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  • Let’s cut the nonsense and get real, people. We’re talkin’ the undisputed champ of drivers right here.
  • You know, I’ve been in the Titleist driver game since the 90s – that’s right, OG status. And let me tell you, this club? It’s taking me places I never thought I’d reach.
  • Sure, I strayed a bit, gave Callaway’s Epic Flash and Speed drivers a whirl, but that was mostly due to the hype (not bad, just not top-tier). The TS series drew me back in – TSi 3, TSi 2, I’m in love.
  • I’ve been glued to the PGA action, watching those pros wield the TSR like it’s a magic wand. And finally, the moment of truth – I snagged a TSR 2 for myself. Cue the tests, folks.
  • Here’s the rundown: If you’re switching from a TSi 9 to a TSr 8, you’re in for a treat. Same launch angle, but the TSi is soaring with less spin (hello, distance).
  • Swing speed is locked in at 106 mph – ball speed and carry? Identical. But ah, the spin. That’s where the real magic happens, slicing it down.
  • Landing? That roll-out’s playing a whole new game, like 20 extra yards different. Of course, your course’s mood might change things a bit.
  • But let’s get to the real star – those off-center hits. TSi 2? Yeah, solid. But TSr 2? It’s like forgiving is its middle name. I mean, I tried to mess up, slapped the ball off the toe at 105 mph. Result? A mere 2 mph drop in ball speed. Oh, and it was still a beauty of a shot.
  • The big takeaway? Confidence, my friends. You grip this club, and suddenly, you’re on a mission to take on the world. Approach shots from uncharted territory? Oh yeah, they’re now my new norm.
  • To sum it up, folks – the TSr 2? Forget the gimmicks, this is the golfing holy grail. It’s not just a driver, it’s your golf sidekick, your partner in crime. So, don’t even bother looking for anything else – this is the real deal.

Ever felt that your swing could use a bit more oomph? Believe me, you’re not alone. But don’t worry, there’s good news— the Titleist TSR2 driver might just be the game-changer you’ve been searching for.

Known for its incredible forgiveness and enhanced performance, it’s gained quite a reputation in golfing circles. In this review, we’ll delve deep into the specifics of the TSR2—we touch on its features, compare it to its predecessor and gather opinions from fellow golfers to help us decide if it lives up to all the buzz.

So come on, let’s tee off!

Key Takeaways

Bestseller No. 1
Titleist TSR2 Driver 10 HRZDUS Black 60 Stiff 6.0
  • Multi-Plateau Variable Face Thickness Design
  • Aerospace Grade Titanium
  • High Launch and Low Spin
Bestseller No. 2
Titleist TSR2 Fairway Wood 15 HZRDUS BLK 70 Stiff
  • Ultra-Low, Face-Centered GC (Center of Gravity)
  • Open Hosel Construction
  • High Strength Carpenter Steel
Bestseller No. 3
Titleist Golf Club TSR2 9* Driver 6 Graphite New
  • Titleist TSR2
  • This new construction approach builds the face inward, layer by layer, to create nearly constant CT across the entire hitting surface.
  • For TSR2, the CG has been shifted both lower and more forward to increase ball speed while improving launch and spin.
  • The Titleist TSR2 driver offers impressive forgiveness and enhanced performance for golfers of all skill levels.
  • With its adjustability features, golfers can fine-tune their shots to achieve optimal ball speeds and stability.
  • The TSR2 driver’s sleek design, pleasing sound, and solid feel make it an enjoyable club to use on the course.
  • Based on positive feedback from professionals and users, the Titleist TSR2 driver is worth considering for its forgiveness, distance, and overall performance.

Review of the Titleist TSR2 Driver

The Titleist TSR2 driver boasts a construction and design that aims to enhance performance and forgiveness on the golf course.

Construction and design

The Titleist TSR2 driver shines in its build and look. It has a design that pleases the eye, making you feel good even before your first swing. The face of this club sports a VFT speed ring that boosts performance, especially on off-center hits.

This makes the TSR2 very forgiving, so no need to worry about perfect shots every time. Trust me, when it’s in your golf bag, you’ll feel ready for anything!

