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  • Used golf carts usually cost between $2,000 and $5,000 depending on their age and number of customizations.
  • If you’re looking to save money, used golf carts are a great option. They often cost significantly less than new models.
  • Nevertheless, it is crucial to remember that older models may need more upkeep than newer ones.
  • Customization can also affect price, with more luxurious features commanding a higher price tag.
  • Location and seller can also play a role in how much you’ll pay for a used golf cart.
  • According to a Reddit user, electric golf carts usually run more expensive than gas-powered models. They also mention that it’s necessary to keep the batteries clean and waxed for ideal operation.
  • If you’re in the market for a good used cart, make sure you understand whether golf carts can get wet!

It’s tough finding a good deal on anything these days, especially when it comes to something like a used golf cart. I remember when I was first looking for a golf cart, I spent hours online looking at different models and their prices. I wanted to make sure I was getting the best deal possible, but it was harder than I thought it would be.

In the end, I decided to go with a used golf cart. It was cheaper than a new one, and I knew that I could upgrade it easily if I wanted to. Plus, with all of the available selections, I knew that I could find one that suited my needs perfectly.

And that’s exactly what I did. After doing some research, I found a golf cart that was perfect for me. It was a bit older than some of the newer models, but that actually worked in my favor. Because it was older, the price tag was much more affordable.

I ended up paying around $2,000 for my used golf cart, and I couldn’t have been happier with the purchase. It’s been a great help on the golf course, and it’s also given me a lot of joy cruising around town.

If you’re in the market for a used golf cart, be sure to keep an open mind and don’t be afraid to haggle with the seller. You may be able to get a great deal on a used cart that’s perfect for you.

Used Golf Cart Price Factors

What is a reasonable price for a used golf cart? The answer to this question largely depends on the condition of the golf cart and where you are looking to purchase it. Generally speaking, a used golf cart can cost anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars.

If you want to purchase a used golf cart, it is essential to research ahead of time and know what to expect in terms of price. There are a few things that you should keep in mind when determining how much to pay for a used golf cart. The article below is going to talk about what is a reasonable price for a used golf cart.

To know how much to pay for a used golf cart, you must first understand what to look for in terms of condition. It is crucial to inspect the golf cart thoroughly before making a purchase. Below are factors that will affect the price of a used golf cart:

The condition of the body

Golf Cart

If the paint is faded or there are scratches and dents, this will affect the price. The body should be in good condition with no significant damage. You want to be able to sell the cart and get a good return on your investment, so make sure to factor in the body’s condition when considering the price.

The tires

If the golf cart has brand new tires, this will add to the value. If the tires are in good condition, this will also add to the value. The golf cart has old, and worn-out tires will decrease the value.

Tires are not cheap, so factor this in when negotiating the price. If you are not sure about the condition of the tires, ask to see them and have a look for yourself. You can also ask the seller how often they have been replaced.

The battery

Check to see if the battery is in good condition. You can do so by checking the water level in each cell. The water level should be even with the lead plates inside the battery. If it’s not, then you’ll need to add distilled water.

You should also check the voltage of the battery. A good battery will have a voltage of at least 12 volts and no more than 15 volts. If the battery voltage is below 12 volts, it must be recharged. If the voltage is above 15 volts, then the battery is overcharging and needs to be replaced.

The upholstery

Another factor that will play into the price of a used golf cart is the condition of the upholstery. You can expect to pay more for a golf cart with new upholstery, while a cart with ripped or stained upholstery will be less expensive.

I the golf cart has leather upholstery, you can expect to pay more than if it has cloth upholstery. It is also essential to look at the condition of the flooring. A golf cart with a new or nearly new carpet will be more expensive than one with an old, worn carpet.

The accessories

If the golf cart comes with accessories, such as a windshield, cover, or extra tires, this will add to the value. That said, don’t overpay for a used golf cart just because it comes with some accessories.

You can always add these later or find them used as well. Accessories should be considered a bonus, not a make-or-break factor.

The brand

So e golf cart brands are more popular than others. As a result, they tend to hold their value better and be more expensive on the used market. For example, a used E-Z-Go golf cart will typically be priced higher than a used Club Car.


Considering all these factors is very important if you want the best deal. However, a good rule is to expect to pay between $1,500 and $3,000 for a used golf cart. Of course, prices can vary depending on the brand, condition, and accessories included. Do your research and shop around to get the best deal possible.

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