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  • Playing golf strengthens and increases the flexibility of your calves.
  • Playing golf provides an excellent opportunity to work out your calf muscles through all the walking and running.
  • At 52 years old, Phil Mickelson is a fitness inspiration. He has won championships against people who are almost half his age, proving that age is just a number.
  • Phil’s workout routine, “#PhilKwanDoCalves,” is quite detailed, and fans appreciate it.
  • By following Phil Mickelson’s tips on increasing focus and staying in shape
  • Not only is his workout routine helpful and inspiring, but his tips on training the mind are also.
  • Maintaining balance and coordination are essential for keeping your calf muscles healthy–two benefits you can reap from playing golf.
  • Being physically fit is not only good for your health but can also help improve your golf game.

My best friend is a genius when it comes to golf. I have never seen someone with his skills and talent. Even more impressive is that he has managed to stay in great shape despite being in his forties. I know this because I have seen him work out in the gym, and his calves are absolutely massive!

I have always been impressed by my friend’s dedication to his sport, and I can only imagine how he must feel when he steps up to the tee box. He has certainly taught me a lot about the game, and I am grateful for his willingness to share his insights.

I remember one time we were playing a round of golf together, and my friend was absolutely crushing it. He was making shot after shot and putting everyone else to shame. I couldn’t help but wonder how he does it. Is it natural talent? Or is it something else?

As I watched him swing his club effortlessly through the air, I realized that it was more than just natural talent. It was something else entirely – something that could be learned and duplicated by anyone. It was his dedication to fitness and healthy living that allowed him to stay in great shape and play at such a high level.

And this is why I am so grateful for my friend’s willingness to share his insights into Golf and Calve Muscles. Thanks to him, I have been able to improve my own game and stay in shape. I can only hope that I can someday reach the level of success that he has achieved.

Some of my personal favorite calf exercises to get better at golf

  • Romanian Deadlifts: These exercises engage all the muscles that produce power, as well as those that stabilize the hip complex.
  • Box Jumps: These help golfers reduce some heavy resistance that compresses the spine.
    Lateral Band Walks: This exercise strengthens your gluteus medium muscles, which enables your knees to lead the downswing and encourages proper stability.
  • Lunges with Rotation: This exercise strengthens the lower body and separates the upper and lower body, allowing players to create more distance.
  • Leg Swings: This simple exercise improves mobility of legs, hips, and lower back; increases swing speed; and protects from injuries.
  • Mini Band Walk Forward: This exercise strengthens glutes, leg muscles, hamstrings & maintains a stable base posture for increased swing speed & accuracy.

So why do golfers have such toned & massive calves and how to get them?

Golfers are not exactly known for being big and strong. It is rare that someone sees a golfer and admires their muscles. There is one part of the golfers that are often muscular and that is their calves.

Golf star Phil Mickelson has some big calves and he has an exercise routine to share with his fellow golfers to increase their muscle tone.

We focus on their legs more

The PGA tour has decided that golfers are now allowed to wear shorts at the tournament. At one time they were only allowed long pants which go rather hot in some locations.

Now that the players are wearing these shorts fans are taking notice of their legs and their calf muscles.

Diet and exercise

While golf may not seem like an intense sport it is a workout. Calf muscles can be developed from certain stances. Mickelson does have a workout routine that he follows and has an approach to fitness.

He has over 40 years of golfing experience and he is still showing the younger players off with his calf muscles.

Get healthy

To build muscle mass even in the calves it is important to be healthy and get healthy. Some people may be overweight and may need to lose some weight to become healthy.

Other people may be skinny and will need to build muscle mass to get healthy. Losing or gaining weight quickly is not ideal. This can lead to mood swings and is not good for overall health.

Some diet strategies go along with exercise. Nutrition and getting healthy is the first step. After this, a person can try strength training and work out their leg muscles. This will allow them to build up muscle once the body is in shape.



Once the body is in shape several leg exercises can be done to get calves that are like Phil Michelson’s. The workout includes the leg muscles and resistance. As the muscles break down in the leg they will grow bigger.

If a person is not sure what leg exercises they should do they should contact a trainer. They can also search the internet and videos of Mickelson completing his workout.

While the exact move and duration will vary from person to person this is a good start to increase the size of the calve muscle and build up strength in the legs.

Seated Raise

A person will sit with something heavy on their lap. The knees will stay bent as the heels and toes are pushed up. The stretch should continue until a person feels it in the calves.

They should hold this position for the count of one second and lower back down. This should be repeated on each leg for 15 reps.


At first, a person will notice that the muscles in the legs will be a little sore. This is not that big of a deal as long as they are not in extreme pain. The soreness is from working this out especially if they have not been the center of a workout before.

Some people will notice after a round of golf their calves may be a little sore. This is epically true if a person is inactive most of the week. As they begin to stretch, exercise their legs, and play more golf the calves will become stronger.

They will not ache and muscles will begin to develop. Some tips from the pros are to keep on playing and make sure that plenty of water is being consumed during a round of golf. This can help with any cramps.

Golf can be a workout. The body should be healthy to see the biggest benefits. The calve muscles will grow based on the stand and the workout routine.

Mickelson is an older gentleman but he has some of the strongest calf muscles that people have seen. That is due to his dedication to the sport and getting in shape to perfect his game.


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