Performance and forgiveness

The performance of the Titleist TSR2 driver is exceptional, making it a top choice for golfers looking for forgiveness. This driver is designed to correct shot shape biases and provide high launch with low spin for consistent flight and distance.

With its adjustability features, golfers can fine-tune their shots to achieve optimal ball speeds and stability. The TSR2 driver’s VFT speed ring face ensures forgiving performance even on off-center hits.

Overall, this club delivers impressive forgiveness without compromising on performance, making it an excellent option for golfers of all skill levels.

Adjustability features

The Titleist TSR2 driver offers impressive adjustability features that allow golfers to fine-tune their shots for optimal performance. With its adjustable hosel, players can easily change the loft and lie angle of the club to suit their swing and desired shot shape.

This helps in correcting any bias and achieving greater accuracy on the course. Additionally, the TSR2 driver also features a weight track system that allows for precise adjustment of the club’s center of gravity (CG), enabling golfers to optimize launch conditions and spin rates.

These adjustability features make the TSR2 a versatile driver that can be customized to fit individual playing styles and preferences, enhancing overall performance on the fairway.

Sound and feel

The Titleist TSR2 driver is known for its pleasing sound and feel. When you make contact with the ball, it produces a quiet yet satisfying impact sound that golfers love. The feedback you get from the driver feels solid and responsive, giving you a sense of confidence in your shot.

This combination of sound and feel helps to enhance your overall experience on the course and can contribute to better performance. Golfers have praised the TSR2 for providing a great sensory experience during their swings, making it an enjoyable club to use.

Price and availability

The Titleist TSR2 driver is competitively priced and readily available in the market. It offers great value for its features and performance. You can find this driver at golf specialty stores, online retailers, and Titleist authorized dealers.

The price may vary depending on any ongoing promotions or discounts. It’s worth considering investing in the TSR2 if you’re looking for a forgiving driver that delivers impressive distance and ball speed.

Comparison with previous models

In comparing the Titleist TSR2 Driver to previous models like the TSi2, it’s clear that there have been significant improvements and upgrades.

TSi2 vs TSR2

The TSR2 driver is the successor to the TSi2 model. It offers improvements and upgrades in terms of forgiveness, performance, adjustability, and sound. The TSR2 combines a visually appealing design with a forgiving VFT speed ring face that helps correct shot shape bias.

Golfers have praised the TSR2 for its high launch, low spin, distance, and flight consistency. Overall, it’s an excellent choice for golfers looking for forgiveness and improved performance compared to the TSi2 driver.

Improvements and upgrades

The TSR2 driver from Titleist has some exciting improvements and upgrades that make it stand out. Here are the key changes:

  1. Enhanced Forgiveness: The TSR2 driver offers even more forgiveness than its predecessor, the TSi2. This means that even on off-center hits, you can still achieve impressive distance and accuracy.
  2. Advanced Bias Finetune: With the TSR2 driver, you have the ability to adjust the club’s bias to correct your shot shape. This allows you to customize your game and optimize your performance on the course.
  3. Improved Adjustability Features: Titleist has taken adjustability to a new level with the TSR2 driver. You can easily fine-tune loft, lie, and weight distribution to suit your swing and playstyle.
  4. Enhanced Sound and Feel: The TSR2 driver produces a satisfying impact sound that is both solid and quiet. Additionally, the feeling of hitting the ball with this driver is incredibly smooth, giving you confidence in every swing.
  5. Sleek Design: The TSR2 driver features a sleek and stylish design that not only looks great but also promotes speed and stability during your swing.

Feedback and opinions from golfers

Golfers, both professionals and amateurs alike, have been raving about the performance of the Titleist TSR2 driver.

Pro feedback and performance on tour

Many professional golfers have given positive feedback on the performance of the Titleist TSR2 driver. They have praised its forgiveness, high launch, and low spin, which helps them achieve maximum distance and accuracy.

The adjustable features of the driver also allow them to fine-tune their shots to fit their playing style. Overall, the TSR2 has proven to be a reliable and powerful tool for pro golfers on tour.

User reviews and experiences

I’ve been reading some user reviews and experiences of the Titleist TSR2 driver, and it seems that golfers are loving this club. Many have praised its forgiveness, saying that even on off-center hits, they still get good distance and accuracy.

