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  • Not much is known about ALL the property owners on the Pebble Beach Golf Course, the Pebble Beach Golf Links
  • Pebble Beach is a wealthy community located on the Monterey Peninsula in California. The area is known for its natural beauty, and many celebrities and business entrepreneurs live in the area.
  • Check out some of these stunning Zillow listings
  • The most expensive home in Pebble Beach is currently listed at $47 million, and it has a view of Carmel beach and Pebble Beach Golf Links.
  • Some of the celebrities who have been known to golf at Pebble Beach include Arnold Palmer, Clint Eastwood, and Tiger Woods.
  • Residents of Pebble Beach can enjoy various activities such as fishing, horseback riding, and golfing.

We had all heard of Pebble Beach Golf Links – one of the most beautiful courses in the world, located on the picturesque west coast of the United States. But who actually lived there?

We were on a golfing trip and decided to take on the challenge of this world-famous course, and as we played we pondered this question.

The homes on either side of the course were quite large and luxurious, but none of them looked like they could be the home of a celebrity like Clint Eastwood.

We guessed that maybe some of the homeowners were away on vacation, or that maybe it was just too expensive to live there year-round.

As we finished our round and headed towards the clubhouse, we were excited to find out more about this fabled golf course. And as it turned out, one of the homeowners was actually there – Clint Eastwood himself!

He was having a cup of coffee and chatting with some friends, and he seemed happy to chat with us about Pebble Beach Golf Links.

He told us that he had been coming to play at the course since he was a young man, and that he loved its beauty and challenging golf holes.

He also said that it was great to have such a private place to relax and spend time with family and friends. It was clear that Clint Eastwood loved Pebble Beach Golf Links as much as we did!

Who Has a Home at Pebble Beach?

By now, you probably know that Pebble Beach Golf Course is classified as one of the most a famous destination for the entire golfers with different levels of skills. In 1931 its 18 holes that were expanded to 36 holes, and since then, the course undergone lengthening numerous times.

Pebble Beach Golf Course currently falls among the best golf courses across the USA. It hosts world-class expert players who frequently hold their competitions there. Alister Mackenzie is the designer of the beach golf course.

This 3,921-yard golf course for the championship has multiple water hazards and rolling hills, which are suitable for challenging the incredible golfers.

Therefore, if you’re searching for the next destination to tour as a golfer, consider Pebble Beach Golf Course.

Who Has a Home at Pebble Beach

Arnold Palmer and Clint Eastwood teamed up in 1999 and purchased Pebble Beach Co., The Lodge situated at Pebble Beach. It’s the only asset jointly belonging to Arnold Palmer and Clint Eastwood.

On the other hand, they also own a 17-mile drive explicitly used for events and holidays. You must also understand that Clint Eastwood is a passionate golfer that has at one point played at Pebble Beach a couple while he was still a professional.

What Primary City is Pebble Beach Near to?

Pebble Beach is situated in Monterey County, particularly on Monterey Peninsula. The Pacific Ocean borders it from the west, Monterey City on the east, Pacific Grove on the north, and the south by Carmel-by-the-Sea.

Which Celebrity Reside in Carmel By The Sea?

Carmel By The Sea

The most celebrity residing at Carmel by The Sea is Clint Eastwood. He is also an exceptional businessman, popularly known as the former mayor of the hometown he adopted. Furthermore, he’s also a Hollywood star.

What’s The Costliest House in Pebble Beach?

Pebble Beach features an estate worth $47 million in California, with a view of Carmel beach and Pebble Beach Golf Links. On the other hand, Monterey County has an expensive listing of 888 million dollars.

What Celebrities Golf at Pebble Beach?

Gold is gaining popularity, and this is something that’s being evidence in celebrities as well. Back in 2017, Pebble Beach National Pro-Am was full of some of the most famous celebrities across the entertainment industry in the globe. Whether these celebrities played to have fun or for charity, they always showcased their best when it comes to golf.

What Type of Individuals Live in Pebble Beach?

Pebble Beach

Pebble Beach is known for being the wealthiest community and home to sophisticated business entrepreneurs and retirees. The natural beauty of Pebble Beach has attracted worldwide for centuries now. Bear in mind that most of the homes at this Beach are sprawling estates.

And it can cost you millions of dollars to rent or buy one. Various activities running at Pebble Beach include fishing, horseback riding, and golfing, among many more. Therefore, if you’re a resident here, ensure you find an activity that’s suitable for you and can keep you going.

With that said, there’s no doubt that Pebble is an attractive place to reside because of its rich history as well as stunning scenery.

Who Owns Homes At The Pebble Beach On 18?

One of the more famous homes at Pebble Beach Golf on 18 previously belonged to Loris di Grazia, the San Francisco liquor distributor and his wife Patricias. This family has had this property for more than 50 years. However, currently, it is listed with Loris DiGrazia Realty services and Loris di Grazia’s distributorship.

Remember, this costlier property is approximately 5,000 square feet and has a stunning ocean view from almost every window. Similarly, this estate incorporates seven bathrooms and six bedrooms.

In addition, it has vineyards, staff quarters, a gymnasium, spa tubs, a pool, and a tennis court. If you want to purchase a home or tour, don’t hesitate to reach out to Loris DiGrazia Realty Services to be provider with additional details.


Pebble Beach Golf Course is a famous golf destination. Most individuals love it because of its well-maintained and efficient facilities. As much as it might look challenging, it offers you an easy platform to play courses and is perfect for players across all professional levels. Furthermore, Pebble Beach Golf Course is an incredible spot in South of California.

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