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Costs can add up quickly when attending major sporting events, especially when it comes to food and drinks. If you’re a regular attendee like me, you might be pleasantly surprised to learn about The Masters’ refreshingly low beer prices.

This article will dive into the details of how much a beer costs at this prestigious golf tournament in Augusta National, Georgia. So don’t worry if your wallet isn’t bulging because every sip won’t drain your pockets here!

Key Takeaways

  • The Masters Tournament offers incredibly affordable beer prices, with domestic, craft, and import beers all priced at $5.
  • Compared to other major sporting events like the Superbowl or World Series, where a domestic beer can cost $14 or $9.75 respectively, The Masters’ beer prices are remarkably low.
  • The tradition of low prices at The Masters is due to sponsorship and revenue sources that help offset costs and keep concessions affordable for attendees.

Concession Prices at the Masters Compared to Other Major Sporting Events

As spectators, we all appreciate the affordability of the Masters Tournament concessions, especially when we compare it to other major sporting events. It’s a refreshing surprise to find out that we can actually have a full meal, including a cold beer, for less than $10.

Event Name Price of a Domestic Beer Price of Snacks
The Masters Tournament $5 Chicken sandwich and a bag of chips: Less than $10
Superbowl $14 Popcorn: $11
World Series $9.75 Hot dog: $6.25
Olympic Games $8.50 Baguette: $7
Wimbledon Equivalent $7 (beer prices are approx £4.00) Strawberries and cream: Equivalent $3.50 (£2.50)

Just look at this comparison, it’s clear that the Masters Tournament really is in a league of its own when it comes to affordability.

Food and Drink Options at the Masters Tournament

The Masters Tournament offers a variety of food and drink options for spectators to enjoy, including sandwiches and wraps, snacks and desserts, breakfast items, and plenty of drink choices.

Sandwiches and Wraps

Sandwiches and wraps are a tasty and convenient option for hungry golfers at The Masters. With prices starting as low as $1.50, these handheld delights won’t break the bank. Whether you’re in the mood for a classic pimento cheese sandwich or something more savory like Pork BarBQue, there’s something to satisfy every craving.

Pair your sandwich or wrap with a bag of chips, and you’ve got yourself a satisfying meal for less than $10. And don’t forget about the variety of options available – from sweet to spicy, there’s a sandwich or wrap that will hit the spot.

So next time you’re at The Masters, be sure to grab one of these affordable and delicious handheld treats.

At The Masters tournament, beer can be purchased for just $5 – regardless if it’s craft beer, import beer, or domestics. This means that golfers can enjoy their favorite brew without breaking the bank.

Grabbing a cold one while watching your favorite player on the course has never been more affordable! Plus, with all beer now priced at $5 due to supply chain issues, there won’t be any surprises when it comes time to pay for your beverage of choice.

Snacks and Desserts

When it comes to snacks and desserts at The Masters tournament, you won’t be disappointed. From sweet treats to savory indulgences, there’s something for everyone. Grab a bag of chips for just $1.50 or indulge in the famous pimento cheese sandwiches for a mere $1.

Pair it with your favorite domestic beer, craft beer, or import beer, all priced at an affordable $5. Whether you’re craving something salty or have a sweet tooth, The Masters has got you covered with their delicious and reasonably priced snacks and desserts.

Enjoy the perfect combination of great food and golfing excitement!

Breakfast Items

Now let’s talk about the breakfast options available at The Masters tournament. Fans can enjoy a variety of delicious morning treats to start their day off right. From classic favorites like bacon, egg, and cheese sandwiches to mouthwatering pastries and fresh fruit, there’s something for everyone.

These breakfast items are not only tasty but also affordable, with prices starting as low as $1.50. So whether you’re in the mood for a hearty sandwich or a lighter option, you can fuel up without breaking the bank at The Masters.

Drink Options

The Masters tournament offers a variety of drink options for golfers to enjoy while watching the action on the course. From refreshing beverages to quench your thirst, to drinks that pair perfectly with the delicious food available at concession stands, there’s something for everyone.

