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Diving into the world of professional golf can be overwhelming, with a plethora of gifted players vying for the top spot at every tournament. One such player who has made his mark is Michael Kim, an American golfer boasting impressive scores in PGA TOUR.

This blog will provide you with all the essential information about his career highlights and stats that set him apart on this competitive platform. Read on to follow his incredible journey and decipher what makes him a noteworthy golfer on the green!

Key Takeaways

  • Michael Kim is a talented American golfer on the PGA TOUR, known for his impressive performances and skills on the green.
  • He achieved his first PGA Tour victory at the 2018 John Deere Classic, showcasing his talent and determination to come out on top against strong competition.
  • Kim’s physical attributes, including his height of 5’11” and weight of 165 lbs, contribute to his success in professional golf.
  • While he has had limited success in major championships, Kim continues to work hard and improve his game with the goal of making a mark on golf’s biggest stage.

Michael Kim’s Bio and Career Highlights

Michael Kim, a professional golfer on the PGA TOUR, stands at an impressive height with his weight and age perfectly balanced. He was born in a small town but currently resides in another city chasing his dreams of becoming a top golf player.

With several victories under his belt, Kim has showcased his skills and talent on numerous occasions. Notably, he has also made notable appearances in major championships throughout his career.

Height, weight, and age

Michael Kim is a well-known figure in the professional golf scene. His physical attributes play a crucial role in his game. Here are his details:

Attribute Details
Height 5’11” (1.8m)
Weight 165 lbs (75 kg)
Age 28

Born on July 14, 1993, in Seoul, South Korea, Kim’s physical condition is ideal for the rigorous demands of professional golf. His height of 5’11” and weight of 165 lbs contribute to his performance on the golf course. Today, at the age of 28, Kim continues to make waves in the PGA TOUR, bringing his unique style and skills in every tournament he participates in.

Birthplace and residence

Michael Kim, the talented American golfer, was born on July 14, 1993, in Seoul, South Korea. However, he was raised in Southern California. Currently, he resides in Houston, Texas.

Standing at a height of 5’11” (1.8m) and weighing 165 lbs (75 kg), Kim is focused on his golfing career and does not have a family yet. He has made his mark on the PGA Tour and continues to impress with his skills on the green.

Professional victories

  1. Michael Kim has achieved one victory on the PGA Tour, showing his skill and ability to compete at the highest level of professional golf.
  2. His impressive win came in 2018 at the John Deere Classic, where he showcased his talent and determination to come out on top against a strong field of competitors.
  3. This victory cemented his status as a rising star in the world of golf and earned him a well – deserved place in golf history.
  4. With this win, Kim demonstrated his ability to handle pressure and perform at his best when it matters most.
  5. His success at the John Deere Classic serves as an inspiration for aspiring golfers who dream of making their mark on the PGA Tour.

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Major championship results

Michael Kim has had limited success in major championships throughout his career. He has only competed in a few majors and has yet to secure a top finish. While he may not have made headlines in these tournaments, it’s important to remember that major championships are highly competitive and challenging for any golfer. Nonetheless, Michael Kim continues to work hard and improve his game with the goal of making a mark on golf’s biggest stage.

Michael Kim’s PGA TOUR Stats

Discover Michael Kim’s impressive tournament results, rankings, scoring averages, driving distance and accuracy, and putting statistics on the PGA TOUR. Dive into the data that showcases his skills and expertise on the golf course.

Tournament results and rankings

Michael Kim has had a mixed record in PGA Tour tournaments. While he has achieved one victory, he hasn’t consistently ranked among the top players. His highest finish in a major championship came at the 2018 Open Championship, where he finished tied for 35th place. In terms of scoring averages, Kim’s average score per round is around par (72), which puts him in the middle range compared to other golfers on the tour. When it comes to driving distance and accuracy, Kim’s numbers are also average, with an average drive of approximately 290 yards and a fairway hit percentage of about 60%. In terms of putting statistics, his average number of putts per round is around 30. Overall, while Michael Kim has shown moments of brilliance on the PGA Tour, he still has some room for improvement to consistently rank higher in tournaments.

Scoring averages

Michael Kim’s scoring averages on the PGA TOUR have been consistently impressive throughout his career. He has shown great skill and consistency in shooting low scores, with a stroke average of 70.8 during his college career. This level of performance demonstrates his ability to navigate the golf course efficiently and effectively. As a golfer, it’s inspiring to see such consistent scoring averages from Michael Kim, which highlights his talent and dedication to the game.

Driving distance and accuracy

Michael Kim is known for his impressive driving distance and accuracy on the PGA Tour. He consistently hits the ball long off the tee, which gives him an advantage when it comes to reaching longer holes in fewer shots. His strong swing allows him to generate power and launch the ball far down the fairway. In addition to his distance, Kim also excels in accuracy, hitting a high percentage of fairways with his drives. This combination of power and precision makes him a formidable competitor on the golf course.

Putting statistics

Michael Kim’s putting statistics on the PGA TOUR are impressive. He has shown great skill and accuracy on the greens throughout his career. With a strong focus and steady hand, Kim consistently ranks among the top players in putting average. His ability to read the greens well and make timely putts has helped him secure victories and achieve notable finishes in tournaments. Golfers can learn from Michael Kim’s putting expertise and strive to improve their own skills on the green.

