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  • It’s always best to check in with the course/instructor to see if there are specific dress code requirements- but generally the following clothing advice will hold you in good stede:
  • For men, they can wear a collared shirt, a golf shirt or a polo shirt and pants or khakis
  • For their shoes, they can use golf or tennis shoes (with soft spikes) and high-ankle socks
  • And for women, they must wear a collared shirt, turtleneck or crew neck shirt with sleeves
  • While for their bottom, women should wear golfing pants, golf shorts, a skirt, or skort
  • As for their shoes, they can use golf or tennis shoes (with soft spikes) and high-ankle socks
  • There are also clothes that are not allowed to wear for men such as denim jeans or shorts, t-shirts or tank tops, and flip-flops or sandals
  • And for women, they shouldn’t wear capris, denim shorts or skirts, no shorts or skirts that are too short, sports bras and boots or heels
  • But both men and women can bring sunglasses, a golf glove, sunscreen and a sweater or jacket
  • And, as per Reddit user’s advice, don’t forget your hat or visor to protect yourself from the sun!

My friends and I were all new to golf, so when it came time to take our first lesson, we were a bit stumped on what to wear- why do golf courses even have a dress code, we wondered? We wanted to make sure we looked the part, but didn’t want to spend a fortune on clothes we might not even like or wear again.

After doing some research online, we found that several golf courses require men to wear collared shirts. We also discovered that shorts and golfing pants are acceptable options for men. While for women, we learned that sleeveless tops are allowed but it has to be with collar, and either skirts or shorts for the bottom.

We quickly went shopping and found some great clothes that met all of the requirements. We each bought a collared shirt, some golfing pants, and a pair of comfortable golf shoes. We also got hats and visors to protect us from the sun.

When the day of our lesson arrived, we were all dressed and ready to go! We felt confident and looked sharp in our new outfits. Our instructor was impressed and we had a great time learning the basics of this fun sport. Who knows, maybe we’ll even become golf pros one day!

So What’s the Proper Attire for the 1st Golf Lesson?

Are you excited about your first golf lesson? This is a common feeling experienced by most newbies. However, as you fantasize about what you will learn, are you aware of the recommended golfing attire?

Below is a quick guide on what you should wear to your first golf lesson.

Proper Attire for the 1st Golf Lesson

If it’s your first golf lesson, you need to pay attention to two rules when choosing the appropriate attire. One, every golf course has a particular dress code. Secondly, you need to wear clothing that doesn’t restrict your swing.

Even though the dress codes may differ from one golf course to another, here is an overview of what you should wear from head to toe.


Shorts slightly a few inches above the knee are recommended for golf lessons. A good pair of shorts for golf should give you enough room for movement. You should be able to turn and make a full swing.

Please note that denim shorts are not allowed, and neither are athletic pants. Also, don’t wear your beach shorts to a golf lesson.

If you’re playing cold weather golf– check out our winterwear golf tips there!



Even though golfing dress code is less strict these days, it’s a good idea to wear a collared shirt. Sleeves are optional, depending on the weather. However, a collar is essential. Also, it mustn’t be too tight to restrict your swing.

When learning how to play golf, a lot of movement is required. Wear a free shirt. A lighter color is a good idea if you are taking summer golf lessons.


If you are attending a golf lesson, then this is something you intend to engage in for a while. Therefore, investing in a pair of golf shoes is a good idea. These are more stable and will make playing more fun.

However, because this is your first golf lesson, you may not have time to shop for new shoes. You can wear any athletic shoes or comfortable sneakers. Please avoid wearing sandals or dress shoes to a golf lesson. The likes of boots will be too heavy to move around with.



A hat is a must-have when attending your first golf lesson. It will shield your face from the sun. Also, it will be easier to follow golf balls when playing. Wearing a hat doesn’t mean you shouldn’t wear sunscreen.


Gloves are also necessary when attending your first lesson. Most newbies usually have never played golf in the past. Therefore, the first few shots can be too hard on your hands.

Gloves absorb the impact and prevent blisters amongst newbies. A pair of gloves can also grant you a firmer grip. For those who sweat a lot, gloves will absorb the excess sweat.

What’s Acceptable for Men and Women to Wear to a Golf Lesson?

In golf, men’s and women’s attire doesn’t vary much. However, for the sake of clarity, here is a brief overview.

Men should wear a collared shirt. It can be short or long-sleeved. This can be worn with a pair of shorts, depending on the weather. As for shoes, there isn’t much restriction. Athletic shoes such as tennis shoes are ideal for the first golf lesson.

As for women attending their first golf class, a collared shirt is allowed. Most clubs don’t mind whether it’s short or long-sleeved. If it’s cold, you can wear a turtleneck. For the bottoms, there are many options, from skirts or shorts. These should be of knee length.

What Shouldn’t You Wear to a First Golf Lesson?

Golf is a game that adheres strictly to rules, including the dress code. As a newbie, it may take time to learn what is or isn’t allowed. Here are some things you shouldn’t wear to a golf course;

  • Restrictive clothing
  • Performance-enhancing clothing
  • Casual attire such as sweatpants
  • Fancy sneakers
  • Short socks (tradition dictates that only long socks should be worn when golfing)

Final Thoughts

Figuring out what to wear to your first golf lesson isn’t hard. Most of the clothing needed is available in your closet. You only need to know what is or isn’t allowed.

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