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  • Players must finish in the top 125 PGA Tour event money-earners to maintain their PGA Tour Card.
  • A tour pro’s card is secure if he places amongst the top 125 money-winners on the PGA Tour.
  • For those unfamiliar with golf, according to one of the Sports Answer users, the Tour event win is worth the same as having a two-year tour card. A major championship victory nets you a five-year card, and 20 or more Tour wins gets you a lifetime pass.
  • Players who rank from 126-200 will have the opportunity to play for their cards at the finals, in addition to the 25 players that are regularly on the season’s money list.
  • To maintain their PGA Tour Card or win a major championship, players must continually perform at peak levels, both feats being colossal accomplishments.

My friend Joe has been playing professional golf for about 10 years now. He’s had his ups and downs, but he’s always battled hard to keep his PGA Tour Card. A few years ago, Joe found himself in a bit of a slump and wasn’t able to finish in the top 125 of the money list, which resulted in him losing his card. He had to take a year off to regroup and refresh his game.

This year, however, Joe has been playing some of the best golf of his life. He’s won a few tournaments on the Korn Ferry Tour, which has given him the chance to compete for his card at the finals. If he can win a few more tournaments and finish in the top 25 of the money list, he’ll be back on the PGA Tour next year.

It’s been a long road for Joe, and the PGA Tour is where he always wanted to be, and now he’s proving that he can be. With a little bit of luck and a lot of hard work, I know Joe can make a name for himself on tour and become one of the top players in golf in no time.

Keeping your PGA Tour Card is no easy task. You need to be dedicated to the game and constantly performing at your best. It’s a grind all year long, but it’s definitely worth it when you’re able to win big events and make lots of money. I know Joe will do everything he can to get back on tour next year and I’ll be rooting for him every step of the way!

What to do so you don’t lose your PGA tour card

Being invited to the PGA Tour is one of the highest honors in golf.. When the players are asked to attend they are given a PGA tour card. This card does not carry over from year to year.

There are some things that a player must do in order to keep their PGA tour card.


Players that rank from 126th to 200th place will be able to keep their PGA Tour card if they finish in the top 25 during the Korn Ferry Tour Final. The player that ranks highest in points will be able to stay on the tour while the rest of them will not be on the tour. If two player tie then they both will get the Tour Card.

Tour Card and Fed Ex Cup

If players that are on the PGA tour do not qualify for the FedEx Cup playoffs they need to place in the top 25 at the Korn Ferry Tour Finals.

If the player is not able to do this they will be put on the Except List and will not be able to go to the PGA Tour until players drop off the list or one year passes whatever happens to come first.


There is a core format where the top 25 pint winners during the regular reasons of gold will be given PGA Tour Tickets and an additional 25 people will be given the ticket from their place in the finals.

Losing PGA Tour Card

Losing PGA Tour Card

It is possible to lose a PGA tour card. If a person is not able to meet the PGA criteria they will lose their card. They need to finish between 126 and 250 to keep their card. The PGA will look at some additional factors to determine if a player deserves to have their card.

This includes public appearance, success in schools, and any teams they are affiliated with. If things are in favor of the golfers and the positive image of the game they will be able to renew their card.

If they do not make the events but are still able to earn around $125,000 in prize money when playing golf the PGA may allow the player to keep their card.

Qualifications for a PGA Tour Card

To get their card a player needs to rank in the top 31 of tour-specific games. They need to show that they have the skills and they are good for the game of golf.

The players need to rank in other competitions and they need to have a good standing. if a player ranks in the top 30 on the list of earned money in got tournaments they will be invited to the PGA tour.

Temporary Membership

If a player does not do too well or if they want to bypass the Korn Ferry Tour they can get a PGA Tour Special Temporary Membership and this membership can then turn into a PGA tour card.

There are few sports for non-members and sponsor exceptions. Golfers need to perform well can earn a temporary membership and they can build up the Fed Ex Cup points so that they can meet the ranking requirements.

Once the players have the temporary membership they can accept sensor expeditions to PGA tour events. They will need to finish within the top 125 for regular reasons.

They can accept seven sports and they can play in 12 events on a regular reason so that they can go to the PGA and they can earn a card to play.

These are some of the requirements a golfer has to meet to keep their PGA tour card. If they continue to play and do well they should be granted access.

There are some exceptions made so a golfer always needs to bring their best game to play on the PGA tour and get invited back for the following year.

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