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  • 92-year-old Riviera Country Club’s course is unique for its high number of Eucalyptus and California Sycamore trees.
  • The Eucalyptus trees are massive, white-barked entities that are spread throughout the property, and besides looking and smelling delightful, they also play a role in strategy on several holes.
  • Furthermore, on the long par-5 11th, several tour players’ golf balls have been entirely engulfed by the huge trees.
  • They’re also used on the tough par-4 12th, where they line the right side of the fairway and on 13, where overgrown trees must be planted along the left side of the hole to deal with flooding issues
  • Some people wonder if the trees are dead at the Riviera Country Club- the answer is, no, they are just dormant after a sometimes harsh Californian winter

I have been a golfer for some years now, and I must say that the Riviera Golf Course is one of the most challenging courses I have ever played. The abundance of trees on the course can really make or break your game, as they can block your shots and make it difficult to find the ball.

I remember the first time I played at Riviera, I had a really difficult time trying to navigate my way through the trees and ended up losing quite a few balls. However, after playing a few rounds there, I started to get used to the layout of the course and started to score better.

One thing I learned about playing at Riviera is that you need to be very strategic in your shots, as you can’t just go hacking away at the trees. You need to take your time and figure out what is the best way to get around them.

Recently, however, a number of trees have been removed from the course due to disease or overgrowth, and this has made things a bit easier for golfers. However, there are still a few tricky trees that can cause problems if you’re not careful.

All in all, I really enjoy playing at Riviera Golf Course, and I think anyone who is looking for a challenging round of golf should definitely check it out.

After a long day or week, setting aside some time to rest and engage in some leisure activities after work is essential. Golfing is one of the leisure activities that you can engage in. Golfing will work on your mental and physical health hence worth participating in. when you feel stressed or depressed, you need to participate in a game that will get your mind engaged and golfing is one of those games.

If you are a golfer in California, you must have heard of a 96-year-old Riviera golf course or even played there. However, getting a chance to play at the Riviera Country Club isn’t easy if you don’t have money and connections. You must have seen some trees on the golf if you have been there.

Riviera Golf Course Trees

Have you ever asked yourself what those Riviera golf course trees are? Let’s learn more about them.

What Types of Trees are on the Riviera Country Club Golf Course?

One of the unique things you will see at the Riviera country club is the abundance of eucalyptus and sycamore trees. Some trees look dead because they don’t have leaves, while others are green, healthy trees. The trees are outstanding because of their white bark and their huge size.

What are People Saying About Trees on the Riviera Golf Course?

Rivera Golf Course


Many people say they don’t like the trees on the golf since they make it hard for one to aim at the hole, making playing even more difficult. However, some admit they love trees on the golf course for various reasons.

To some, the trees make playing more enjoyable when you don’t find the holes easily, while others find trees good since they provide shade.

People feel the branches shouldn’t be hanging on the fairway because it hinders a good drive. Hanging trees also make balls get lost, which to some it’s just too much. However, some people feel it’s fun dealing with a lost ball.

Why are Trees Being Removed from Rivera Golf Course?

Recently, trees are not as many as they used to be on the golf. Some trees have been taken down while others have grown old and fallen off. Another aspect that has affected trees on the Riviera golf course is infectious diseases.

Some people feel these trees can be dangerous in golf course, where many people come to play in case of a fall.

Golf course operators have also been removing trees because they have overgrown and increased to unexpected levels over the years.

Due to the presence of many trees, the grass is affected on the golf course, which brings a negative implication since a golf course is made of grass. There is competition for nutrients and water between trees and grass and trees will take much of these hence affecting grass.

Also, with so many trees, there will be less air circulation meaning that golf won’t meet the required health standard for people to play.

Trimming trees around the holes of the Riviera Country Club is also a plus since they reduce cleaning work.

The leaves will eventually fall off, hence littering the golf. It also helps the golf course to be neat and clearer. Another reason for clearing some of the trees is to reduce the time golfers take in their play session since they take much time per session with the presence of many trees.

The main reason for planting trees around the Riviera golf course holes was for aesthetics and to make it more fun. However, trees have recently become too much; hence they haven’t met their obligations, which has called for renovations leading to cutting down some trees. Many people like a challenging golf course and are okay with trees being on it.

There is a need for the golf operators to ensure there is safety for the golfers hence the need to get rid of the excess trees that are not in the right position.

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