with locked-in precision.

Mastering speed control

Achieving mastery in speed control is crucial for successful putting. Consistency and accuracy depend on gauging the right force needed to roll the ball into the hole.

To master speed control, practice is critical. Focus on developing a smooth and fluid putting stroke that allows you to maintain a consistent tempo and rhythm. Pay attention to your distance judgment by practicing different lengths of putts and adjusting your stroke accordingly.

With time and practice, you can effortlessly dial in the perfect speed for every putt, improving your overall performance on the greens.

Step-by-Step Tutorial: Using an Arm Lock Putter for Better Putting

In this step-by-step tutorial, you will learn how to effectively use an arm lock putter to improve your putting game.

Selecting the right length and loft for your putter

Choosing the right size and attic for your putter is important to effectively use an armlock putter. Here are some tips to help you make the proper selection:

  1. Consider your putting stance and posture: Your putter’s size should complement your setup and allow for a comfortable position over the ball.
  2. Test different lengths: Experiment with various putter lengths to find the most natural and allows for a smooth motion during your stroke.
  3. Consider your height and arm length: Taller golfers may benefit from a slightly longer putter, while shorter golfers might prefer a shorter one for better control.
  4. Evaluate green conditions: The loft of your putter can affect how the ball rolls on different greens. Choose a loft that suits the speed and grain of the gardens you typically play on.
  5. Seek professional advice: Consulting a golf pro or visiting a club fitting specialist can provide valuable guidance in determining your putter’s optimal length and loft.

Finding the optimal setup and posture

Achieving the optimal setup and posture is crucial when using the armlock putting technique. Here are some key points to consider:

  1. Position your feet shoulder-width apart for stability.
  2. Bend your knees slightly to maintain balance.
  3. Lean forward at the waist to get closer to the ball.
  4. Align your eyes directly over the ball for better visualization.
  5. Keep your spine straight and maintain a relaxed posture throughout the stroke.
  6. Place your lead hand comfortably on the grip, ensuring it rests against your lead forearm.
  7. Position your right hand to complement your lead hand, creating a secure grip.
  8. Maintain a consistent grip pressure throughout the stroke.

Executing the armlock, putting a stroke

To execute the armlock putting stroke:

  • Position the putter’s grip against your left forearm, ensuring it stays secure throughout the stroke.
  • Keep your right arm straight and relaxed, allowing it to act as a guiding force for the stroke.
  • Use the bigger muscles in your upper body to control the movement, focusing on a smooth and consistent motion.
  • Maintain a comfortable position with your feet shoulder-width apart and your weight evenly distributed.
  • Visualize the line and speed of the putt before making your stroke.
  • Swing the putter straight back and straight through, keeping your hands and wrists quiet for better impact consistency.

The Arm Lock Putting Technique: Enhancing Accuracy and Consistency on the Greens

In this section, we will delve into the details of the Arm Lock Putting Technique and how it can improve your accuracy and consistency on the greens.

Common mistakes to avoid

Avoiding these common mistakes can help improve your armlock-putting technique:

  1. Gripping the putter too tightly can hinder a smooth and consistent stroke.
  2. They allow the hands and wrists to become too active during the putting motion, leading to inconsistency.
  3. They fail to maintain proper alignment with the target, resulting in missed putts.
  4. You are not visualizing the putt and neglecting to read the greens effectively before making your stroke.
  5. Using too much force or power in your stroke can lead to distance control issues.
  6. Lifting the putter off the ground or raising the lead forearm during the stroke disrupts stability.
  7. You are rushing through your setup and stroke, sacrificing accuracy for speed.
  8. Ignoring proper posture and setup position makes executing a repeatable stroke difficult.
  9. You are overthinking or becoming tense over each putt affecting your confidence and rhythm.
  10. Neglecting regular practice and refinement of your arm-lock putting technique.

Fine-tuning your technique through practice drills

  1. Practice drills are essential for fine-tuning your armlock putting technique.
  2. Incorporate putting drills into your practice routine to improve consistency and accuracy.
  3. Experiment with different drill variations to challenge and refine your stroke.
  4. Use alignment aids, such as a putting mirror or string line, to ensure proper setup and alignment during practice.
  5. Focus on developing a smooth and repeatable stroke by practicing with a metronome or tempo trainer.
  6. Incorporate distance control drills to improve speed and touch on the greens.
  7. Challenge yourself with pressure-putting drills to simulate game-like situations and build confidence.
  8. Work on your visualization skills by practicing visualizing the ball rolling into the hole during each putt.
  9. Record and review your practice sessions to identify areas for improvement and track progress over time.
  10. Consistent and focused practice through various drills will help you master the arm-lock putting technique and enhance your overall performance.

