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If you ever find yourself scratching your head in bewilderment over the assortment of golf grips utilized by PGA Tour professionals, well, join the club. You’re not alone. After a deep-dive into the sophisticated world of professional golf, it turns out that there’s one grip that has won their hearts time and again: Golf Pride’s Tour Velvet grip.

Intrigued about why this particular grip seems to rule them all? Let’s embark on this enlightening journey together!

Key Takeaways

  • The Golf Pride Tour Velvet grip is the most popular choice among PGA Tour professionals, with 32 players using it.
  • Comfort and feel play a crucial role in choosing the right golf grip for professionals.
  • Different grips offer different performance benefits, such as accuracy, control, and power.
  • Sponsorship agreements can influence professional golfers’ grip choices but comfort and performance are still important factors.

Overview of Golf Grips Used by Pros

PGA Tour professionals use a variety of golf grips, including cord and non-cord options such as the Tour Velvet, MCC, and SuperStroke Pistol GT.

Types of golf grips used by professionals

I know quite a bit about the different golf grips used by pros. First, there’s the Vardon grip. This is where you overlap your fingers to better control and aim the ball. Lots of top PGA Tour professionals use this grip.

Comparison between cord and non-cord grips

In professional golf, there is a considerable difference between cord and non-cord grips, and here’s a quick comparison to help you understand their impact on the game.

Cord Grips Non-Cord Grips
Feel & Control Cord grips offer excellent traction and a firm feel, providing improved control, especially in wet conditions. Non-cord grips provide a soft, tacky feel which is preferred by many golfers for its comfort and subtle feedback.
Durability They are highly durable. They last longer, thanks to the embedded fibers. These grips are also durable, but not to the extent of cord grips. The absence of fibers might lead to a quicker wear-out rate.
Weather Suitability Cord grips are suitable for all kinds of weather, especially humid and wet conditions, as they provide a secure grip. Non-cord grips, while perfect for dry climates, may become slippery in humid or wet conditions.
Suitability for Players They are preferred by advanced and professional golfers. Many top PGA Tour players, notably those using the Golf Pride’s Tour Velvet grip, prefer cord grips. They are an excellent choice for beginners and intermediate golfers, thanks to their comfort level and affordability.

Each type has its advantages, and ultimately your choice between cord and non-cord golf grips will depend on your personal preference and playing conditions.

Popular grips among PGA Tour players (Tour Velvet, MCC, SuperStroke Pistol GT)

As a professional golfer, I know how important it is to have the right grip on my club. Many PGA Tour players also understand this, which is why they choose grips like the Tour Velvet, MCC, and SuperStroke Pistol GT.

These grips provide excellent feel and comfort, allowing us to maintain control over our shots. The Tour Velvet grip by Golf Pride is especially popular among professionals, with 32 players on the PGA Tour using it.

But there are other great options too, each offering its own unique benefits for different golfers’ preferences.

Notable players and their preferred grips (Rory McIlroy, Tiger Woods, Jordan Spieth)

Some of the most famous professional golfers have their own favorite grips. Rory McIlroy, known for his powerful swing, prefers the Golf Pride Tour Velvet grip. Tiger Woods, considered one of the greatest golfers of all time, likes the Golf Pride MCC grip. Jordan Spieth, renowned for his accuracy and touch around the greens, uses a SuperStroke Pistol GT grip. These players have found these grips to be comfortable and beneficial for their game, which is why they stick with them on tour.

Factors Influencing Grip Choices

Factors such as comfort, performance benefits, and sponsorship agreements play a significant role in professionals’ grip choices. To discover more about the factors that influence their decisions, keep reading!

Comfort and feel

Comfort and feel play a crucial role in choosing the right golf grip. The way the grip feels in your hands can determine how well you swing and control the club. Professionals on the PGA Tour understand this, which is why they carefully consider comfort and feel when selecting their grips.

The Golf Pride Tour Velvet grip, for example, is a popular choice among professionals because of its comfortable texture and excellent feedback. It provides a soft yet secure grip that allows players to have full control over their shots.

Many PGA Tour players trust this grip because it offers just the right amount of tackiness without being too sticky or slippery.

Similarly, other popular grips like the Golf Pride MCC and SuperStroke Pistol GT also prioritize comfort and feel. These grips are designed to provide cushioning for your hands while ensuring maximum responsiveness during your swing.

Performance benefits

Using the right golf grip can have a big impact on your performance. It can improve your accuracy, control, and power when swinging the club. Different grips offer different benefits, so it’s important to find one that works well for you.

For example, the Tour Velvet grip by Golf Pride is popular among PGA Tour professionals because it provides a comfortable and secure hold on the club. This allows them to have consistent swings and better control over the ball.

Other popular grips like Golf Pride MCC and SuperStroke Pistol GT also offer similar advantages. So if you want to improve your game, choosing the right grip is definitely worth considering.

Sponsorship agreements

Sponsorship agreements can have an impact on the grip choices of professional golfers. Many players are sponsored by specific golf grip brands, which means they may use those grips even if they have preferences for other options.

