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This is what golfers are writing down in their notebooks:

  • How putts break on each green
  • Areas  on the course they’re trying to avoid
  • What clubs is best to hit on each of the course’s holes
  • Targets to aim at on each hole
  • How the course is playing regarding weather & wind
  • General play notes & observations

My golf coach had me keep a little notebook with me while I played and write down the yardages of each shot, what club I hit, and the results.

He said it would help me improve my game. At first, I was skeptical. I didn’t think that keeping track of all of that information would make any difference. But I decided to give it a try.

To my surprise, keeping track of all of that information did help me improve my game. I was able to see which clubs worked well for each distance and which ones didn’t. I also noticed that my accuracy improved when I was able to reference past shots. The best part was that my scores started to go down.

For example, on one hole, I would hit my drive and then write down the yardage. If I hit my second shot to the green, I would also write down how far it was from the hole. Then, I would put a check mark next to that number if I made the putt. If I missed the putt, I would write down the number of feet it was from the hole.

By the end of the round, I would have a good idea of which clubs worked well for me and which ones didn’t. I could also see how well I hit different shots and what my tendencies were. This information was invaluable in helping me improve my game.

Now, every time I play, I make sure to bring my little notebook with me. It’s become an essential part of my game and has helped me lower my scores.

I think that keeping track of your golf game is essential for improving your skills. It allows you to see where you need improvement and makes it easier to correct your mistakes. So, whatever method you use to keep track of your game, make sure you do it consistently. You will be surprised at how much your scores will improve!

Here are the seven main things that golfers take note of on the golf course

Golf is a precision sport; golfers take note of various things to help them play their best. You will always see professional golfers writing down.

While the average golfer might not be as meticulous in their note-taking, it is still beneficial to jot down a few things here and there. So, what are golfers writing down?

Golfers take time to study the golf course before the start of a round. They study it to learn the layout, the contours, and the distance from one point to another. This allows them to understand better how to approach each hole.

1. Yardages

Yardage is perhaps the most important thing that a golfer will write down. Knowing how far you are from the hole is critical in choosing the right club and making the shot. Pro golfers take very precise yardage measurements using laser rangefinders. They will also take note of different landmarks on the hole that can be used as reference points for yardage. Some amateurs also use laser rangefinders, while others will just estimate yardages based on experience. Either way, it is vital to have some yardage reference when playing.

2. Club Selection

What club you hit for each shot is also important to write down. This allows you to track what works well for you and what doesn’t. The clubs are designed to hit the ball a certain distance, so it is essential to know which ones to use for each situation. The pros want to record every club they hit and the result so they can make adjustments as needed.

3. Bail Areas

Bail areas are safe places to aim for when unsure where the hole is. They are usually areas of green that are less likely to have hazards. Golfers walk around the golf course before their round and look for good bail areas. These are usually noted on the scorecard or in a yardage book. Most golfers will have a few bail areas in mind for each hole before they tee off.

4. Wind Patterns

Wind can have a significant effect on your shots, so it is vital to take note of the direction and strength of the wind. This can be done by paying attention to the flags on the course or by using a weather app. The golfers might also record each club’s prevailing wind and ball flight in their yardage book. This can be helpful to reference in future rounds. It can also help you when golfing in the rain.

5. Hazards

While golf courses have standard rules regarding hazards, such as bunkers and water features, golfers need to be aware of any potential hazards on the course. By noting these hazards, golfers can help themselves avoid potential penalties and improve their chances of playing a successful round.

6. Putting Green Details

Golfers will also want to take note of any details about the putting green that could impact their game. This might include the green’s speed, any breaks present, and the general condition of the turf. With this information on hand, golfers can make better decisions about their approach to the green and hopefully avoid any costly mistakes.

7. Aim Points

In addition to the other details that golfers need to remember, they will also want to identify a few key aim points for each hole. These are locations on the hole that, if hit, will give the golfer the best chance for success. Knowing these aim points can help a golfer make the best possible shot and lower their score.

Nowadays, golfers use their smartphones to help them keep track of all this information. There are many apps available that allow golfers to input data and store it for future reference. This can be a great way to stay organized and improve your game.

Golfer Swing Thoughts

While many golfers use notebooks and pencils to document their thoughts while playing, some golfers are turning to their iPhone Notes application. This app allows you to make quick, handwritten notes without having to worry about bringing a notebook with you.

Some golfers use the Notes app to document their swing thoughts. They might make a note of how they feel that day and what adjustments they need to make. Other golfers might use the app to track their progress over time. By keeping records of their swings, these golfers can troubleshoot any problems they are having and hopefully improve their game.

The Notes app is a great way for golfers to document their thoughts on the course. It is easy to use and always with you when you need it. So, if you are looking for a way to take your notes on the go, be sure to check out the Notes app for iPhone.

Final Thoughts

Golf is a complex game that requires a great deal of strategic thinking. Golfers can give themselves a significant advantage by taking the time to write down all the essential details about a course. This information can help them make better decisions about their shots and hopefully lower scores. So the next time you tee off, have your notebook handy.

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