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  • What does putting vaseline on your driver and other golf clubs do? It’s rumored among golfers that vaseline can reduce backspin and sidespin on your drives
  • Over on Reddit, golfers say that the Vaseline thing can be kind of hit or miss
  • They say that in testing the golf balls spin so low that it wouldn’t maintain flight and basically knuckleballed off the face, dying
  • Another Redditor said that vaseline is effective in lowering the spin, so if he was getting a slice before, now he’ll get more of a block
  • They suggest that the best solution is to pay for some golf lessons- check out of GolfTEC is worth it for lessons
  • Basically, any type of greasing on the face (sunscreen, Vaseline or ChapStick) will decrease the sidespin you produce with a bad swing
  • This means the ball will not curve as much- you’ll lose backspin, which might be helpful, based on your specific launch characteristics
  • A Quora user says that with the reduced sidespin, there’s reduced backspin, which lessens distance- kind of like a ‘knuckleball’ effect

My friend has always been a bit of a rebel. When he was younger, he loved to push the boundaries and see just how far he could go. As he got older, this translated into his golf game. He loved to try new things and see how they would impact his game.

So, when we were out playing golf one day, and he told me that he had put vaseline on his golf clubs, I wasn’t too surprised. He had always been looking for an edge on the green. And, if putting vaseline on his clubs gave him that advantage, then he was going to do it.

We started playing and I could immediately tell that something was different about my friend’s game. His drives were going further than usual and his shots were landing much closer to the hole. I asked him what he had done and he told me about the vaseline.

At first, I was skeptical. I didn’t think that putting vaseline on your golf clubs would actually make that much of a difference. But, after seeing my friend’s improved performance, I was starting to change my mind.

(Here’s how to put vaseline on your golf club:)

Sure enough, as we continued playing, my friend’s game only got better and better. He was consistently landing closer to the hole and his drives were going further than ever before. It was clear that the vaseline was having a major impact on his game.

I have to admit that I was a bit jealous. I wished I had thought of using vaseline on my golf clubs myself. But, at the same time, I was happy for my friend’s success. He had found a way to improve his game and now he was consistently winning against our opponents.

It was amazing to see just how much of a difference the vaseline made on my friend’s golf game. He had finally found a way give himself an edge on the green and it had clearly paid off handsomely.

So, Can You Legally Put Vaseline On Golf Clubs?

So, if you happen to be a golfer, you may wonder whether it’s okay to put it on your golf clubs or not. Let’s find out today.

The short answer is that it’s not okay to put Vaseline on the golf clubs while playing professionally. It may not be legal, and thus, why go for something like this? However, you may want to know what happens to the golf clubs!

Can You Put Vaseline On Golf Clubs

It’s not legal to put vaseline on golf clubs. However, if you want to know what happens when you try putting the petroleum jelly, you can check out this interesting video.

It can give you an idea of what to expect! However, when you are playing a tournament or a professional, you must follow the rules and regulations of the tournament.

According to Golf, baseball players apply Vaseline to alter a ball’s pitch, and golfers used such methods to affect the ball’s spin. However, when playing a golf game, it’s important to play it fairly and not use any methods or tactics that can affect the game.

According to Golfdigest, applying grease to the golf ball can affect the curve of the ball. However, it’s not advisable as it’s illegal, and thus, you must refrain from it.

For your query, you can try and see what happens. But, when you are playing professionally, you must keep vaseline in your backpack. Always follow the guidelines and relevant rules of the golf game. Make sure you are aware of all the regulations.

Is it Okay to Put Vaseline On Golf Clubs?

Is it Okay to Put Vaseline On Golf Clubs

If you are putting it for fun and testing what happens, then it’s your call, but at this point, you are not playing a tournament. However, when playing a tournament or even having a friendly match, it’s advisable to follow the rules and regulations. It could be illegal to try such means, and thus, you must know right from wrong.

A user on Quora had never heard about Vaseline for golf! So, it’s an interesting topic for those who are fond of golf and have no idea of such means. However, when you hear of anything like this that’s new to you, it’s best to do your research and then act accordingly.

Can You Use Sunscreen On Golf Clubs?

Can You Use Sunscreen On Golf Clubs

Like vaseline, sunscreen would also be greasy. It can also affect the golf ball in some ways, and you can see what happens to your curiosity. But what’s the point of using such methods when you want to play ethically and professionally?

So, anything greasy, whether it’s vaseline, sunscreen, or even chapstick, can affect the golf ball.

It’s wise that you follow the rules and regulations of the tournament, but never try any such technique or methods on professional grounds.

Can You Put Chapstick On Golf Clubs?

The chapstick is greasy; some people may try putting it on golf clubs. However, it won’t be legal, and thus, you must keep your products away from professional grounds. Anything greasy can affect the golf ball to some extent. You can try it personally and see what happens, but not on professional grounds.

Final Words

Although Vaseline can affect the golf ball, it’s not ideal to use such methods as it could be illegal. However, if you want to know what happens, you can try putting vaseline, sunscreen, and chapstick, and see what happens. But, make sure you are not doing this on a professional level. Make sure you are following the rules and regulations of the tournament.

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