This is why you often see certain brands being popular among PGA Tour professionals. While sponsorship is a factor, it’s not the only consideration when choosing a golf grip. Comfort and performance are also important factors that influence the grip choices of professionals.

So, while sponsorship agreements play a role in equipment decisions, ultimately it comes down to what feels best and performs well for each individual golfer.

The Most Popular Grip on the PGA Tour

The most popular grip on the PGA Tour is Golf Pride’s Tour Velvet grip, favored by many professionals for its comfort and performance benefits.

Golf Pride’s Tour Velvet grip

The Golf Pride Tour Velvet grip is the most popular choice among PGA Tour professionals, with 32 players using it. It offers a comfortable and secure feel, helping golfers maintain control of their shots.

The grip’s soft rubber material provides excellent feedback and reduces hand fatigue during long rounds. Many professionals prefer its classic design and tackiness, which helps them maintain a confident grip in all weather conditions.

While other grip options are available on the market, the Tour Velvet remains the top choice for its performance and reliability among professional golfers.

Reasons for its popularity

The Tour Velvet grip by Golf Pride is the most popular grip on the PGA Tour for a few important reasons. First, it offers a great balance of comfort and feel, allowing professionals to have a strong connection with their clubs.

This helps them have better control over their shots and improves their overall performance on the course. Second, the Tour Velvet grip provides excellent traction and prevents slipping, even in wet conditions.

This gives players confidence in their swing and allows them to generate more power without worrying about losing control of the club. Lastly, Golf Pride is a trusted brand among professionals, known for its quality and durability.

Other popular grip options

There are several other popular grip options that PGA Tour professionals use. These grips offer different features and benefits to cater to players’ preferences and needs. Here are some of the other popular grip options:

  1. Golf Pride ZGrip Cord
  2. Golf Pride Tour Velvet Align
  3. SuperStroke Traxion Pistol GT Tour
  4. SuperStroke STech
  5. Golf Pride MCC Plus
  6. SuperStroke Traxion Flatso
  7. Lamkin Full Cord

The Importance of Grips in Professional Golf

Golf grips play a crucial role in professional golf, affecting swing mechanics, consistency, control, and even preventing hand fatigue and blisters.

Impact on swing mechanics

The grip you use can have a big impact on your swing mechanics. When your hands are positioned correctly on the club, it helps you maintain control and generate power in your swing.

The Tour Velvet grip by Golf Pride is a popular choice among PGA Tour professionals because it provides a comfortable and secure hold on the club. With this grip, you can better transfer energy from your body to the club, resulting in more accurate shots and greater distance.

So, choosing the right golf grip can greatly improve your swing mechanics and overall performance on the course.

Consistency and control

Consistency and control are crucial aspects of a golfer’s game, especially for professionals on the PGA Tour. The grip you choose can greatly impact these factors. By selecting a grip that feels comfortable in your hands and provides the right amount of traction, you can maintain a consistent swing and have better control over the clubface.

This means more accurate shots and improved performance on the course. Pro golfers understand how important it is to find a grip that suits their playing style and helps them achieve optimal consistency and control.

So when choosing your golf grip, consider how it can enhance these key elements of your game.

Preventing hand fatigue and blisters

Avoid hand fatigue and blisters while playing golf by choosing the right grip. Grips like the Golf Pride Tour Velvet, Golf Pride MCC, and SuperStroke Pistol GT are popular among professionals for their comfort and durability.

These grips provide a secure hold on the club, preventing your hands from slipping and reducing strain on your muscles. By using a grip that fits well in your hand and absorbs shock effectively, you can play longer without experiencing discomfort or developing blisters.

Take care of your hands to improve your performance on the course!

Conclusion: The Role of Golf Grips in the Professional Game.

Golf grips play a crucial role in the success of professional golfers on the PGA Tour. Among the various options available, Golf Pride’s Tour Velvet grip stands out as the most popular choice among professionals, with 32 players using it.

Its comfort, performance benefits, and reliable consistency make it a top pick for many pros. While other grip options are also favored by players, the Tour Velvet grip continues to dominate on tour.

Choosing the right grip is essential for achieving optimal swing mechanics, control, and preventing hand fatigue or blisters.


1. What is the most popular grip on PGA Tour among professionals?

The interlocking grip is one of the top grips used by PGA tour players for its balance in accuracy and power.

2. Can different types of golf grips affect my swing?

Yes, your choice of golf club grip can impact your golf swing. The best grip for accuracy may vary based on personal comfort and hand size.

3. What are some common golf grip styles seen in the PGA Tour?

Golf professionals use a mix of styles like interlocking and overlapping grips. Golf equipment, especially grips, can differ based on personal preferences.

4. How can I learn about pros and cons of various golf grip styles used in PGA tour?

You could observe techniques used by top performers or seek advice during training to understand which style works best for you.

5. Why do some professional players prefer certain types of grips over others?

Each player has their own preference that boosts their confidence during play and impacts their overall performance.

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