Tips for maintaining a smooth and repeatable stroke

Maintaining a smooth and repeatable stroke is essential for successful armlock putting. Here are some tips to help you achieve consistency on the greens:

  1. Keep your grip relaxed: Maintain a light grip pressure for fluid and natural motion. Avoid gripping the putter too tightly, as this can lead to tension in your arms and wrists.
  2. Focus on rhythm and tempo: Establish a consistent rhythm in your stroke by finding a comfortable cadence. Please pay attention to the beat of your swing, ensuring it remains steady from start to finish.
  3. Practice with purpose: Regularly dedicate time to practice your armlock putting technique. Focus on honing your stroke mechanics, including alignment, posture, and follow-through.
  4. Visualize the line and speed of the putt: Before taking your stroke, visualize the intended line and speed. This mental preparation can help you make more accurate reads and deliver a smoother stroke.
  5. Use shoulder rotation for power: Instead of relying solely on your hands and wrists, engage your larger muscles by utilizing shoulder rotation in your putting motion. This will promote a more stable stroke with increased consistency.
  6. Stay balanced throughout the stroke: Maintain good balance throughout your putting motion by keeping a stable base with both feet planted firmly on the ground. This will contribute to a smoother stroke and improve control over distance.
  7. Stay patient and committed: Consistency takes time to develop, so stay patient with yourself during the learning process. Commitment to practicing regularly will pay off as you refine your armlock putting technique.

Is Arm Lock Putting the Future of Putting?

Discover the potential impact and prospects of the armlock putting technique in revolutionizing how golfers approach their game.

Pros and cons of the armlock putting method

The armlock putting method has its own advantages and drawbacks, just like any other golfing technique. Understanding these can help golfers decide whether or not to incorporate this method into their game.

Pros Cons
Excess hand and wrist movement is eliminated, leading to a more stable and consistent stroke. It requires precise technique and practice to perfect the stroke, which can be challenging for some golfers.
Promotes consistency in the putting stroke by taking advantage of the larger muscles in the upper body. Not every golfer finds success with this method. Personal preference plays a significant role in putting style.
The setup and grip of the armlock method allow for a more consistent grip and stroke. The armlock method may feel unnatural or uncomfortable to some golfers, particularly those used to traditional putting methods.
It can improve putting performance by enhancing accuracy and consistency on the greens. There is ongoing debate about the future of armlock putting and its potential impact on the game. Its rising popularity amongst professional golfers could lead to regulatory changes.

Trends and popularity among professional golfers

Professional golfers have been increasingly embracing the armlock putting technique in recent years. Many top players, including Matt Kuchar, have adopted this method and achieved great success on the greens.

The trend towards using the armlock grip is driven by its potential to enhance accuracy and consistency in putting strokes. With its ability to eliminate excessive hand and wrist movement, this style of putting offers a more stable and repeatable stroke that professional golfers find appealing.

As more players experiment with the armlock technique and achieve positive results, it continues to gain popularity among sports professionals.

The potential impact on the future of putting in the sport

Armlock putting has been gaining popularity among golfers, and there is ongoing debate about its future impact on the mark. As more players experiment with this technique and achieve success, it could potentially revolutionize how putting is approached in golf.

Eliminating excessive hand and wrist movement allows for a more stable stroke, leading to improved accuracy and consistency on the greens. With continued exploration and practice, armlock putting may become a preferred style for many golfers looking to take their putting game to the next level.


In conclusion, mastering the armlock putting technique can significantly enhance your performance on the greens. By eliminating hand and wrist movement, promoting consistency in your stroke, and improving accuracy and distance control, armlock putting offers numerous benefits for golfers of all skill levels.

Whether it becomes the future of putting or not, exploring this method and perfecting your technique can undoubtedly take your putting game to the next level. So grab an armlock putter, follow our step-by-step tutorial, and start sinking those putts accurately and confidently!

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