Golfers also appreciate the adjustability features of the TSR2, as it allows them to fine-tune their shot shape and bias. The sound and feel of the club have also received positive feedback, with many users expressing confidence when swinging it.

Overall, from what I’ve gathered, golfers believe that the Titleist TSR2 is a worthwhile investment for improving their game.

Pros and cons

The TSR2 driver has many pros that make it worth considering:

  • Tremendous forgiveness, which helps golfers improve their shots even on off-center hits.
  • Visually appealing design that instills confidence at address.
  • Quiet impact sound that provides a satisfying feedback.
  • High adjustability features that allow golfers to fine-tune their shot shape and bias.
  • Improved performance compared to the previous TSi2 model, with better distance, ball speed, and flight consistency.
  • The TSR2 driver is recommended for golfers with slow to average swing speeds. Golfers with faster swing speeds might not see the same benefits.
  • The price of the TSR2 driver might be higher compared to other models in the market.
  • Availability might be limited, as it is a newer release from Titleist.

Is the Titleist TSR2 worth the hype?

After a thorough analysis of its features and performance, considering the price and value it offers, the Titleist TSR2 Driver deserves all the hype surrounding it.

Analysis of features and performance

The Titleist TSR2 driver offers impressive features and performance. Its high forgiveness allows golfers to hit accurate shots, even on off-center hits. The VFT speed ring face enhances the driver’s forgiving performance, maximizing distance and ball speeds.

With its adjustability features, golfers can fine-tune their shots and correct any shot shape bias. The TSR2 has a visually appealing design that inspires confidence at address. It produces a quiet impact sound that adds to the overall feel of the club.

Overall, the TSR2 driver combines forgiveness, distance, and accuracy in one package, making it a worthy choice for golfers looking to improve their game.

Consideration of price and value

The Titleist TSR2 driver offers excellent value for its price. It is competitively priced compared to other drivers in the market that offer similar performance and forgiveness. Considering its high forgiveness, improved performance, and positive reviews from golfers and critics alike, the TSR2 driver is worth every penny.

Golfers who are looking for a reliable and durable driver with impressive distance, ball speed, and forgiveness will find great value in investing in the Titleist TSR2 driver.

Overall verdict and recommendation

After thoroughly reviewing the Titleist TSR2 driver, I can confidently say that it lives up to the hype. This driver offers exceptional forgiveness, allowing golfers to achieve consistent and accurate shots even on off-center hits.

The visually appealing design and quiet impact sound add to the overall experience of using this club. It is especially recommended for golfers with a slower to average swing speed who are looking for distance, ball speed, and forgiveness in their game.

Considering its performance, combined with positive feedback from both professionals and users, the Titleist TSR2 is definitely worth considering if you’re in the market for a high-performing driver.


In conclusion, the Titleist TSR2 driver is definitely worth the hype. Its incredible forgiveness and impressive performance make it a great choice for golfers of all skill levels. The adjustability features, sound, and feel add to its appeal.

Although it comes at a higher price point, its value and quality justify the investment. Overall, I highly recommend the Titleist TSR2 driver for golfers looking to improve their game.


1. What is the Titleist TSR2 Driver?

The Titleist TSR2 Driver is a golf club, a piece of golf equipment known for its new and different technology in the world of golf industry.

2. What does the Ultimate Titleist TSR2 driver review say about the product’s performance?

The ultimate driver review talks about how this golf club gives shot shape correction and shows good smash factor or energy transfer which improves your game.

3. Is the Titleist TSR2 Driver worth all the hype?

Based on many golf product reviews, many players believe that this novel innovation in Golf Club design lives up to its praise due to its top features.

4. How can one analyze if we should invest in a particular Golf Club like The Titleist TSR2 Driver?

Through careful evaluation of various factors such as shot shape correction ability and Smash Factor presented in an honest driver review, you can make decisions regarding your purchase.

5. How does utilizing advanced technology help with Golf Clubs like The Titleist TSR2 Driver?

Advanced technology has been key for progress in every aspect especially true for Golf Industry as it allows companies to build better performing clubs offering improved control over shots and also making a difference during games.

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