Photos and Videos of Michael Kim

Explore an impressive collection of photos and videos showcasing Michael Kim’s skillful shots, captivating interviews, and memorable moments from various tournaments.

Highlights from tournaments

Here are some of Michael Kim’s highlights from tournaments:

  • Kim achieved his first PGA Tour victory at the 2018 John Deere Classic, finishing with a record-breaking score of 27-under par.
  • He showcased impressive consistency during the tournament, shooting all four rounds in the 60s.
  • Kim’s win at the John Deere Classic earned him a spot in The Open Championship and PGA Championship that year.
  • In 2017, he had a strong showing at the Safeway Open, finishing in a tie for third place.
  • Kim has also competed in major championships like the U.S. Open and The Masters.
  • During his college career, Kim was a standout player for the University of California, earning four individual medalist honors.
  • His strong performances helped lead his team to success, including a NCAA Men’s Division I Golf Championship title in 2012.

Interviews and press conferences

  1. Michael Kim has participated in numerous interviews and press conferences throughout his golf career.
  2. He has shared insights into his training routine and preparation strategies.
  3. Kim often discusses the mental aspect of the game, emphasizing the importance of maintaining focus and staying positive on the course.
  4. In interviews, he talks about his love for the game and how he stays motivated to continuously improve.
  5. During press conferences, Kim addresses questions about specific tournaments, courses, and rivals.
  6. He also discusses his experiences playing alongside other top golfers on the PGA Tour.
  7. In interviews, Kim provides advice for amateur golfers looking to improve their skills, such as focusing on fundamentals and practicing with a purpose.
  8. He emphasizes the importance of patience and resilience in dealing with challenges on the golf course.
  9. Kim’s interviews and press conferences offer valuable insights for aspiring golfers looking to learn from a professional’s perspective.
  10. Fans can find videos of these interviews online to gain further knowledge about Kim’s thoughts on the game.


  • Michael Kim has given many interviews during his golf career
  • His interviews cover various topics like training routines, mental aspects of the game, motivation, tournament experiences, and advice for amateur golfers
  • Fans can find videos of these interviews online to learn more from a professional’s perspective

Best shots and putts

Here are some of Michael Kim’s best shots and putts from his golf career:

  1. He made an incredible eagle putt on the final hole to win the 2018 John Deere Classic.
  2. Kim hit a beautiful approach shot from a tough lie, leaving himself with a tap – in birdie at the 2020 Waste Management Phoenix Open.
  3. During the 2017 Safeway Open, he sank a clutch 30 – foot putt to save par and keep himself in contention.
  4. Kim displayed his accuracy off the tee by hitting a perfect drive down the middle of the fairway at the 2019 AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am.
  5. In the 2016 Valero Texas Open, he chipped in for birdie from a tricky lie near the green.

Recent Results and News

Find out about Michael Kim’s latest tournaments, his notable performances and finishes, and get all the updates on his career. Stay updated with the latest news on this talented golfer.

Read more to stay in the loop!

Latest tournaments played

  • Michael Kim recently competed in the PGA TOUR events.
  • He participated in tournaments like the AT&T Pebble Beach Pro – Am, Waste Management Phoenix Open, and the Farmers Insurance Open.
  • Kim showcased his skills on various golf courses, including Pebble Beach Golf Links and TPC Scottsdale.
  • He faced tough competition from other talented golfers during these events.
  • Kim aimed to perform his best and achieve remarkable results in each tournament.
  • His participation in these tournaments reflects his dedication to the sport and his desire to continue improving his game.

Notable performances and finishes

  • Michael Kim has had a number of notable performances and finishes throughout his golfing career.
  • He achieved his first victory on the PGA Tour at the 2018 John Deere Classic.
  • In that tournament, he shot a final round 66 to win by eight strokes, setting the tournament scoring record.
  • Kim also had strong showings at the 2017 Safeway Open, where he finished tied for third, and the 2018 AT&T Byron Nelson, where he finished tied for second.
  • He has consistently made cuts in various tournaments and has displayed consistent play with solid finishes.
  • Kim’s ability to perform under pressure and maintain composure has been evident in these notable performances.

News updates on Michael Kim

Michael Kim has recently been making headlines in the golfing world. He has been participating in several tournaments and showcasing his skills on the PGA Tour. Fans have been impressed by his performances, as he continues to make strides in his career.

With his dedication and talent, Michael Kim is definitely a golfer to watch out for. Stay tuned for more exciting news about him!


In conclusion, Michael Kim is a talented American golfer with an impressive PGA Tour career. With one victory under his belt and notable performances in major championships, he has proven himself as a strong competitor.

His consistent scoring averages, driving accuracy, and putting skills make him a formidable player to watch on the course. Stay updated with the latest news and highlights of Michael Kim’s golfing journey for more exciting moments to come.


1. What are Michael Kim PGA TOUR stats?

Michael Kim PGA TOUR stats talk about his golf statistics in tournaments under the Professional Golfers’ Association (PGA) tour.

2. Where can I find Michael Kim’s bio and career achievements?

You can find golfer Michael Kim’s biography, along with his career highlights and results in the ‘Profile’ section on the official PGA website.

3. Does the PGA website have video highlights of Michael Kim?

Yes, there are golf videos and video highlights featuring Michael Kim playing in various matches available on the PGA site.

4. Is there a photo gallery of Micheal Kim from his golf games?

Yes, you can check out photos from different games in the photo gallery section of Micheal Kim’s profile page on the PGA website.

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