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  • Yes, properly executed strength training can be important for golfers because it helps increase speed, prevents movement faults, fights fatigue, and builds consistency.
  • Strength training should consist of compound strength exercises combined with metabolic conditioning like HIIT
  • Golfers need to be able to repeat their swings consistently, even under fatigue and stress
  • Rory McIlroy is a strong advocate for strength training as a way to improve one’s golf game (Source)
  • However, some golfers anecdotally say that they started playing golf more effectively when they stopped lifting heavy
  • This golfer said he used to think that if he lifted heavier weights, then he would be able to hit the ball father. However, this made him too bulky and slow. Once he shifted his focus to flexibility and speed instead, he started hitting the ball 10% farther with 30% less effort while also making a higher percentage of fairway hits

My nephew has always been a bit of an athlete. From a young age, he was drawn to physical activities, and he quickly developed a talent for golf.

For as long as I can remember, he’s spent hours on the golf course, perfecting his swing and working on his technique.

As he got older, my nephew started to realize that in order to improve his golf game even more, he needed to get stronger. He knew that swinging a club involved applying force to an external object, and that exerting force required strength.

So he began weightlifting, and within a few months, he started seeing results.

The stronger my nephew got, the better his golf game became. He was able to drive the ball further and with more accuracy. And he didn’t get so bulky that his game suffered; in fact, his swing actually became more fluid and natural.

My nephew’s improved golf game is a testament to the power of strength training. Weightlifting is not just for bodybuilders or athletes; it can benefit anyone who wants to improve their performance in any sport or activity.

If you’re looking to take your game to the next level, consider lifting weights; you may be surprised at how much it can help.

Weightlifting can help improve your golf game in a number of ways. First, weightlifting can help you build strength, which is important for swinging a club effectively.

Second, weightlifting can help you resist fatigue, which can help you maintain your consistency throughout a round of golf.

Third, weightlifting can help improve your movement patterns, which can help you avoid swing faults. Finally, weightlifting can help build mental toughness, which can be important in competition.

Golf has grown significantly, and nowadays, it’s more demanding. As a result, most golfers have started to acknowledge the importance of physical durability and strength. Therefore, you can’t say that golfing and weight lifting don’t go hand in hand.

However, there have been claims that most players usually get hurt in the gym due to lifting too much. But there’s no proof to support these allegations.

You must also understand that anyone can get hurt at the gym. This is likely to happen if you use poor forms, but this is not the case with professional golfers because they are usually trained with magnificent strength coaches globally.

Furthermore, as a golfer, you require exceptional thoracic spine rotation and hip rotation. This means if you need core strength to ensure your spine is well protected and can’t endure any injury.

As a golfer, the stronger you’re likely to be, the safer your swing becomes. This means you’ll have sufficient muscle to absorb and control the swinging shock. That said, this detailed post will enlighten you on more about golfer lifting.

So, Should Golfers Lift?

As mentioned earlier, golf weight training has no adverse side effects. And those who don’t participate in it are generally lazy. Thus as a golfer, you should consider weight lifting because it will assist you in hitting the golf ball further.

If you’re a golfer, ensure you lift weights because they’ll help you build your muscles and become stable. In addition, you’ll not find consistency being a problem. Weight lifting is well-known for boosting your short game and maximizing your stamina, leaving you more grounded. Below are a few detailed reasons why a golfer needs to lift.

1. Strength Builds Consistency

Nothing is irritating in golf like hitting ugly shots. Therefore, you should always ensure that you lift weight to build consistency and fight fatigue. Remember, when you are stronger, your muscles can deliver the techniques required to perform better in golf.

In addition, to emerge victorious in golf, you must consider consistency, which you can only build on when you’re stronger. On the other hand, consistency comes with more stress as well as fatigue.

2. Strong Body, Strong Bones

Strong Body, Strong Bones

Aging can make you lose bone muscles and risk getting injuries. But with strength training, such as lifting weights, you’re likely to overcome such risks. The lifting of heavier weights usually helps you in building bone mass. Furthermore, stronger bones signify a strong body, perfect for a golf swing.

3. Strength Fights Fatigue

In order to fight fatigue while playing golf, it is important to have a strong and consistent body. Strength training allows your muscles to repetitively perform the same desired task, without tiring as easily.

This is especially important when playing golf, as you need to be able to consistently hit good shots throughout the entire game.

For example, if you start the game by hitting a few great drives, but then your muscles get tired and you start hitting bad shots, that is a direct result of not having enough strength.

Strength training will help to prevent this type of fatigue, so that you can play your best game from start to finish.

4. Weakness is Prone to Ruining a Swing

Weakness is Prone to Ruining a Swing

In most cases, golfers usually shift the blame of improper swinging on the inappropriate set of clubs or lack of technique. However, a fault swing is a sign of you not being able to physically unfit to execute challenging motions, which are part of a golf club.

Swing faults are a result of movement faults. For instance, if you can’t squat or even try to make a lateral lunge. There’re high chances that your trunk is unstable, and you can’t also load heavier weight on your hips.

All these make you unable to execute a complicated movement, such as a golf swing. Therefore, as a golfer, you should frequently lift weights to avoid weakness that can quickly ruin a swing.

For each swing, your non-swinging body side is responsible for absorbing a force generated by your swing side. Remember that your brain can only allow you to move faster depending on how your offside can handle it.

This explains why your right-hand swing force is likely to be limited by weaknesses on your body’s left-hand side.

With proper strength training, this weakness can be improved and corrected. This will also increase club control and speed. In addition, it will also enable you to make a safer swing.

Final verdict

Whether you’re looking forward to feeling better after and during playing golf or hoping to add yards off the tee, consider lifting weight because it is a balanced fitness program for golf. Therefore, the propaganda that weight lifting is unhealthy for golfers is incorrect, and as a golfer, you should embrace weight training for better performance.

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