• To begin, what does it actually mean  to “choke down” on a golf club?
  • It means you move your hands lower down the grip, or choke down on the club, in other words
  • Take note of how far and when a professional golfer chokes down on the club while watching them on television- and you’ll see it happen a lot!
  • Most clubs aren’t going to fit most people correctly. If you can get the length and lie customized, that’ll help a lot
  • If you’re a shorter golfer wondering about choking up, one forum thread from a short golfer suggested finding a golf club that perfectly matches your specifications but if you focus on getting the length and lie customized, it will improve your game significantly

My buddy is only 5 ft 5, so he was curious about whether he should choke up or not. After reading the article, he figured out that if he wants more control and a higher degree of accuracy, then choking up might be something that could benefit him.

He tried it out on the driving range and found that he was able to hit the ball farther because he wasn’t swinging as hard. This can be very beneficial on shots where distance isn’t as important as accuracy, like the 9 iron shot to the back tees or the fairway bunker shot.

Overall, choking up can be a great way to help improve your accuracy, but you need to make sure that you are comfortable with your length before trying it out.

Player length is typically measured in inches. The average male player is 5’10,” and the average female is 5’3″. We have put together some general guidelines that are meant to be used as a rough estimate of what would be the correct length for you. However, the best approach to go by is always your measurement, so make sure you have learned how to measure club lengths!


Shorter Golfers Choke Up

The Long Ball

For those who like to hit it hard or enjoy hitting long shots off the tee regularly, choking up might not be for you. However, if there are times when you want more control and want more spin on shots, then choking up could help.

The Old Wipeout

It would help never to take this shot unless your technique has been perfected. However, this is the shot for you if you have the perfect swing and want to hit a nice cannonball. Most of the time, however, it’s a bad idea to let off your club in such a situation.

The Pin In The Middle Of The Green or Dogleg

The Pin In The Middle Of The Green or Dogleg

Choking up can be very beneficial in these situations. You will be able to hit your shots closer to the hole and increase the likelihood that they will get there on their own just by choking up in your stance (assuming, of course, that you swung correctly).

The Out of Bounds

If you tend to go out of bounds often or are just a long hitter, this could work very well for you. You will lower the club head’s center of gravity by choking up, and it will be much easier to keep in the fairway.

The 9 Iron Shot To The Back Tees – 130-yard shot

This is difficult but can still be done if your technique is correct and you choke up properly. Choking up tends to reduce swing speed resulting in less distance. This can be used as an asset in this situation since the distance off the tee is not as important as accuracy and spin on the shot.

The Fairway Bunker Shot

Fairway Bunker Shot

This one is not for everyone, but if you play a lot of 18 hole rounds and are always in the fairway bunker, this could be a shot that benefits you.

The farther back in the bunker the ball is, the more spin you want, but with the lower center of gravity that is choking up, you will definitely be able to get more spin than usual. This will be especially beneficial if you want to play it out of there instead of seeing how close to the pin you can get and taking a penalty stroke.

A penalty stroke is something you don’t want to worry about, and the more control you can have over the outcome of your shot, the better.

If you like taking risks and playing aggressively, there is a good chance that choking up won’t help you much. However, if you want more control and a higher degree of accuracy, then choking up might be something that could benefit you. We will look at a few examples of how choking up can change your game for the better or worse.

Before we get into the examples, however, it is essential to note that choking up is not something you should do unless you are comfortable with your length and know that you don’t need to adjust it if you are going to choke up. If you can’t confidently measure your club length and know how many inches it is, then give yourself a few weeks or so before attempting this technique. You never want to try anything new until you are confident with the basics; otherwise, you will be more likely to swing incorrectly.


Golf is a game that requires a lot of practice if you want to play well, and we are all different. The best thing to do is always to ensure you are hitting the ball as far as possible, even if that means shortening your clubs, because that is what the game is all about!

Be sure to have fun with golf and find a way for your golf game to work for you instead of against you. Never give up or feel bad about yourself for not being able to hit it farther! If you are unsure about anything, ask a friend who knows more than us or read further down on this page and learn from our experience.


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