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  • For nearly 20 years, the Pro V1 and Pro V1x golf balls have been overwhelmingly used by professionals on the PGA Tour.
  • The ProV1 has a softer feel and produces less spin on irons, resulting in more penetration and a lower ball flight. The Pro V1x is designed to launch higher with increased spin compared to the Pro V1.
  • For golfers seeking extra distance, the Pro V1x can improve their carry by up to 15 yards.
  • Titleist Pro V1 was invented in 2000 using three-piece technology to generate long, consistent spins on iron golf shots while providing high shot game consistency.
  • The Titleist Pro V1x, invented in 2003, is a four-piece ball that provides more spin for better control during game play.
  • The ball you choose to play with can have a greater impact on your game than you might think.

My dad and his friends have been talking about choosing between Pro V1 and Pro V1x for as long as I can remember. And honestly, it’s a pretty confusing topic at first.

My dad always tells me that the Pro V1 is an excellent ball for people with a low swing speed because it has less spin and flies through the air really nicely.

But then his friend, Jerry, constantly argues that the Pro V1x is a better choice for people with a high swing speed because it has more spin and launches the ball higher into the air. It’s hard to know who to believe!

Personally, I’ve always just gone with what my dad recommends. He’s been golfing for longer than anyone I know, so I figure he knows what he’s talking about! But it would be fascinating to try out both balls and see which one works better for me.

I guess that’s something I’ll have to do eventually… but for now, I’m just going to stick with what my dad says!

What’s the difference between the Titleist Pro V1 & the Pro V1x?

Pro V1 and Pro V1x are both golf balls. However, choosing which one suits you best depends on your preference as a player, especially in terms of shot height, feel, and spin.

These golf balls are popular because they have been in the game for around 20 years on the PGA tour. Remember that these golf balls have two different models and operate differently. Therefore, don’t stop reading if you want to know which one you should use.

There’s a lot of information concerning golf. But if you aren’t careful, you can quickly get misinformed since almost everyone with little information thinks they are professionals in equipment and techniques.

Therefore, this article distinguishes Pro V1 from Pro V1x to assist you in choosing the best golf ball that suits your needs and understand who needs to utilize a specific ball. It will also enlighten you on the swing speed each golf ball needs.

You probably know that Pro V1 golf ball has been in the industry long enough. Furthermore, it has been a critical preference for amateurs and professionals. It was launched in 2000, and three years later, Pro V1x was initiated.

Since that time, manufacturers have worked hard to enhance their performance. This has made it fall among excellent premium golf balls.

The two golf balls are worth an investment. However, the Titleist Pro V1 golf ball is unique because it serves various performances from green to tee. It also has impressive durability with a magnificent feel.

So, when it comes to which one is the best, you can find it challenging to choose the one appropriate for your game, but you can differentiate in terms of:

Ball Flight

You’re likely to tell the difference between these golf balls when you’re off the tee. Titleist Pro V1 incorporates a relatively low peak height; it can only fly around two yards, which is low than Pro V1x when tested. On the other hand, the trajectories of both golf balls look more similar, especially on iron shots.

In addition, the Titleist Pro V1 ball is known for spinning less. However, when you rate the difference between these golf balls based on the spinning profiles, you’ll notice it has significantly reduced, more so from the recent generation. Similarly, you can notice a difference between 100 to 300 rpm with your irons and the driver.


The Titleist Pro V1x is softer than Pro V1, which feels softer, and you can quickly notice it around the green. Likewise, Pro V1x generates a clicky sound, which is a preference for many golf players because they find it interesting.

Remember that all these balls guarantee a robust feel with a driver. It also gives you exceptional finesse on, around, and into the greens to offer you the appropriate balance of control and speed when gaming.


The Titleist Pro V1x features a red play figure under its logo, while Pro V1 has a black number. Pro V1x incorporates fewer dimples. If you wish to count them out, you’ll find that they are 40 fewer.

Should you use Pro V1 or Pro V1X?

golf ball on tee pegs ready to play in the green grass and blue sky

If you usually struggle with your irons and drivers’ spins, consider using Pro V1. But if you’re after a higher trajectory, select Pro V1X. Remember, Pro V1 spins less and features a softer feel, unlike Pro V1x. You must also understand that Pro V1x has a lower ball flight but spins more, unlike Pro V1. It also incorporates a farmer feel.

What is The Swing Speed required for Pro V1X and Pro V1?

Pro V1x is excellent for players with at least a swing speed of 98mph, usually higher than 93mph, which is an average male player’s swing speed.

Who Does Titleist Pro V1 Suit?

You must understand that Pro V1 is suitable for players who want a lower ball flight without a softer feel and a lot of backspin. But if you’re a lowball hitter, Pro V1x is your best choice.


Based on this detailed article, you are familiar with Titleist Pro V1 and Pro V2, and you probably understand which suits you best. Therefore, if you need a penetrating trajectory and love a softer feel, consider using Pro V1.

And if you need more spins, especially around the greens, and prefer more incredible trajectory with irons and the driver, you better use Pro V1x.

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