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  • Golf hats serve a practical purpose beyond just making a fashion statement, and most golfers wear them for sponsorship, health, and even performance-related reasons.
  • Sun protection is one of the most important benefits of wearing a golf hat, as it can protect against UV rays and keep you cool.
  • A hat can also improve your vision on the course by blocking the sun’s glare and keeping your sight clear.

I always wear a hat on the golf course, even though some of my friends don’t.

I find that it helps me stay more comfortable and focused on my game, and it also provides protection from the sun.

The sun can be really intense during a round of golf, and it’s important to protect yourself from its harmful UV rays. A wide-brimmed hat is the best way to do that, and it also keeps your head cool and shaded.

For example, a bald friend of mine often complains of feeling the sunburn on his scalp after just a few holes. But with a hat, I don’t have to worry about that- and there are some serious skin heath issues you can get from prolonged sun exposure.

In addition to the sun, you also need to be aware of the potential for glare. When you’re trying to make a shot, you don’t want anything getting in the way of your vision. A hat can help reduce glare and keep your eyes clear.

Overall, I find that wearing a hat on the golf course improves my performance and makes the game more enjoyable. It’s something that I would recommend to anyone who plays golf.

It’s rare to see a golfer on the course without a hat. Most golfers wear various styles of hats, including baseball caps, visors, and bucket hats. It has become such a common sight that it’s easy to forget that golfers didn’t always wear hats. So, when did this trend start? Should golfers even be wearing hats?

Is it Necessary to Wear a Hat?

Is it Necessary to Wear a Hat

While there are many benefits to wearing a hat, it’s not strictly necessary. If you’re playing in cool weather, you might be better off without a hat, so you don’t get too warm. And if you have a good pair of sunglasses, they can offer adequate protection from the sun. So, ultimately, the decision of whether or not to wear a hat while golfing is up to the individual player. But it’s worth considering the pros and cons before making a decision.

Styles of hats I love for golf

  • Traditional Golf Hat: This is the most common style of golf hat. It is typically made from a lightweight fabric, such as cotton, and has a brim that extends all the way around the head.
  • Visor: A visor is a great option for those who want to keep the sun out of their eyes without wearing a full hat. It can be made from a variety of materials, including cloth, mesh, or even straw.
  • Bucket Hat: A bucket hat is a good choice for those who want maximum sun protection. It has a wide brim and is often made from a waterproof or water-resistant fabric.
  • Fitted Cap: A fitted cap is similar to a traditional baseball cap, but it is designed specifically for golf. It often has a visor and is made from a breathable fabric, such as mesh, to keep the head cool.
  • Skull Cap: A skull cap is a good choice for those who want to wear a hat but don’t want the brim to get in the way. It covers the top and back of the head, but the sides are left open.
  • Boonie Hat: A boonie hat is a wide-brimmed hat that is often used by golfers in tropical or warm climates. It is typically made from a lightweight fabric, such as cotton, and has a chin strap to keep it in place.
  • Water resistant hat: This type of hat is designed to keep the head dry in wet conditions. It is often made from a waterproof or water-resistant fabric, such as Gore-Tex, and has a brim that extends all the way around the head. Great for playing golf in the rain.

Why Do Most Golfers Wear Hats?

Why Do Most Golfers Wear Hats

1) Protection from the sun

This is the most important reason to wear a hat while golfing. The sun can be very harsh, especially when reflected off the water or the ground. You don’t want to get scratchy, dry eyes or sunburned skin.

A good hat will protect your face and neck from harmful UV rays. It does also help keep the sun out of your eyes and off your face. This can be a big help when making a shot. Another thing, wearing a hat can help to keep you cool on hot days. The shade it provides will prevent you from getting too much sun, and the airflow will help keep you cool.

2) All Round Focus

Golf is a game that requires complete focus. Even a small distraction can ruin your shot. Wearing a hat can help to keep you focused by keeping the sun out of your eyes and shielding you from distractions. It will also help track your ball better. If the sun is in your eyes, it can be hard to see where your ball goes after you hit it. Wearing a hat will improve your vision and help you to avoid losing your ball.

3) Sponsorship

Hat companies often sponsor professional golfers. This is because hats are an important part of the golf uniform and help to promote the brand. In return, the company provides the golfer with free hats and other gear.

4) Style

Golf is a game that values tradition and style. Wearing a hat signifies respect for the game and its history. It also looks good! Many golfers enjoy how they look in a hat and the confidence it gives them on the course. Since golf hats come in various styles, it’s easy to find one that suits your personality.

5) Safety

This is more important for those who play in the early morning or evening hours. Wearing a hat can help to make you more visible to other players and reduce the risk of being hit by a wayward ball.

The History of Golf Hats

The History of Golf Hats

Golf hats can be traced back to the late 19th century. At that time, many sports were becoming more formalized, and players began to adopt a more uniform look. This included clothing that was specifically designed for each sport.

For golf, the main concern was keeping the sun out of the players’ eyes. The early golf hats were wide-brimmed straw hats that did a good job of shading the face. Golfers also began to wear bandanas around their necks to protect against sunburn.

As golf became more popular, hat manufacturers began to produce specific golf hats. The most common style was the baseball cap, which offered a more snug fit and better sun protection. Golfers could also choose from various styles, including visors and bucket hats.


There are many good reasons to wear a hat while golfing. It can protect you from the sun, help you to focus, and make you look good. However, that doesn’t mean it’s necessary. If you’re comfortable without a hat, there’s no need to force yourself to wear one. Ultimately, it’s up to the individual player to decide whether or not to wear a hat.

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