Domestic beers are priced affordably at $5, and if you prefer craft or import beer, you’ll be happy to know that they cost the same as domestic options. So whether you’re in the mood for a crisp lager or a hoppy IPA, you can indulge without breaking the bank.

With such affordable drink options, you can sit back, relax, and savor every moment of The Masters tournament.

The Reason for Affordable Prices at the Masters

The Masters Tournament is known for its tradition of low prices, which helps to keep concession prices affordable for attendees.

Tradition of low prices

At The Masters tournament, there is a long-standing tradition of offering low prices for food and drinks. This means that you can enjoy your favorite snacks and beverages without breaking the bank.

Whether it’s a pimento cheese sandwich, pork barbque, or a bag of chips, you won’t have to spend a fortune. And when it comes to beer, domestic, craft, and import options are all available at the affordable price of $5.

So grab your favorite drink and savor the tradition of low prices at The Masters!

Sponsorship and revenue sources

The Masters tournament is able to offer affordable prices for food and drinks due to its sponsorship and revenue sources. These sources help offset the costs of providing concessions at reasonable prices for fans.

By partnering with sponsors and generating revenue through ticket sales, The Masters can keep beer prices as low as $5. This allows golfers attending the tournament to enjoy their favorite beverages without breaking the bank.

Additionally, these partnerships and revenue streams also contribute to the overall success of The Masters as one of the premier golf events in the world.

Comparison of Beer Prices at the Masters to Other Events

Beer prices at The Masters tournament are known for being incredibly affordable compared to other major sporting events. While the average cost of a domestic beer at most football games or concerts can range from $8 to $12, you’ll only be paying $5 for a refreshing brew at The Masters. This means that you can enjoy your favorite game with an ice-cold drink in hand without breaking the bank. But it’s not just the domestics that come at this low price; craft and import beers are also available for just $5, making it even easier to find something to suit your taste buds. So whether you’re a fan of light lagers or hoppy IPAs, The Masters has got you covered without emptying your wallet.

The affordability of beer at The Masters isn’t just some random occurrence; it’s actually a long-standing tradition that fans have come to appreciate year after year. While other events may mark up their food and drink prices as part of maximizing profits, Augusta National Golf Club, where The Masters is held, has made it a point to keep them reasonable. And even though recent supply chain issues have forced all types of beer prices to be set at $5, the commitment from organizers remains clear – they want everyone attending the tournament to have access to quality beverages without having to pay exorbitant amounts.

So next time you attend The Masters or hear about its unbelievably affordable beer prices compared to other events like football games or concerts, rest assured knowing that there’s always a refreshing drink waiting for you without draining your finances. Cheers!


In conclusion, The Masters tournament offers incredibly affordable beer prices compared to other major sporting events. With domestic, craft, and import beers all priced at $5, fans can enjoy their favorite beverage without breaking the bank.

This tradition of low prices combined with a diverse menu of delicious food options makes attending The Masters a truly enjoyable experience for golfers and sports enthusiasts alike.

So grab a cold one and cheers to affordable drinks at The Masters!


1. What is the cost of a beer at The Masters tournament?

The prices of beers at The Masters tournament vary depending on the type and size of the beer, but they are generally considered affordable compared to other major sporting events.

2. Are there any restrictions on purchasing beer at The Masters?

There may be restrictions on purchasing alcohol at The Masters, such as requiring a valid ID to prove age and limiting the number of drinks that can be purchased per transaction.

3. Can I bring my own beer to The Masters?

No, outside food and beverages, including alcohol, are not allowed into The Masters tournament. All refreshments must be purchased within the designated areas.

4. Are there non-alcoholic beverage options available at The Masters?

Yes, in addition to beers, there are usually plenty of non-alcoholic beverage options available for purchase at The Masters tournament, including soft drinks, water, and sports drinks.

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